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  1. Camden

    Shane moaned as she finally kissed him with the passion that he felt for her. He kissed her for several minutes, running his hand lightly over her familiar figure. And then, finally, he couldn?t take it anymore and rolled over so that Adriana was positioned beneath him. Shane paused, gently stroking her cheek and adjusting the pillow under her head, ?You?re beautiful,? He murmured before closing the gap between them. They spent the rest of the morning in bed, tangling in one another?s arms. And most of the afternoon too. Shane had been a little nervous that something would change while she was away. That things might not be as easy now. But his fears quickly dissipated as they fell into their familiar rhythm. They were still perfect together. ?I missed you, so much,? Shane told her, for probably the hundredth time as the afternoon light started fade. ---- A small smile tugged at the corner of Shelby?s lips as she glanced over the list. She had started making that type of list while Liam was away and, somehow, he had known to make it without any direction. ?Thanks,? She said, genuinely appreciative of his hard work. While she had a feeling Liam?s presence would make some parts of her life more difficult, managing the store at least was much easier with him around. This had been the first day that she hadn?t seriously questioned her ability to handle everything. She set the list on top of the pile with her other lists and stood, quickly gathering her things before looking over at Liam. ?Do you want to just come over now or are you going home first?? Shelby wasn?t sure what she wanted his response to be. Part of her wanted to have some time to relax before Liam came over. But she also wanted to make sure that they started the movie early enough that Henry would still get to bed at a decent hour. And Liam would probably keep Henry busy and out of the way while she made dinner.
  2. Camden

    Shane ached for her kiss. He wanted to pull her toward him and kiss her like she?d never been kissed before. Every inch of his body itched for her touch. And then Adriana kissed him. Her lips brushing softly against his skin, barely more than a whisper on his face. ?Soon,? Shane promised, unable to disguise the want for Adriana in his voice. ?Right now.? Of course, he would have said anything to make her happy. And he?d do anything she asked. Anything. Adriana drove him crazy in the best way imaginable and he was crazy about her. --- ?Yeah, sure,? Shelby shrugged, not meeting Liam?s gaze. Instead, her eyes carefully followed her grandfather until he was safely settled into the car. In truth, she wasn?t thrilled. Having Liam at movie night meant hanging out with him in a capacity that was far outside the realm of friends with benefits. But Henry had already invited him. And what was she going to do? Tell her grandfather that she had uninvited Liam because she was terrified of what might happen if she were to be around him without hooking up with him. That was ridiculous.
  3. Camden

    Shane felt a swell of affection for Adriana as she ran her fingers through her hair and gently pulled him away from her. She licked her lips and pushed him backwards, causing his heart to race with anticipation. Her hands felt electric on his skin, spreading warmth and desire as she ran them over her skin. ?Maybe someday,? Shane moaned. It was everything he could do to keep from pulling her closer so he could ravage her with kisses. She was driving him crazy but he knew that was her intention. And as much as he wanted to rush, he knew that there was no need. They had all day. All summer even. --- ?Listen, kid, you don?t owe me a thing.? Henry spoke quietly but sternly, but his eyes still shone with a smile. He?d helped Liam because Henry thought he was a good person who just needed to know he had someone on his side. It should have been the boy?s parents but they seemed to have their own ideas about what was best for the poor kid. ?And maybe I don?t owe you anything either. But come on over tonight anyways, it?s movie night and we?d love to have you.? The door from the back opened, and Henry cocked his head to the side as he listened to Shelby and his nurse walking down the aisle towards the front register. ?Sounds like they?re coming to kick me out,? He said to Liam with a grin. ?Yep,? Shelby nodded as she stepped into view, ?Get out.? Her grin was smaller than her grandfather?s, barely noticeable but there all the same. ?See how mean she is?? Henry groaned. It took him a minute to get himself on his feet and organized, but he shrugged off the nurse as she tried to help and stubbornly stood on his own accord.
  4. Camden

    Shane moaned softly as she kissed him so passionately. He enjoyed the way that they both fell so easily into their old familiar rhythm. He ran his hands up her thighs until they rested gently on Adriana?s hips. When she smiled, his mouth followed suit, his lips curling upward into an easy grin. ?It was for your own good,? Shane informed her honestly. ?I had some serious morning breath going on in there.? ?And it?s your own fault you know,? Shane teased, pausing to leave a trail of kisses down her neck. ?You know I?m terrible at following directions.? Of course, this wasn?t entirely true. He had always been a champion direction follower- especially when those directions came from Adriana. What he was actually terrible at was staying still. --- Henry chuckled at the mention of the nurse, ?Turns out she was married,? He told Liam with fake disappointment. He listened carefully as Liam spoke about the trip. Still as observant as ever, Henry noticed the slight change in expression when he first mentioned the trip. He knew about the tension between Liam and his father and he was sure that the trip hadn?t been a relaxing vacation for Liam. But Henry also knew that the young man didn?t want to talk about it, so he said nothing. ?Glad you enjoyed it,? Henry nodded. He wondered whether Liam and Adriana had taken any pictures, if people even still did that when they went places or if they did it all with their phones. He and his late wife had been to Paris once, years ago, and Henry was curious to know how much had changed. As conversation turned back to him, Henry smiled, ?The docs say I?m getting old, would you believe that?? What he didn?t say was that for the first time in his life, Henry was starting to believe it. He had always been of the opinion that old age was a choice. And so he had decided to stay young. He'd run for a long time, then he had walked. He swam. He sailed. He workd and took care of the house. And up until a couple weeks ago that had worked. But now there was no denying it. He was old. He had a cane and a nurse and everything seemed to require so much more energy than he remembered. He pushed those thoughts aside though as he focused on his real task, ?But listen, Liam, I really appreciate the work you?ve done around the store. Shelby tells me you?ve been a big help and I?d like to thank you somehow. Can we have you over to dinner tonight??
  5. Camden

    Shane grinned as he watched her bounce out the door. He was just happy she was back. That was really all he wanted. But of course, if she?d already gotten him another present Shane certainly wasn?t going to turn it down. While she was gone, he stood and quickly headed into the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and ran a damp hand through his hair in an attempt to neaten up his haphazard hair. Shane returned to bed just a moment before Adriana came back through the door. ?Three presents? You?re too good to me,? Shane grinned, leaning forward to kiss her softly before opening the bag. He knew he would love anything that she got him, and of course, he was right. The first thing that he pulled out was the book. Shane loved history and, more than anything, he liked knowing the backstory of historical figures. It made them seem more real, more like people than facts and test questions. This book was perfect. He opened it to a random page and ran his fingers over the soft, well-worn pages as he read one of the letters. ?This is fantastic,? He murmured as he read, then closed it carefully and set it aside as he pulled Adriana in to give her a warm hug. Shane kissed the top of her head then released her before pulling the keychain out of the bag as well. This was simpler but it made him smile just as much as the book. ?Perfect, I think I know just what I?m going to do with this,? Shane grinned as he held it up to examine it. --- Shelby stayed in the back for most of the rest of the morning. Mostly because she wanted time to think without Liam getting in the way of her though processes but they also had a few orders coming in so she was busy entering everything into the store inventory and getting it all sorted away neatly. But as much as she had thought about it, Shelby just couldn?t figure out what Liam had meant. Her side? What side was that? And who exactly did he think was on the other side? She knew better than to believe that he?d meant that he was her side no matter what. Experience had taught her that no one was on her side. From the very beginning it had always just been Shelby against the world. So she spent her morning thinking of other less terrifying explanations for his words. He was just trying to comfort her. He had actually said something else. He was being nice so that they?d continue hooking up. Shelby figured that was probably the most likely scenario. They worked quietly through the morning and, just after one o?clock, the front door chimed. An old man stepped through, carefully surveying the store as his eyes adjusted from the bright sunlight. He was slower and seemed to rely on his cane pretty heavily, but it was Henry and he wore the same half smile that he always did. ?Liam Luxe! Just the man I wanted to see!? Henry grinned as he made his way over to the counter. A woman, his nurse, followed the old man until she saw that she had made it safely to the stool behind the cash register than nodded at Liam as if to say he was in charge before heading towards the back of the store, presumably to talk to Shelby. ?How was your trip??
  6. Camden

    Shane listened carefully. It took some effort to stay focused on her words with Adriana on top of him and so wonderfully close to him but Shane was a champion and settled for simply running his hands along her legs as she spoke. He wanted to hear about everything, no matter how small and insignificant. He wanted her to tell him about each day in such great detail that it was like he was there with her the whole time. Shane felt like he had missed so much while she was gone, he just didn?t want to miss anything else. He didn?t want to hear about it all at once though. Because he wanted to make new memories, and remind her that coming home would always be the best part of going away. So Shane grinned, and with a hand cupping each of her round, rosy cheeks, gently pulled her downwards to kiss her again. ?I want to hear about everything. Especially the presents!? --- Shelby nodded in agreement. She knew Henry would appreciate a visit from Liam and so would she. He?d asked about Liam several times and was eager to hear about his trip. And maybe with more visitors he?d be less restless and eager to get out of the house. Or maybe not, but at least it was worth a try. ?Of course I?m tired,? Shelby snapped defensively. ?I didn?t just get a ten day vacation.? She wasn?t angry at him for going away nor did she blame him for wanting to get out of Camden for a little while. Shelby just thought it was unfair of Liam to expect her to be anything other than exhausted. She was also a little annoyed that she found his hand on her knee so comforting and by the way his clear blue eyes still drew her in. He seemed genuinely concerned about her well being and Shelby just didn?t know how to react. She did feel a little bad about being so short with him though, ?I?ll be fine once we get some more coffee in me,? Shelby told him with a determined nod. She took a long drink from her cup and gave Liam a quick, apologetic smile.
  7. Camden

    [[Key west was a BLAST! Such a fun city!]] Shane closed his eyes as Adriana ran her fingers over his face and through his hair, enjoying her soft caress. ?I missed you too. Constantly,? Shane told her honestly. He moved his hand upwards, gently wrapping it around hers and bringing it to his lips to kiss her fingers. ?And I am very happy that you?re back.? Shane moved her hand downward so that he could kiss her mouth. ?But I?m also very excited to hear about Paris,? He kissed her on her nose as well for good measure. When she had first told him about the trip, Adriana had seemed kind of upset about leaving. So Shane had been extra excited about it on her behalf. He had compiled a list of placed she had to go and things she had to see. Being a history nerd, most of the sites were significant to French history but his list also included a neat bookstore, the best place to get gelato, a bar that pretty much only the locals knew about, a Magic Museum, the Museum of the History of Medicine and other small quirky destinations. Some of the destinations were places that he had seen when he?d gone to visit some a friend during spring break. Some were destinations he had meant to see but hadn?t been able to because he?d gotten lost or distracted on the way. And some were places he?d found when he googled ?Things to do in Paris? that Shane thought she?d enjoy. He just wanted her to have a great vacation. ---- Shelby glanced at the calendar that hung by the desk, not quite believing that it had only been ten days, ?Yeah, I guess it felt longer,? She told him with a small shrug. She realized, in the back of her mind, that he probably could have misinterpreted her words. Liam might think that the time had gone by so slowly because she?d been anxiously waiting for his return. Shelby could have explained what she?d really meant. She should have. But she didn?t. Finding the words would take so much energy and besides, Liam probably knew what she meant. The hints of a tired smile tugged at the corner of her mouth when he spoke next. ?Henry?s home now,? Shelby told him, figuring those three words pretty much summed everything up. She took a long drink of the coffee Liam had brought her. It was her second cup of the day and she had more brewing. She?d been living off the stuff and by this point she was probably more coffee than person.
  8. Camden

    [[Good timing! My life has been insane lately too. I was in Key West for a while for some sailing then I moved in with the BF, have a new job, and am training for another marathon and yesterday was the first time I'd checked HC in AGES. I can't promise I'll be consistant but I'd definitely like to keep this thing going.]] Adriana was home. After ten of the longest days of Shane's life, she was back. Shane had known how much Adriana meant to him but he had not been aware of how much of a fixture she?d become in his life. They really hadn?t been together all that long but when she?d gone to Paris he had felt off balance and his days seemed so much emptier. Shane had stayed busy, or course, he wasn?t the type of person that could just sit around-especially when he was waiting for something. So he?d taken on a few more jobs, just some painting and landscaping for some of the vacationers. And when he wasn?t helping one of his clients he was at the hardware store. At first Shane had gone to help because she had a lot on her plate and also because she was Liam?s? well he actually didn?t know what she was to Liam but Shane knew that they spent a lot of time together. But after spending some time working alongside her, he?d been determined to make her into a friend. Or at the very least make her smile. He?d been successful. At least, he could now state with some confidence that Shelby probably didn?t hate him. He?d cleaned too, his whole house from top to bottom. His books were now all shelved and he?d finished a few models then cleaned up the table he usually worked at. Shane had even gone through the fridge cleaning out all the condiments that were beyond their expiration date. And he?d counted the days, minutes, and seconds until Adriana came home. And now she was back. Just as sweet and beautiful and wonderful as ever. And Shane was so unbelievably happy. She was in his arms and they had the whole day. Life was perfect again. He held her a little tighter and kissed the top of her head. --- Shelby stared at the computer screen in the office, her head propped up on one hand as she tried to focus on the task at hand. She had no idea that today was the day that Liam was supposed to come back. It seemed like ages since he?d left and, in the fleeting moments she?d had to think about it, she had assumed that he wasn?t coming back. At first, Shelby had been grateful for the trip. They were spending too much time together and he was slowly dissembling the wall she had spent years building to protect herself. It was terrifying. So Shelby had intended to use Liam?s absence to rebuild and fortify her wall. But that hadn?t happened. Instead, Henry had been declared healthy enough to come home. So now Shelby was responsible for her grandfather?s care on top of the ultimate success of the store. And as happy as she was to have Henry home it was a lot to handle alone. Granted, everyone in Camden had been very helpful. The woman next door frequently came by with soups and casseroles. And Shane stepped in to help around the store when he could, and he had helped fix some things up around the house. The nurses who took care of Henry during the day were absolute saints. But still. When she was at the store she worried about how in her first month of business they had only barely broken even. And shipments never seemed to arrive on time and they never seemed to have the items that her customers were looking for. And at home she worried about Henry and if he wasn?t resting enough. Or was he not recovering fast enough. And what if something happened to him? And at night Shelby worried about everything. Needless to say, she had not been sleeping. And so when she looked up to see Liam standing there, with a coffee, Shelby was certain it was a dream or maybe a hallucination. After all, he looked even better than she?d remembered. He was all tan and relaxed after his long vacation and he seemed genuinely happy to see her. She blinked a few times then reached out to take the coffee. His hand was warm and solid, and the cup was hot. ?You?re back,? Shelby said quietly, her words as much a question as a statement.
  9. Camden

    "Obviously," Shane laughed along with Adriana, smiling at how easily she leaned over and kissed him. He ate slowly, wondering whether her brother was still around the house and if Liam would even want to hang out with him. It was weird to be on such uncertain terms with Liam. While other friends had drifted in and out of Shane's life, he had always been able to count on Liam. Adriana was right, he definitely needed to fix things with his friend as soon as possible. When she spoke again, pulling him back to reality, Shane nodded, "Cara?" He asked curiously, wondering which friends she planned on hanging out with. Not out of jealousy but simply because he wanted to know who she'd stayed close to through college. --- Shelby turned her head as Liam rolled out of bed and watched as he made his way to the bathroom. When he shut the door, she closed her eyes and draped her slender forearm over them to block out the light. She stayed that way even as she heard the door open and felt his lips press into hers. Shelby smiled at his suggestion and slowly stretched her arms out above her head. She wanted nothing more than to stay holed up in his room delaying their eventual return to reality. But they couldn't. It wouldn't work the way that she wanted it to. "We should probably get to the store," Shelby sighed and sat up, her dark hair wild around her face as she glanced around the room. The bikini she'd borrowed was still crumpled on the floor where it had been tossed the previous evening. The rest of her clothes were in his sister's room. At least she hoped they were still there. If they were, Shelby figured she could probably wear them to work. Or if they stopped at her house it would take her only a few seconds to change. "But you should probably lend me some clothes first." ((SORRY! Life got real crazy for awhile there.))
  10. Camden

    Shane followed happily to the nook, smiling as her knee pressed so nonchalantly against his leg. He picked up his sandwich and took a few large bites, enjoying the delicious lunch Adriana had made. But as he ate, he too felt Liam?s absence. It was dorky but Shane was pretty sure that he?d never actually eaten at that table with him, and it felt weird. Like the universe was a little off balance. ?Yeah,? He nodded, his mouth full. He swallowed and took a drink of his water before focusing his attention on Adriana again, ?What do you think you?ll do?? He asked curiously, hoping that she?d hang out with friends or something. --- Shelby held her breath as she waited to feel the firm press of his lips against hers. But it never came, not really, and she let out a soft, quiet sigh as he pulled back. ?Yeah, I noticed,? She laughed under her breath and rolled onto her back to stare up at the ceiling. She wondered how it was that he affected her so much. After all, Shelby knew better but she still couldn?t help but feel that sharp tug towards him whenever he was close.
  11. Oh Nostalgia

    OOC: SORRY! It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Alice nodded and settled back into her seat once Henry and his father confirmed that her move had been correct. He and his family were so warm and welcoming, that Alice couldn?t help but feel right at home with them. She lifted the glass to her lips and her first sip was sweet and delicious. She had had sweet tea before but it had never been this good and Alice wasn?t sure whether it was so wonderful because of the environment or because Mrs. Scott simply made really good drinks. She was surprised when Henry gestured to the board and pointed out the fact that she was ahead. ?Do you think so?? She asked, gently biting the corner of her lip to hold back a grin. She felt silly being so proud of herself for almost being in the lead. After all, it was a child?s game and involved no skill at all- just luck. But still, she had never really been good at much of anything besides deportment and generally looking pretty.
  12. Oh Nostalgia

    Alice glanced around in surprise as the Scott family laughed, all amused by her words. She hadn?t meant to be funny, she wasn?t sure that she knew how, but she hadn?t exactly been serious either. It was kind of nice to know that she had made them all smile and a small but genuine smile flickered briefly across her mouth. She politely accepted a glass of sweet tea, though she?d never actually tried it before, then listened intently as the official rules were read. With the board in front of her, the game began to make sense and actually seemed quite simple. But she still interjected a few times, carefully asking for clarification so she could be sure that understood completely before they began. Once they started playing, she watched as the younger children went first, hoping that she understood everything that she needed to in order to play. When it was her turn Alice reached forward and turned over a card, hesitantly she moved her piece to the appropriate square, glancing at Henry first and then at the rest of his family, ?Is that right?? She asked, her voice tentative and hopeful all at once.
  13. Camden

    ?Good question,? Shane grinned and let her lead the way into the kitchen. As she began to get a sandwich together, he made himself busy by helping clean up the mess from the previous night. As he worked on clearing away all of the bottles, he watched Adriana prepare their lunches, agreeing to every condiment and sandwich fixing that she asked about. He stepped behind her as she cut his sandwich into triangles, and gently kissed her cheek, she was entirely too adorable and Shane just couldn?t seem to get enough of her. ?Chips are fine. And maybe a water? And someone to eat with?? Shane added the last bit as a joke though he had no intention of sitting down until Adriana?s lunch was ready too. --- Shelby?s mouth followed his as he pulled away, unable to keep from wanting more. ?I know how-? Shelby started to protest but wasn?t able to keep a straight face. She was well aware that ?nice? was not typically a word that most people would use to describe her. ?Okay yeah, you?re right, I never actually learned how to be nice,? Shelby laughed. ?Sorry,? She added in a very unapologetic tone, shrugging and snuggling a little closer without even realizing it.
  14. Oh Nostalgia

    Alice listened carefully as Joan explained the game to her. She was a little concerned that it would be like chess, the only other board game she knew, which was dreadfully complicated. There were so many rules to remember, Alice could never keep them all straight. If Candyland was anything like that, she knew she would be absolutely hopeless, which would be a shame. She didn?t want Joan to see how utterly useless she was, she didn?t really Henry to see it either. Not yet. Alice glanced towards Henry as Joan led her up the walk to their house. It was small. She had been expecting it to be modest, after all, not everyone lived in a house like hers. But this seemed impossibly small. And then Henry opened the door. It seemed much larger when she actually stepped inside. Not big in an empty, hollow way like her family?s Philadelphia estate or her grandparent?s house. But big enough. It was warm and bright, it smelled good and you could hear the bustle of his family in the next room. It was full of life and more of a home than any house she had ever been in before, which Alice thought more than made up for the lack of fine china and perfectly arranged rooms. She was ready with a polite compliment when Henry introduced her to his mother but Alice didn?t have a chance to get it out. The woman had stepped forward and pulled her into her arms. The hug was warm and pleasant but Alice was not used to such affection and therefore not entirely sure how to react. ?Brave?? She asked softly, she finding her words as Mrs. Scott led her to a chair. She glanced towards Henry, her eyes wide, ?Oh, I?m not at all brave! Maybe I ought to go...? In spite of her words, she settled neatly into the chair crossing her legs at the ankle and folding her hands in her lap.
  15. Camden

    ?You?? Shane joked, twisting one of her delicate curls around his finger before leaning closer to kiss the tip of her nose. ?Maybe with a side of... an omelet? Or a sandwich? Or maybe some pizza? Or anything.? He shrugged. Shane wasn?t a picky eater. He?d eat just about anything if he was hungry enough. Even if he wasn?t hungry there were very few foods that he?d object to. And he was sure that whatever she made would be wonderful. --- ?Yeah, I was trying to be nice,? Shelby told him. She closed her eyes, not saying anything as he pressed his lips to her forehead. This didn?t feel temporary any more. It felt more real, more comfortable, and safe. And, for the first time, she thought that might not be a bad thing. Shelby considered what might happen if she didn?t push him away and this time her mind didn?t immediately jump to the worst case scenarios. So she did nothing- not encouraging his behavior but not discouraging it either.