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  1. Prayer Request Please

    I've been trying to sell my house, to move in with a relative who's been very sick. They asked me to move in with them to help them out becuase they are unable to do daily activites or stay home by themself. My realtor just called, to set up an appointment for a showing this Friday at 10:30. Could everyone pray that my house sells. Thank you
  2. 2yr Olds First Time Out

    He's cute he looks alot like my Dante.
  3. Just wondering if anyone is still awake? I'm working until 7 and bored out of my mind.
  4. Hay Prices

    I just paid $60 for a 1000 pound round bale of timothy.
  5. Saving On Propane?

    I also have a propane forced air heater and I hate it. The programmable thermostat helps. I have an electric space heater cuts down on the propane use some, your heater dosen't kick on as much. Adds to your electric bill but you have to weigh it out.
  6. Help Me Understand A Bosal

    Thanks for the replies. I'm only using him for trail riding right now. I've been told, if he does good in the bosal why not just keep using it. Then i've been told to move him to a bridle. I'm sure there's going to be times when the bosal is fine, and then there may be times when I want to use a bridle. Can I switch back and forth? What's your opinion on it? Thanks
  7. Help Me Understand A Bosal

    I just bought a 5 year old that the previous owners used a bosal on because he threw his head around. His teeth are getting done Sept 10th. I've never used one before so i'm trying to understand how they are used. I rode him a few times with it and he did very well. I've been told a few things on how to use them. I've been told that you use quick little jerks to get a response. (I've never did this and he responds well) I've read that it is not meant to be used for neck reining. I'm borrowing one right now and I would like to buy my own. I've seen 8 plait, 12, and 16 can someone explain the difference and just help me understand how to properly use one? Thanks
  8. Here are some pictures. The paint is Dante, the tb is Buddy and the app is Kinitsu. Just pick the pictures you want to use you don't have to use all 3. Thanks
  9. Just wanted to share a few pictures of my new guy I got. He has settled in nicely considering the raging maniac that he had to deal with when he came. But surprisingly my tb excepted him ALOT better then I ever thought he would. And the app, well he just kind of goes with whatever comes along. I renamed him Dante. I just could not get used to his old name Sparky, it had to go.
  10. I think I have figured it out. Now I just need to figure out how to delete this post. [Duh]
  11. A few people have asked a friend of mine to do some groundwork with there horses. She's trying to figure out what she should charge per hour. Can anyone give me an idea what she should charge? Thanks
  12. Jack~! Help Me Pleee~zeah~!

    It got his attention! [ROTFL] Thanks anyway Jack. Wasn't my cat or I would have fed it to the dog. Just kidding.
  13. I have a Billy Cook saddle that has scratches on it from a cat. Would you know how to get them out or lighten them. It's a light honey color saddle. Thanks