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  1. Favorite Slow Cooker Meals

    If you use a large oven bag in your crockpot you don't have to clean it. Just drape it over the edges and you are good to go.
  2. What Everyone Has Been Waiting For!

    ***Grabby Hands***
  3. Guess What My Oldest Daughter Found!

    I've managed to keep mine contained in an old mineral tub for 2 years now. They will put out runners and you just have to keep tucking them back in the pot. I don't mulch or anything here just keep them watered and pick the berries. They are pretty tolerant plants. Good luck.
  4. I use mayo instead of butter. Low heat and I put spicy mustard inside with the cheese. I usually top with salsa or some of my bread and butter jalapeno peppers. Dang. Now I want a grilled cheese sammy.
  5. Joey Had A Bad Night

    Hugs for you spotty and give Joey some scritches from me K?
  6. Hi

    I am so glad to "hear" from you. The butterflies are starting to come out here. Makes me think of you often.
  7. New Doggy Family Member!

    I see nothing but Catahoula in this guy. He is very nice looking. My Catahoulas needed to be kept very busy. It was nothing for them to travel all day gathering. They need to be active mentally and physically. Best of luck with him.
  8. What a great idea city-gal I would think the store could help you figure out servings. My cousin did something similar at his reception. They still had cake, but they had a candy "counter" with old fashion jars of candies in their wedding colors. Then they had bags printed with the date and their names.The kids loved filling up bags of candy. It was too cute.
  9. Sooooo, Admin/mods?

    Miss ya girlie
  10. Sooooo, Admin/mods?

    I use to recommend this site to lots of people. People looking for general information, training tips, or horse health advice. Many of those people were newbies looking for an education or even a happy horsey place to hang out. I haven't done that in a very long time. The stuff being touted as truth around here now??? Phhhht. I would hope that an educated person could tell the difference. But a newbie? I do miss the way it was and the people that made it great.
  11. Photos Of Clinton Anderson In California

    The picture with the paint horse? Very top row, just behind CA's back? That's me.
  12. Yet Another One!

    I hope things work out for Uno. He is very cute. sidenote.... One of my 4-H kids named his steer Carl...made me think of you
  13. Snotty Horse

    If you are worried that he needs more "chew time" or roughage I would add beet pulp to his pellets in the morning. I fed my old stud Elk Grove Milling senior pellets and free choice beet pulp for the last 6 years of his 27 year life. Not one stitch of hay. This worked well for several older mares and a cushings/founder prone pony too. I hope you can get some relief for ol' George.
  14. It's A Proven Fact

    I use almost the same recipe for peanut butter cookies 1 cup peanut butter 1 egg 1 cup sugar My kids make these all the time. Fool proof. Another easy one is for lemon cookies 1 lemon cake mix 1 egg 1 8oz tub cool whip beat egg, fold in cool whip, mix in cake mix. Dough will be gooey so use Heidi's fridge trick. Take a 1" ball of dough and roll in powdered sugar. Bake at 325 for 7-9 minutes. Let cool on cookie sheet for 1-2 minutes and finish cooling on rack. These are very soft cookies that everyone loves. You can use whatever flavor cake mix you want...chocolate, spice, strawberry.
  15. My new fave salad 2 bags baby spinach 1 small tub tomato and basil feta cheese 1 bag/box croutons 1 cup pine nuts 2 handful craisens 1/2 bottle poppy seed dressing Toss first five ingredients in large bowl. Pour dressing in right before you serve and toss. You can work with the ingredients to get the amount you like best. I don't like a bunch of dressing. Yumtastic!! If all else fails just grab a big ol watermelon. Always a hit at a BBQ.