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  1. Pro Rider Barrel Saddle

    I own two! I own a balance ride by Mike & Talmadge Greene & a Balance Ride by Mike Greene! I also one me another one this year so that will make 3 pro riders for me! LOVE THEM! Love the seats and they're VERY confortable saddles! Well worth the money! I paid $1200 for mine new though! A majority of the people I barrel race with use them and love them.
  2. Update On My Colt!

    I'm in Anderson. About 10 minutes away from T.Ed Garrison Arena if you know where that is!
  3. Update On My Colt!

    Wildcats Game ( ) "Langston" is doing FANTASTIC really becoming a solid horse! Great 5 year old! 1D-2D youth horse and 1D/2D open horse. He placed in the 3D after a THREE MONTH break due to me having my baby!(btw: I had a ALL NATURAL birth and I was ridin 9 days later and competing 2 weeks after) He finished 11th in the 2D in our state show (when Leslie Willis winning it!) & 11th in the 1D in the youth competing against some AWESOME horses such as Firewater Fred!! He is VERY much still an "old grumpy man" personality. He has been one of the most consistent horses this season! Runs in a small twisted w/ a ring in the center loomis with a semi loose tiedown! Edited to say: During our state show he ran 4 times in 3 days and didn't come close to knocking a barrel! He ran the same pattern all 3 days. Picture: Video:
  4. Bloodlines: Too Much Speed? What's Your Thoughts?

    He's around 16 hands. :)
  5. Bloodlines: Too Much Speed? What's Your Thoughts?

    My guy didn't make much of a racer at all either! He collected about $7,750 on the track in like 8 or 9 races. He would shut down on the back stretch and just lope the rest of the way. But he is so sweet! lucky me I guess. mine came with a puppy dog attitude and very willing. once he got started on the barrels he's only placing maybe 2 tenths off of real tough open horses! I tell you what he's got more heart and will run his heart out for you every time and truly loves his job. You can see his HUGE stride coming home :)
  6. Bloodlines: Too Much Speed? What's Your Thoughts?

    I have a Double Bred First Down Dash Colt bred VERY similar to yours. I LOVE HIM! He's my best horse honestly! He's 5 but doesn't have so much speed he's absolutely blows by a barrel. Sounds to me like a training/rider problem.
  7. I know I've been MIA for a while but I will update y'all asap on Corvette & Wildcats Game :) But I'm currently 7 months pregnant and was wondering how long after you (NOT your horses) did you wait before you rode your barrel horses again? I know a lot of people ran from 2 weeks to 2 months some people 5 days! Just trying to get a general idea! I'm due anywhere from August 22- Sept 1 and our state show is Oct 1st. Hopefully I will be able to make it considering my horses are still getting rode by very trusted friends and Corvette is with a trainer for 2 months til I actually have the baby. But I still was just curious as to how long you waited til you rode again?
  8. Your Opinions On Using The Saddle Horn And Tie Downs!

    I wouldn't use a tie down unless your horse was head high or ran better in one. I wouldn't put one on her either unless she needed one.
  9. Update! Wildcats Game :)

    Just a refresher but I got Gamer at some backwoods auction in August. I have completely fallen head over heals for this guy! He's amazing he's running 2D times and 1D/2D times in youth. I have high hopes for this guy. I'm taking him on the rodeo circuit in February! I'm really excited! Pedigree! Before: After :) :
  10. New Barrel Prospect

    He's pretty!
  11. Horse Cough

    I would go see the vet! My mare started coughing and it got pretty bad so we hauled to the vet and got her scoped! Turned out she has a Epiglottial Obstruction. Which means that her "flap" wasn't covering her wind pipe when she was eating so food would go down her windpipe and choke her. There was a piece of tissue preventing her "flap" from coming out. The only way to cure this is through surgery. Hope this is not the case with you but I would go get him checked!
  12. Weight Advice Needed

    I have a 4 yr old gelding I got in august. When I got him he was no doubt skinny. He has since then gained very little weight but has picked up muscle. But I would like for him to put on more weight. He's currently getting Horsemans Edge 10/10 High Fat Feed. He's getting two scoops in the morning two scoops in the evening and 4 flakes of hay 3 times a day. Should I give him any supplements to help boost his weight? If so, what should I be giving him? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Critique Please :)

    Those looked good. All I see is to keep your hands lower, maybe shorten your reins just a bit, and choke up on your inside rein going around your first barrel.
  14. Mac's Got His New Polysteel Shoes!

    Thats really awesome! Let me know how they work for you on barrels and such