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  1. Saddle Fit: Channel Too Wide?

    Young horses are hard to fit saddle wise, in my opinion. They are always growing and building muscle. With my babies I like to put a half pad under my saddle, don't get the 'wither relief' kind b/c I think they are too thick and pinch their shoulders. Something like this would help --> http://www.doversaddlery.com/ultra-thinline-sheepskin-half-pad/p/X1-19126/cn/1405/
  2. Horse Insurance

    Hi guys, I'm looking for insurance on my horse. I lost a yearling a few years back and figured I probably will keep the one I have now for a few years (I buy train then sell) I'm looking to get a 'just incase' kind of a thing. I was wondering who to check out and what kind I should be getting? I know I am interested in mortality and maybe colic/loss of use?? There are so many out there and so many options I'm so confused!! I don't know if this helps but I live in Ohio and my horse is 3 y/o, around 15.3h and growing, doing hunters (over fences) and dressage. He was a western pleasure reject so I got him for super cheap, from what people have told me he has good bloodlines ( http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/willys+badda+bing )he's my first QH I've owned, I usually get TB's or WB's. I know he's way more than what I got him for (I got him a year ago) so I don't know if I can say he's worth a certain price? Like could I say in the market today he would sell for....? No injuries or health problems. Thanks for the help! Feel free to PM me
  3. Quick Update If Anyone Is Interested

    No that's not Jasmine, Jasmine is doing very well! Her and her owner are competing I think in the 3'6 division at rated shows and are placing in the ribbons! I have pictures but they are copy written so I can't post them, plus she's not mine anymore I miss her a lot. That was the mare I got after Samson, my yearling who passed away.
  4. We're Almost Famous!

    woo, that's awesome. I should be getting my order soon so i'll have to go check it out!
  5. Quick Update If Anyone Is Interested

    Me riding (PS I can't find any good photographers at the barn so pictures of me are slim pickin'): Learning now to walk forward Thanks for looking
  6. Well, it's been a while since I've been on, I've been lurking around but I've been busy with work and horses. Last July I sold a horse to a friend who I've known for 8 years, she rode with my old trainer and was in pony club for who knows how long. At the end of Feb she told me she could not afford to keep her anymore (family situation) and asked me to find someone else who wanted her. Long story shot I found an under weight wormy horse. She still till this day claims she has done nothing wrong and won't pay for her to get better. She rode her once every other week b/c that's how often she went out, jumped her over barrels and walls. Poor mare, I felt so guilty for letting her get that bad. Good news is I have a friend taking care of her, riding her and training her and taking her to shows. Bad thing is now I have to pay for two horses.... Hopefully she will be able to find a great home, she jumps the moon, has awesome gaits and an unbeatable personality. Here's a video of her free jumping-the standards are 5ft: Some stills: I don't know if you guys remember but I bought a 2 y/o QH gelding last November. Well he's 3 now and we started taking dressage lessons and he's doing amazing. Still working on things but he's doing great for just starting out. Trainer loves him. He was broke out western pleasure, he didn't know anything besides the really slow trot and the 4 beat canter. We've been working hard on going forward and accepting the bit and not sucking back or being afraid of it (the guy who was riding him before I got him jerked his face off ) Farrier and I are working on his feet, trying to get them bigger but not sure how much bigger they will get. He had all 4 shoes on when I got him with super thin soles, but now he's barefoot and is doing just fine on them. I took him to a horse show about a month ago (sorry no pix or video), it was rainy cold and windy, but he did great. I kind of sort of forgot my helmet at the barn so the barn owner had to go back and get it for me. So we ended up only doing flat classes but were in the 18" and 2ft division against some seasoned horses. We got a 2nd and a 4th in our flat classes and I was super pleased! Couldn't have asked for a better horse. My goal was to not eat dirt but instead we get ribbons, yey On to the pictures, this is what he looked like when I got him late last year: This is him from about a month ago? Please NO critiques, we are working very hard on things and negative comments will make us sad. Or if you do, I will ninja chop you b/c I am asian , lol. Trainer riding him: No more 4 beat canter!! More.....
  7. Practical Horseman July 2010

    PM me, I have a copy :)
  8. Saddle For A Wide Horse

    That saddle looks like an HDR I was looking at - http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/crazyhorse_2140_154360020 no?
  9. Saddle For A Wide Horse

    Thanks everyone. Right now I have a Phillipe Fontaine Diana saddle and i LOVE it, it's the first saddle that i fee like it was made for me, wish i had enough money to buy the same saddle with a wide tree. I don't think they can make it wider because it's TIGHT, I mean super tight on his withers and they'd have to take out a lot to make it wide enough for him. Joel is actually super broke, he's broke to do western pleasure but shows some talent over fences (Standard is about 3'6 - http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash..._4097352_n.jpg), I've ridden him maybe 3-4 times in under saddle (with my friends western saddle) since I got him in Nov but I do get on him probably once a week bare back with just a halter and lead rope and walk around. I found an HDR (http://www.saddlesource.com/proddetail.asp?prod=C2367) that i'm looking into trying out. hopefully the flap will fit my leg, it's so hard finding a saddle that fits my short legs and big butt. What do you guys think?
  10. Saddle For A Wide Horse

    I know saddle topics have always popped up and it's getting kind of old but I don't know what to do and need some help! So, I recently sold my TB and bought myself my first QH. He's turning 3 in Feb and he's very wide (full QH, no TB in his lines). My medium tree saddle is too narrow for him by the withers (fine in the back) and need a saddle to fit him. He's going to just be my project for the next year to year and a half until my baby I'm breeding for in 2012 comes. My thing is I know he's going to grow and his withers MIGHT get smaller and his frame might change but I'm pretty sure he's going to need a wide tree. So the chances of my saddle fitting his back is very slim. So i'm looking into getting CAIR saddle but I've heard good things and bad things about it. If I did go with a CAIR saddle, would a wintec or bates be better? which one would have a better re-sale value? I love my saddle now and don't want to get rid of it. Here's my new pony, Joel-2008 QH gelding, 15.2h at the withers and 15.3h at the hip: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/willys+badda+bing Thanks :)
  11. Video Of Me And My Horse Jumping

    You guys look awesome! Going out on a limb here but...is that dogs name named CORY!!! by any chance? [Crazy]
  12. My New Horse Mac!

  13. I Need A Cc Show Saddle Cheap

    I LOVE my philippe fontaine saddle, would recommend to all! I have the diane and I love it, even my friend who has a custom country saddle likes my saddle better than hers :) http://www.pfsaddles.com/
  14. Those Of You Who Have Lost Weight...

    I lost 20 in 2 weeks! How did you do it might you ask? Get a job working at a daycare, travel to all the different centers (I go around to 5 different daycare centers throughout the week), get the stomach bug and don't eat for 2 weeks. You'll drop the weight fast. Luckily that was 2 months ago and I've kept the weight off. How am I keeping it off you ask? by being sick consistently alternating from a sinus infection to bronchitis. Now you know my secret