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  1. Credit Score Question

    Every time you apply for credit, it hits your score. So if you've tried to apply for credit in other ways, that can take your score down a notch or more. I dont know what the effects are if you change your name.
  2. Another "hi There" Post.

    A few pics from this year: (well, I'm going to try...not sure if I remember how to do this correctly, I'm on try two now.) This was the calf at the farm that we pulled...and...well, took into the kitchen. :) Chey's Bday: On the cruise: At the top of the Duomo in Florence: The pups up in N. MI. My ol' BO and me in MI: At Medicine Bow Peak: Lake Marie in Snowy Range...one of my fave places: Wind River Range day one: NIce fish! Island Lake, Wind River Range:
  3. Would You Or Would You Not?

    Well, she's a little behind on her vaccinations as normally, they'll get the first DA2PP around 6-8 weeks, then again at 10-12 weeks and last at 14-16 weeks. So with that said, were it me, I'd wait til about 2 weeks after she has her second round to be doing much outside the house where other dogs may have been. Of course, ask your veterinarian. "Be careful" means different things to different people so I'd ask for clarification. Dogs do not have to come into contact directly with other dogs to pick up parvo.
  4. Gofundme...

    I think one cool thing about sites like GFM is that some smaller organizations, entrepreneurs, and families can get a broader audience. Who is GoFundMe's audience? People who want to donate to something, friends or family members of someone who has set up an account, or lookie loos I suppose. But generally speaking, I kind of prefer seeing gofundme type stuff rather than being hit up via email, mail, FB messages, phone calls, or booths outside the grocery store. When I am in a position to give or want to find a new cause, I go looking for them.
  5. Another "hi There" Post.

    Checking in to say hello. Not too much news here. Living in VA now, still have the mutts and the fatty mc fat fat who isn't fat but is definitely happy at the farm. I spent most of the first year here working at a vet clinic but left to go care for my Gma in WY last Oct when she was very ill. Then spent a few months managing a farm where we sold produce and eggs (quail and chicken) to Whole Foods and DC restaurants. It also was a residential community for people with mental health issues. It was very cool. It was a temporary gig that I kind of did as a favor to a friend til it was time to meet the ol' hubby for R&R. Now I'm back to "early retirement" and volunteer work. Mr. BuddyRoo has been in Pakistan on an unaccompanied tour since January. We met for our first R&R in Spain and did a Med. cruise. It was pretty neat. Very cool to be back in Italy for a bit and show him places I used to haunt back in the day when I lived there. He should be through in Pakistan in Feb of 2015 and we just got word this week that our next post will be Harare, Zimbabwe (if all goes well). My number one choice! Ebola free, lots of wildlife and I will finally get to do my safari on horseback trip! This summer, I've been doing a lot of traveling. I started in June heading to Europe to meet DH, then did a few weeks in MI to see the fam, then to Iowa. After that, I headed out to Wyoming with my dad (whom I was estranged from for nearly 20 years) and we did a ten day hiking trip. We did a few day hikes and then one pack in where we covered at least 60 (confirmed via GPS miles) in 4 days in the Wind River Range. Got lots of fishing in. :) Then back to Iowa where I visited with Mom and Gma (moved her to IA) and hung out with my youngest brother who incidentally is getting married next month! I got back to VA about two weeks ago and started making preparations for my middle brother. He and his wife PCS'd from Germany and he's staying with me while he looks for a house. It's been so nice to have someone to cook for and take care of again. He's getting his masters--your tax dollars at work! So that's my update. Nice to "see" some familiar faces. Cheers! Roo
  6. Hc Revisited

    I still have a few peacock feathers too! They live in a special place here on th mantle.
  7. Puppy Training Woes *help!*

    Yes, I'm sorry, I was talking about the fact that I have older dogs and they'd still not be real hip to just a couple of 10 min walks per day. They just seem to need more than that. We typically do a minimum of 6 miles per day spread out over two or three walks. Not having a farm anymore or a big yard where they can run around and sniff and enjoy nature, walks have to do. And it's kind of time consuming but they seem to be in much better frames of mind on a 10 mile day than on a 1 mile day.
  8. Hc Revisited

    I saw the FB post too but have to admit, I wandered back in last week and have been keeping an eye out for familiar faces. I am sorry to hear of Mark's passing.
  9. Mare Bagging Up And Producing Liquid, Easily Milked?

    Another note...bagging up and producing fluid can be a symptom of IR or Cushings. My mare is IR and I have seen this before.
  10. Introducing Horses To Pasture

    I agree with Serah. Another consideration is that even if it's dry, dead grass, if they won't pick their heads up out of it to drink water, you can end up with a dehyrdation colic. I would be inclined to do a temporary fence so you've only got an acre or two to chase them around in for this initial time. Then the schedule Serah suggested. An alternative to that might be to use grazing muzzles but you can run into the dehyrdation issue that way too for a horse who is getting used to them for the first time.
  11. Puppy Training Woes *help!*

    Just another thought...I know it seems like your dog is getting enough exercise and for a 12YO lab, maybe so. But being turned out on a line or getting a 10 min walk twice a day and throwing the ball for 30 min really isn't enough (in my experience) to get you to the "tired pup is a good pup" mode. Even with my dogs being 4 and 12 now, I can see a definite difference in some naughty behaviors if I've skimped on stimulation and exercise. Another consideration is that you've got several different people handling your dog. I had a MUCH harder time with certain aspects of training my second dog because there were two tween aged kids and a husband in the mix and until I (no joke) threw a fit, everyone was doing things differently. Making sure everyone is on the same page is important. And ultimately, if it's "your" dog, it's hard to expect anyone else to put in the same kind of effort you might be willing to do. Your schedule and having the help of your family is actually pretty great for the potty break situation. But I'm thinking you might need to incorporate more actual exercise. Just to give you an example, I have a lab and a SP. We get up and go out first thing in the a.m., eat breakfast, then do 30-60 min walk. If I have the time, I try to make part of that walk a sniff and search where they can take a "smell" tour along the trail. When we get home, they usually nap for a few hours. Then we go back out around lunch time for another couple of miles. And again in the evening, then eat dinner, quick potty, hang out then a quick out before bed. Typically, we walk about 6 miles per day. With one dog being 12YO and having LP, there are times when he skips a long walk if it's too hot/humid out. I'm not kidding when I say though that if I skip a walk or shorten one, it is not uncommon for the younger dog to find trouble around the house or act very attention seeking and needy.
  12. Ferguson And The 2Nd Amendment

    Waaayyy off the 2nd Amendment discussiong but about the Mike Brown thing... I cannot and will never understand what it feels like to be under suspicion just because of the color of my skin. And I think that's a very real thing. It happens. I don't understand it, but I believe that it is there. So I can understand why people are so up in arms about an unarmed teen being shot and killed. With only an understanding of how he behaved in school or at home or in the community most days, I bet it's really hard for people to accept that he robbed a store, assaulted someone and possibly charged an officer. (and the tox screen is now showing he was on something, right?) Anyway. I can imagine what a shock it all was. But why loot? What does stealing a cell phone or a bottle of vodka have to do with supporting the family or the cause? I realize that now there are people in from out of town but not initially when it started. Locals were doing the looting too. How does that help? And what kind of mindset do you have to have to think that looting is okay? I don't get that part. I just don't get it. I want to be involved in helping improve relations, train police, yada yada. I met with a group in DC for just that purpose a few days ago and we've continued our discussions but they're going no where because of racial conflict. It seems like...well, ****...it doesn't seem like, it is. The white people think that the violence and looting is wrong and the black people in our group think it's reasonable. How do we overcome that?
  13. Questions About Obstructions

    I'm really sorry for your loss. I'd like to tell you that when it comes to perforation, it can get real expensive, real quick. I think you made the right choice. I am not kidding when I say that I have now spent close to 50k on my dog for his initial intestinal perf and then a subsequent surgery to correct an issue with the first. He's doing great. But that is a LOT of money. We really didn't have it to spend either. Almost done paying it off. He's my "kid" as I don't have any and I don't regret doing the procedure(s) but it's a lot. I'm so very very sorry for your loss.
  14. Ferguson And The 2Nd Amendment

    I just don't see the Second Ammendment coming into play here. I have spoken at length about this situation to a friend of mine from college who happens to be a black woman. A very well educated black woman, entrepreneur, mother and friend. Yet it comes down to the fact that she says "i'd riot and loot too, you just don't understand because you're white." There really is a difference in mentality here. The GOVERNMENT didn't swoop in and impose weird restrictions on a peaceful community. The gov't/police are there because the citizens have started rioting and looting and harming each other. When a person commits robbery, assaults another person, and then gets stopped by police, I really don't see how you can hold the person up as an innocent victim. This is not a matter of tryanical gov't. This isn't the Boston Tea Party with an unfair tax. A minor robbed a store, assaulted someone, and as the forensic facts come out, it appears that he likely did go after a police officer. Who would not feel intimidated and concerned for their safety with a 6 foot something 300 lb person running at them armed or not? And the reaction of the community wasn't "let's see what the facts are" it was "let's loot and riot." Even once the "lovely black man" took over the policing, the calm only lasted for a short while. Then it was back to the looting and rioting. Ferguson, MO looks a lot like Islamabad, Pakistan right now. It's out of control. And the police/military/whomever need to get it under control to keep the innocent and law abiding citizens safe. Should people really need to shelter in place in their homes to avoid getting hurt? Killed? In the United States of America?
  15. Texas Governor Rick Perry Indicted

    I don't think it's just the fact that she's a Dem that was an issue. I think perhaps the fact that she was drunk and insolent that may have been a big issue. Clearly, she was not behaving well. But, she also wasn't on the clock. So I guess that technically, she didn't really do anything wrong with regards to her job. To me, this isn't a Dem/Rep issue as much is it is flat out bullying. You don't get to threaten people and get away with it in the work place. (and FWIW, I don't like either of them politically so I have no dog in the fight. Not even a little)