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  1. "repairing" My Horse's Health

    Omega HorseShine is one of my favorite things ever! Really ads that little bit of healthy fat some of the horses need, and makes a HUGE difference in the coat, hair, and hoof quality. Ditto to Willy, bloodwork, if not already done, would be able to show you any imbalances that need work.
  2. Pit Bulls

    They are great dogs FOR THE RIGHT PERSON. Most people aren't willing to put in the time to socialize, train, and exercise, and end up having to put the dog down because of it. Because of the huge rise in irresponsible breeding, there are many "pit bulls" out there that are not bred with a sound mind, and might end up having to be put down. Those are the dogs that end up biting people. You have to know how comfortable you are with certain training issues, and what you are willing to work on. Not everybody is cut out to fix the fear aggressive dog, the dog aggressive dog, the high prey-drive dog, etc. I would hate to know what might have happened to my dog if I didn't adopt her. She had some serious fear aggression, and I had to do A LOT of work to get her over it. She's 100% better than she was, but she still has issues. She's NEVER going to be able to have just anybody pet her, so I don't put her in that situation. Some people are too nervous to meet her, so they don't. I am fine with that, and know what situation she can, and can not be in. I did HOURS of reading about any of the issues I might have to deal with, and spent lots of time over on My link Read every sticky they have. For all of those dogs, there are many, many more that are wonderful. If you want to get something from the shelter, go with no particular breed in mind, and pick the one that you connect with the best, and would work with your lifestyle.
  3. Misbehaving Stallion + Founder = Not Able To Correct Him?

    Next time just give him something to take the edge off (Bute, aspirin, Banamine etc.) so he won't feel the need to let you know so "loudly" that he was hurting.
  4. 2012 London Olympics

    The puppets were REALLY freaky...!
  5. 2008 Qh Gelding

    Very nice! He looks like he's going to be tons of fun, and I looooove his neck. Wish my mare had one a bit more like it, lol! Also, his mane is pulled perfectly.
  6. Shims For Mattes Pad

    I know eBay always has the ThinLine ones...I would try to find a fabric store, and buy a some felt, and just cut my own. I know that WalMart has fabric in the "crafty" section. It's probably way cheaper than buying Matttes brand!
  7. Toilet Paper Roll

    Over! But if the boyfriend does it under, I don't care enough to change it, lol.
  8. Allergies?

    Yep, sounds like allergies! Don't get too stressed out, the pollen has just come out very early this year. My mare has allergies too, and had nice, swollen glands today. She gets runny/itchy eyes, itchy nose, sneezing, swollen glads, and headshaking. I put her on Duralactin from now until October, and boy, what a difference! I LOVE this supplement, it really works wonders. It helps keep the headshaking away, as well as helping the swollen glands and all the other symptoms. It was recommended by my vet, so I didn't just randomly try it out, lol. You can get it at Valley Vet, My link This size should last you for quite a long time! It also smells really good, and makes you want to put it on ice cream, haha.
  9. Brand New Baby Lambs

    Ah, lambs! I grew up taking in the sick lambs from a local farmer, so we always had one or two living in house. So cute! I love when they wag their tails really fast when nursing, it's so funny to watch!
  10. Shopping Question.

    I buy lots of jeans on eBay. My favorite are Citizens of Humanity, and I can get them for under $40 on eBay. If you know your measurements, and the styles that fit you, it's pretty easy to find a few pairs. I think I have about 6 pairs, all bought off of eBay, lol. I have a bit of a problem. Good luck! Once you find a pair of jeans that fit you really well, buy more than once pair.
  11. Introducing My Latest Steed....

    I love him! I'm suck a sucker for the giant geldings, lol. He sounds like tons of fun, I'm quite jealous! I hope you get to take him out for some jumping, I bet he'll be perfect to restore any lost confidence!
  12. Lice? Something Else?

    My rescue pony had wicked lice, the chewing kind, and was rubbing himself bald. He had big patches on his side, chest, and between his back legs. It was the middle of January in New England, so he got covered in louse powder for livestock ever other day for a few days. Two weeks later I did it again, to catch any newly hatched lice. Never had a problem since! The chewing kind you WILL find crawling around if you look enough... So yucky! So, cover in powder, and fly spray. Make sure you do it again in two weeks to catch any escapees! -Also, healthy horses shouldn't get lice...the pony was VERY malnourished, and that's why he had them. Make sure you have enough vitamins/minerals in your feeding program.
  13. Tell Me About Self Care

    I do self care. I love it! I'm pretty lucky, I have an AWESOME landlady. I can just give her some wine, pay her in cash, and she's on cloud nine, lol! I lease the 2 stall barn, and about an acre of pasture for my horse and pony. It's $150/month plus hay, shavings, and feed. The stall opens up into the field, so I can lock them out when it's nice out, or let them come and go. The pasture is divided up into 3 sections, with one big part, a smaller back field, and a dry lot for the pony. I also have 2 wash stalls. I have access to TONS of trails, and a 2 minute walk down the road is my old barn, so I can use the ring/facilities if I want to. There is a really nice cross-country course about a 5 minute walk down the road, that I can use from October-April. (Summer people, and they only come from May-September. It's abandoned the rest of the time.) I also rent the apartment that is attached to the barn, so I don't have to drive anywhere, and can see the horses from the bedroom, bathroom, and living room windows. I feed in my pj's!!
  14. Face Moisturizer?

    You don't use a face wash like ProActive, or something with Benzoyal Peroxide, do you? If so, I would say the flaky skin around your eyes is your face telling you the face wash it too strong. I was using ProActive, and that happened to me. So far my FAVORITE OF ALL TIME face lotion (DO NOT USE BODY LOTION ON YOUR FACE) is the Neutrogena Light Night Creme. It is the most moisturizing lotion, and is not heavy or oily, and soaks in very nicely. My sin loooooves it! You don't need a lot, and when your boyfriend doesn't use it all, it lasts for quite a while, lol.
  15. It's A Miracle! Foundered Pony In Action!

    I am currently enrolled in Dr. Kellon's online NRC+ course, so Timmy's diet might change after I'm through! Lol. Right now his diet consists of: -As much local 1st. cut hay (soaked) as he will eat -AM and PM soaked/rinsed molasses free beet pulp -MSM -Remission -Hot Hoof (chinese herbs recommended by the acupuncturist) He is mostly out in his dry lot, but I will let him out in the bigger pasture to play with Tiger Lily when I can. There isn't any piece of grass longer than 1/4" long, so not much for him to eat. And nothing to grab outside of the fence. It's been a LONG 2 years, and it's been hard. He has has 2 episodes of colic, and about 2 months ago a bad laminitic episode. I think his saving grace was that when I got him, his hooves hadn't been touched in months, so he had lots to work with. Thankfully, he has great quality hooves, with nice a nice, thick sole all around. But, I give most of the props to my trimmer, who comes exactly every 5 weeks, all year long. She said she would come more often, if she could. I'm in MA, and she comes up from FL. 'Nuff said. She is the best.