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  1. Just wanted to say hi!

    Hi! And you’re killin’ me with the cuteness of that puppy!! Made my day, so thank you for sharing that!
  2. Prayers Please

    Thinking of you and your Mom! Hope things continue to go well!
  3. Where is everyone? nice to hear from all of you. I just remember this place being so busy and active years ago, but I guess it reflects the fact that nothing ever stays the same. People move on, life changes, etc. I am definitely glad knowing that the site is at least still’s very comforting, heck I even remembered my password to log back in, lol! I doubt anyone remembers me as it’s been several years, and even then I admittedly didn’t post THAT often...and I’m so sorry to say I don’t think I remember any of you either, but I’m very happy to make new acquaintances! Thank you all for replying to my message and letting me know that life still exists here at HorseCity. I’ll visit as often as I can and I look forward to chatting with each of you a bit more! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and that you all have a great week ahead!
  4. Where is everyone?

    Hi all! Wow, I haven’t been here in (probably) years and decided to just pop in to say hello...but the place seems almost completely abandoned compared to how busy and lively it used to be! What happened? Did everyone go to a different forum somewhere? I get it that message boards aren’t as popular as social media sites these days but wow, I’m really sad to see it so quiet! I hope you are all happy and enjoying the horsey life, wherever you are!
  5. My New Racing Blog

    Hi everyone, Hope you all had a nice weekend! Not sure how many of you remember me...I've been gone for a bit but it's nice to be back! First off, let me start by admitting that I don't REALLY know if it's OK to post this...or if it's even in the correct forum, maybe I should put it in General Chit-Chat instead? If I'm wrong can a mod please accept my apologies and maybe move it for me? Thanks so much. I'm launching a new blog (or rather, revamping an old blog lol)...the focus will be mainly on horse racing (with some general horse talk every now and then). I think I have some pretty cool ideas on some of the topics I want to start with, it won't just be blog posts about who is in training now and who had the best workout today, etc. etc. Sure, there will be some of that, but I plan to mix it up a bit. I'm hoping people will enjoy it, but right now I don't have any actual followers. In these early days I'm really looking/hoping for some constructive feedback to help me get it up and running, and I actually would like the blog to be fairly interactive eventually anyway. If some of you could check it out, maybe follow yourselves if you think it's something you might be interested in, and/or at least share the link I would really appreciate it. I plan to start posting more in the next couple of days so it shouldn't take long for people to get a feel for what it will be about. Either you'll want to stick around for more, or you won't, and of course either way is fine, but it's not going to go very far unless I at least get some type of audience to begin with. Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can give, even if it's just sharing the link on other horse-related sites to help me build an audience! Oh, and here's the link:http://equusfemina, Thanks again!!
  6. Rest In Peace, Hickstead

    I think this says it all .... R.I.P. little guy. You will be so greatly missed. Thanks for the memories!
  7. Some Questions-New** Final Update 7/27- Tucker

    Nice colt!! And so cute!
  8. Please Keep This Little Foal In Your Prayers

    Sending lots of [Angel] [Angel] [Angel]
  9. Horribly Sad News.....

    I am so terribly sorry! [Huggy] RIP beautiful boy! [Angel]
  10. Foal Watch! So Excited

    Your mare is really cute, and that stud is gorgeous! Cannot wait to see the little one! I know it's way early, but I'm sending lots of HFV your way!!! [Angel] Good luck with everything, keep us posted! [Yay]
  11. Desi Finially Foaled, A Beautiful Black N White Colt

    Oh my gosh, he is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!! [Yay] [Not Worthy] [Jump]
  12. OMG she is beautiful! Congratulations!!! [Yay]
  13. Older Horse Not Handling The Heat Like He Used To

    Everyone has already offered some great suggestions. Just a thought, first off, but if you aren't working him much, and he's on full-time pasture, he probably doesn't need 2 pounds of grain every day. That seems to be a bit much. A handful just to get him his supplements should be sufficient. Might want to consider re-balancing his diet. How is his BCS? Is he overweight? How is his haircoat? A fan is the first thing I'd suggest, like others have mentioned. Keep him in the shade and get a fan blowing directly on him when it's really hot out. Electrolytes and adding salt to encourage drinking is another idea. If it's really hot you might even try hosing him off in the heat of the day, but be sure to use a sweat scraper immediately after. Don't let the water pool on him because excessive water can actually TRAP the body heat and make him overheat faster. If he ISN'T sweating and the other horses are, that's actually a bigger concern because that's a sign that he's already dehydrated. So that actually worries me more. The lack of sweating indicates that he definitely isn't handling the heat well, and you might need to have a vet come out to look at him either way. Age is certainly a factor, I'm sure, but to be on the safe side you might want to have someone check him out before it becomes an emergency. Good luck!
  14. Prayers For Sanga

    [Huggy] [Angel] [Huggy] [Angel]
  15. What's your racehorse name?

    Dark Stealth
  16. Gorgeous, I love his little face! Congrats! The tobiano filly on that page is stunning as well, BTW! [ 05-16-2008, 10:27 PM: Message edited by: HorseSciStudent ]
  17. 8 bells for Eight Belles

  18. Graining pasture horses (an update 5/2)

    quote: Originally posted by Panda 92009: HorseSci, I'm perfectly capable of protecting myself, so all of your LOL's still don't recommend a more SAFE, EFFICIENT way of graining pasture horses. I feel individual buckets along the fenceline are the best. The forage we have is excellent, top quality alfalfa and coastal hay as well. If the horses aren't working, they really don't need grain. I'm not even addressing the "grain vs. straight forage" argument, I just want to make graining these horses as harmless as possible. Wow, OK. I'm sorry you obviously took offense to my post, I was trying to be lighthearted. The way I described IS efficient, whether you understood what I was saying or not. Apparently all you saw in my post were the LOL's. If you know that buckets are the best option, then just make it happen. I'm not sure what your post is asking then. I thought you wanted safe ways to feed. Obviously you just want someone to tell you how to deal with your boss? Sorry I tried to help, I won't bother next time. You don't have to bite my head off. And if you'll notice, I agreed with you about forage. Why don't you just tell them you don't believe they need grain and leave it at that? [ 04-28-2008, 05:10 PM: Message edited by: HorseSciStudent ]
  19. Graining pasture horses (an update 5/2)

    Oh, and I also wanted to add that I do agree with you. As long as there is adequate forage (not weeds!) in that pasture and it isn't in danger of being a "dry lot," you're right. They really don't need the grain. But that might be a difficult argument to broach because most people are usually very set in their ways with stuff like that.
  20. After being on foal watch for 3 nights, it finally happened! Getda gave birth to this beautiful filly last night (Thursday) at 9:40pm CST. This little foal is an embryo transfer, by our MTSU stallion Hay Dare (I cannot remember the dam's name right now - I'm a little sleep deprived and she isn't a horse that I've ever met anyway LOL). What an amazing experience this is, I can't wait for the next one ... and the next one ... and the next one ... LOL! I was all alone when it happened, which was a little scary since I only have one good hand and if anything HAD gone wrong I'm a little limited by that. But other than having to move the mare when she was pushing this little filly into the corner and breaking the sac after she was on the ground so she could breathe, I didn't need to intervene at all. She LOVES to lie on her back and SLEEP like this! It's the cutest thing! Now I have to catch up on all the sleep I've missed out on since Monday LOL! It was totally worth it though!!!! [ 04-26-2008, 07:22 PM: Message edited by: HorseSciStudent ]
  21. Graining pasture horses (an update 5/2)

    I've had to grain horses in pastures at large facilities before. Yeah, it's hard, but if you're smart about it and the horses are used to a routine it can be done safely and effectively. Take a crop or stick with you, keep that in your pocket or hand if you can manage to hold everything. Or if you need to, take a lunge whip! Carry the bucket with the grain and just let those horses know who's the dominant animal out there (YOU!). If you're always aware of where the horses are, you should be safe. You do have to have "eyes in the back of your head," but once you've been doing it for a while it becomes second nature. Make sure you have all the feeders ready before you start pouring grain. In other words, before you walk in the pasture with the bucket check all the feeders to be sure they're ready! Once you walk in there with that grain, it's GAME OVER, LOL! Don't know if it's separate buckets or a long, cattle type feeder that you use? We always used rubber buckets on the ground and they were a bit easier. They could be set apart. The biggest pain was when they had water in them you had to make sure they were all dry and empty before you started to feed. Then, all I can suggest is start feeding and run like **** from feeder to feeder until they're all full LOL! Always fill at least one or two extra feeders, so that there is a "buffer." Yes, the dominant horse will start eating first, but if you have the feeders spaced far enough apart and you're quick enough there shouldn't be a problem and all of the horses should get plenty of a chance to eat. I usually would give the dominant horse a little more to keep him occupied a little longer, unless of course he was on restrictions. But of course if the dominant horse needs a diet, he should be restrained for feeding anyway. That said, I'm not really sure if you were looking for answers to help you feed more effectively, or if you're looking for an argument to present to your bosses on why you SHOULDN'T be feeding them grain in the first place. Either way, I'm just offering up some advice from my own experience and hope I've helped a little at least. Good luck! [ 04-28-2008, 04:51 PM: Message edited by: HorseSciStudent ]
  22. It's a FILLY! Born 04/24/08 - NEW PICS ADDED 04/26!

    No I didn't mean you. I was just confused about Alleyway's post, still am to be honest. But it's no biggie. I appreciate you trying to offer your "eyes" and insight! She isn't my mare anyway, so I have no reason to take anything the wrong way.
  23. It's a FILLY! Born 04/24/08 - NEW PICS ADDED 04/26!

    quote: Originally posted by ChaunceyBlue: quote:Originally posted by HorseSciStudent: quote:Originally posted by Alleyway: Awww, filly is a cutie! Whats wrong with the Getda's right side of her face? Old injury or edema? I'm not sure what you mean, there's nothing wrong with the right side of Getda's face? I had to go back and look too. If you look in those photos where she is standing and the foal is laying down, you can see what appears to be a swelling there right below her eye. In one photo, it is so swollen, her eye looks small. To me, it almost appears that there may be two swellings?? The other being at her jawline??? Hard to tell from the angle. Anyways, it kind of looks like edema, or maybe an injury from hitting her head on something... possibly. I think that is what Alleyway was referring to. Hmmm, OK. I guess I kinda see what you're referring to in the picture. But that's just Getda's face LOL. She has small eyes and a big head, that's just her. Always been her. I've known this horse for four years and she doesn't look any different now than she did back then. Granted I don't see her more than a few times a year since she's usually turned out unless she's being palpated, bred, worked with, etc. But yeah, that's just what she looks like. Could be the lighting and camera angle is emphasizing it a bit too. So I just find it strange that of all things someone would choose her face to pick on in a picture of her newborn foal LOL.
  24. Bad News*Video is done*

  25. It's a FILLY! Born 04/24/08 - NEW PICS ADDED 04/26!

    quote: Originally posted by Alleyway: Awww, filly is a cutie! Whats wrong with the Getda's right side of her face? Old injury or edema? Thats sad about the filly's full sibling not making it. Eli is handsome! I'm not sure what you mean, there's nothing wrong with the right side of Getda's face? I've been around this horse everyday for almost two full weeks and I guess I just don't see whatever it is you're seeing? [ 04-27-2008, 12:26 AM: Message edited by: HorseSciStudent ]