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  1. So we have had Delite (Mouse) for awhile now. Had Angi put some training time in on her,and have been taking her Team Penning for a couple of seasons. (not I personally, because she is too little for me, but my daughter and friends.) She has become the horse in our group the most horse most likely to be loaned to someone new to penning and let them try it out. With the season ending Angi, thru our farrier found a family to lease her for the winter, that would keep riding her (when normally she would just stand around here) The trouble is now the guy has called Angi to return her.... Not because of anything she has done, but because they are falling in love with her, and don't want to have to let her go come spring when they have become even more attached. Sooooooo do I let her go? We have lots of horses, my daughter has Chester & Symphony (mustangs), and Bonnie (My Smartest Little Pep daughter) she can ride. They aren't penning horses, (yet) but neither was Delite when we got her. She also has Spot (another mustang) to start and is just moving out (1/2 mile away). Angi has her SEMM horse Sonador she is starting to pen on, and Lyric/DeeDee (Delite & Dodges filly) she is just starting and can pen on in the future. So if I keep her she will pretty much be hauled along for guests & horseless friends to ride. (Our friend Shana is the one who rode her on trail this summer, but she has 2 horses in training she will hopefully be riding next summer.... But we LOVE Delite too, or we wouldn't have bought her. I just hate that she spends so much time just hanging out here and just pulled out as a spare when she could be someone's first string horse. So do we sell her? and if so for how much? For those who don;t know who she is ... She is 14. 14.1h Grulla Foundation bred Quarter mare. She has produced 2 of the cutest fillies in all the world when bred by her previous owner. : D but I'm not biased at all. They were both confident, nice minded girls.
  2. White Spots On Withers.

    WHen you said the dry patches disappeared.. did you mean there were bald spots, or crusty spots on her withers from the old saddle that went away? Also it wasn't clear when you changed saddles exactly, but if she had spots until you got the new saddle, and they healed and now grew in white hair, I suspect the old saddle caused it. You might just be seeing it now because the new hair grew in white.
  3. Video ~ Bonny Under Saddle This when she first climbed on. All are in the same short ride. We didn't know what training she had, and this was her first trip away from the Little man. She nipped at Angi when she cinched her so she wasn't expecting her to be so willing. She did have a point where you can tell she's rusty and had to work out to of go backwards when turning. But we could tell she has a good foundation in there, just needs conditioning and a little practice. (also Angi needs to remember she has limited/no vision on her right side) So she's light responsive, and willing to go, so Angi rides her on cows. Ext summer and my daughter will ride Delite/Mouse!
  4. Video ~ Bonny Under Saddle

    Now that Little man is weaned/weaning I took Bonnie on an outing to have my friend see what she knows. After I purchased her I called Oasis Ranch and when i asked if the mare was broke at all, I was told "Oh that mare rides! It;s just been a while so maybe start in a snaffle. So she is a bit rusty, started off nipping once when saddled, but seemed happy afterwards, she was really snugly after. So here is just a bit of Bonnie's 1st ride with us more ~ Bonnie rides
  5. Video ~ Bonny Under Saddle

    Bring on the rain.. He hasn't worn a blanket since he was tiny, and probably doesn't remember it. He was pretty good about accepting it. No fireworks, just started out sniffing it and being rubbed. Then some on and off folded in fourths, then wearing it folded & opened it a fourth at a time. Since he likes belly rubs the strap was not an issue at all. He's still sneaking drinks tho so we are going to move mom so he still see her, but not reach her.
  6. Video ~ Bonny Under Saddle

    Bonnie's little man is 6 months old now!! I don't know how it happened so fast! We are weaning him, and his new dad will pick him up soon. He says he's really excited about having him in his barn. I'll miss him but I'm glad he is going where he will have a chance to do what he was bred to do. Bonnie did really well nursing him, and since we only got her AI'd once (didn't take) and it was so late in the season I decided to wait til next year. They are horrible pics taken just as the sun was setting, BUT....
  7. Bonny 's Colt New Pics Pg 3

    Bonnie's little man is 6 months old now!! I don't know how it happened so fast! We are weaning him, and his new dad will pick him up soon. He says he's really excited about having him in his barn. I'll miss him but I'm glad he is going where he will have a chance to do what he was bred to do. Bonnie did really well nursing him, and since we only got her AI'd once (didn't take) and it was so late in the season I decided to wait til next year. They are horrible pics taken just as the sun was setting, BUT....
  8. Video ~ Bonny Under Saddle

    My Tryst(dun) started out tawny yellow, then cocoa brown, then yellow for winter, then shed out dun. His dad says his sire is a deep golden palomino but is a roan. I've never seen a winter pic of him so I wasn't sure how dark he is. I'm sure this color will change a bit as he finishes shedding.
  9. Video ~ Bonny Under Saddle

    Shedding out ....
  10. Fugly Horse Of The Day Is Up For Sale!

    There's a Fugly BB somewhere. I don't remember it as being as mob driven as the blog commentators. Believe me there were many who didn't like the mob mentality which she took no responsibility for, from the very first. While I do admit that some of her blogs were correct, I don't think people should have been encouraged to mount cyber attacks. She could have still posted her opinions, without adding names & contact info. So is it her freakishly tall, more TB then Quarter, Quarter that she is breeding? Heck I haven't even bred Dodge once in the almost 4 years I've had him... and he sired 2 decent foals before I got him! (APHA Dun It Perfect for those who haven't been around a zillion years) We might breed him to Badger (AQHA GK Double Badger Bar) next spring, but only if my farrier convinces his wife he deserves a roping prospect to raise. I don't need a Roping prospect, I sold Bonnys colt, and am breeding her to a High Brow cat son next year. If it's anything like this years colt, then the same buyer wants it.
  11. Gathering Wild Horses

    If folks would quit moving here we wouldn't need so many houses & golf courses lol
  12. Gathering Wild Horses

    I think actually the dun factor is not so much a Spanish trait, because "dun" was not a desirable color to the Spanish. Dun is actually the primitive set of markings found on wild equine. The Kigers are a made up HMA, and they manipulate it heavily. So unlike the Sulphur gather where they removed only young stock, this round up was to remove all horses with white markings. Seems the Spanish Mustang registries feel white socks & facial markings are undesirable, so they are culling for that.
  13. Video ~ Bonny Under Saddle

    First YES to the Wild horse & Burro Expo, we are really hoping to make it this year! Lifesavers is going and taking horses to show, so Angi will get to go too, which means more horses an class possibilities. I think Angi might show Chester, my daughter will show my Symphony and or Angi's Freedom, and I will hopefully bring my SEMM horse if I get my butt out to work with her more. It's been so hot, the farrier was here today, then went to Apple Valley and back, then to Palmdale to the dog vet. Just keep running. On the 4th I went to JoAnns and bought fabric to make country/cowboy coolers to send to the troops. There is a group called The Ships Project, that ships items over to the troops each month. They have people make coolers, socks, hats, slippers.. and they ship them to ground troops as well as Naval personnel that are deployed. They have instructions on what to send, and tell you when to send in what, and have patterns available. Since they ship all the time they know what will not be a disappointment when the boxes are opened. Finally we did go to the vets and the ultrasound was negative. It is day 18, and she has a a new follicle almost ready so I know she didn't take at all. I didn't feel that disappointed because it is so hot, and I was feeling bad that she was going to be popping in June. So we are gonna give it a go next year, which also gives her some time with this guy and then to not be pregnant. I told the vet unless one of these 2 turns out to be a million dollar superstar, I think the Atta Cat foal will be it. GPS's dad wants to look at the Atta Cat baby too.. but we'll see what it looks like. If it's a hot studly like this years, I may again have to vote for it to go out in the world and be awesome, but I'm kind of hoping for a nice old fashioned filly to grow old here.
  14. Video ~ Bonny Under Saddle

    We are heading to the vets tomorrow, to get an ultrasound.
  15. Haflingers?!

    I got a Haflinger filly last fall. She is an easy keeper, and handles OK to catch, and for trims and such. Shes not spooky or flighty and her attitude has improved since we got her weight down a little. She will fling her heels at the other horses, and I had one day where she just wanted to send her rear at me, when she thought we should be done. We had a few moments, and in the end when I asked her to put her rear away she did. Just this morning my roommate was loading up some of her horses, and Cindy came running towards her and flew over a jump that was in her way. She said she cleared by a good foot too. She is waiting for the trainer to have a spare spot, so I am looking at maybe having another girl maybe start her instead. This girl trains English, and jumps, so it might be a good way to go with her.