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  1. How Much Would You Pay

    The way the market is right now, you could most definitely find something cheaper. I'm selling my own horse for half of what she's worth due to the economy, so I'm absolutely sure you could find a horse with those same qualities for cheaper.
  2. Selling A Horse - Multiple Offers?

    SIX MONTHS?! Were they delusional? I'm having problems with a month or even two WEEKS. My trainer back home had a deal with the local horse trader that whatever he wanted, he'd go, put it on the trailer, bring home, and try for a week. I'm a bit of a hypocrite. I'd love a trial in buying someone's horse, but not so much when I'm selling mine! [Crazy]
  3. Selling A Horse - Multiple Offers?

    It does seem long, I agree. She was set to pick him up last week but the coggins didn't come back in time, which gave me more time to think. I am definitely lessening the time of trial, at least bringing it back down to two weeks. She lives six hours away, but if she's willing to try her and wants her that bad, she'll have to deal with two weeks. Meanwhile I just had a woman call me and she wants to trade me her hunter mare, which is what I'm looking for, so I think I'll pursue that option wholeheartedly before calling this other trial-period-wanting woman back.
  4. Just Bought Myself My First Aqha

    Congress did that to me too. I went and immediately after, I sold my Thoroughbred and bought a QH. :) I'll never go back. I love how he's built!
  5. Is This Selfish Of Me?

    If you loaned her to them for use as a show pony and they haven't been using her for that, I'd bring her home. Personally I'd take option B. Really, they aren't using her for what she was sent there to do so logically she should be back with you. :) Just my opinion!
  6. Can Someone Photoshop A Picture? Please

    I'm just glad you like it! I hope she does.
  7. Can Someone Photoshop A Picture? Please

    Here's my best try. :)
  8. Can Someone Photoshop A Picture? Please

    I can't get rid of the hand without mangling the poor pony behind her horse... Or I can cut him entirely out and find him a pretty background..
  9. Sorry for all the horse selling posts, this is the first time I've sold a horse without the go-between of a trainer and I'm trying to make sure I get it right. So I have her on and dreamhorse. I got a call a while back from a woman who was very interested and wants her on a 30 day trial with intent to buy. Secret's coggins didn't come back in time so the woman could not pick her up when she wanted to. Now she's not sure she can come out and get her for the trial (which I have decided to shorten to two weeks at the advice of many great people on this board [Not Worthy]) until after Christmas. She has put no money on the horse as of yet, and it will be a bit of a pain to arrange this trial since my winter break is fast approaching and I'll be six hours away from the horse. I just got an email from a young woman who is very interested and from the looks of it would be ready to come try her as soon as I give her the word. How do I handle this? Since no down payment or deposit is put on the mare, is she still fair game? Thanks, you guys! I'm trying not to be too much of a pain with all these questions. :)
  10. Selling A Horse - 30 Day Trial?

    She's getting a coggins, shots, and a fall checkup this week before she leaves. The contract would certainly state that if Secret is injured or dies or anything, she will not be refunded for the amount paid (and she is paying in full). The woman says that she should know after a week or two whether or not the horse will work for her. She wants her for trails, but she also wants a horse that both of her kids can ride too.
  11. Selling A Horse - 30 Day Trial?

    So I had a woman call about the mare that I have for sale. She lives six hours away. She wants Secret for a trail horse, and would like to take her home for a month or so to see if she'd work out. Normally I'd say "not a chance" but the woman is happy to sign a contract, has references, and would pay me in full up front before ever putting her on the trailer. She would also handle transport to her farm (and back, if necessary) without any expense whatsoever to me. She sounds like a perfect home for Secret, hence why I'd like to make this work out for her. I talked to my father about it, and he's good with it, so long as I get a contract signed. I don't know what all to cover in said contract. Has anyone written one like this before? I know I need to cover the fact that if Secret should get injured or die in some freak accident on her watch, I am not responsible. How do I phrase that, since it's a trial? I don't know how to handle her paying me for her if by some strange twist of fate something happens to her. Opinions? Thanks!
  12. Selling My Horse?

    And thank you everyone else! :) I really appreciate it.
  13. Selling My Horse?

    Thank you so much for your help!
  14. Selling My Horse?

    My gut says that as good as my horse is in new places, I don't want to trailer her 2.5 hours out of the way to a new place just so this maybe-buyer can try her out. I don't own a trailer and would have to get a friend of mine to help me with that. The ONLY way I can see doing it is if I was paid back for every dollar spent on fuel to get there, but I still don't think I like the idea.
  15. Selling My Horse?

    I would be willing to trailer her halfway if she were picking her up from me, yes, but I thought it was crazy to ask for that just to try her out.