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  1. Word Of The Day! Come! Enlighten Thyself!

    If you were smart you wouldn't have posted this just to stir up more drama. Really now.
  2. Poof!

    Thank you Lord Jesus! Carry on with your own lives now please!
  3. Ok, The What Did I Miss Thread.

    It ain't worth it.
  4. Great Idea For A New H C Board...

    Won't happen Megs. They'll continue to bring it here. Too many people on here love to be wrapped up in other people's lives instead of just getting on with thier own.
  5. Spacy Tracy's Care Pages Are Operational

    Oh yes I do now remember her posting about that. Well I'm sorry for you both having to deal with that disease. I'm glad she is doing ok now.
  6. An Interesting Comparison

    They both have hats! She sure is growing up nicely! P.S. I PM'ed you...
  7. Finally Going To Get Slinky's Papers

    That's great news!
  8. Spacy Tracy's Care Pages Are Operational

    Mmmm...Dilaudid...LOL Oh the memories from my hospital stay. Glad she's alright. Although I think I missed what happened to her. It won't let me visit her page without creating one myself.
  9. My Dad...

    I'm so sorry Chino and I hope he returns soon. [Huggy]
  10. Help! Something Weird Is Going On...

    Why delete it? Cuz I don't need thier drama that's why! It has nothing to do with going back on what *I* say it has to do with not needing the drama. I take what everyone says in perspective, just sometimes they don't know what they're saying and don't know the situation so I delete them. PLain and simple. No one knows my situation with these cats. They're perfectly fine outside and have already gone outside twice. I"m not "kicking them out" like some people like to ASSUME. They can come and go as they please just like every other cat I've had in my life even living where I lived now years ago. They'll survive, but when people would rather be negative about it not knowing what they're talking about...sorry... P.S. isn't this old yet? Honestly? HAHA Poor EH, sorry girl I'm gone from this OLD drama now! I"m sure "someone" will be coming back to continue with it so FYI girl I could care less about your life so do the same with mine! Buh bye!
  11. Help! Something Weird Is Going On...

    Kat I don't care who knows what's going on in my life but when they come somewhere like HC and feel the need to throw it in my face on someone else's thread that has NOTHING to do with it, that's where the problem arises!
  12. Help! Something Weird Is Going On...

    FYI One lives with my dad because he wanted to keep him and the others are from my childhood. PATHETIC! Dang people if I've deleted or blocked you it's so you stay OUT of my life not find other ways in it! LOLOL FYI people who have been BLOCKED don't get updates on me. They have to get thier feed of my life through somoene else!
  13. Help! Something Weird Is Going On...

    Kat it has EVERYTHING to do with stalking! The woman can't stay OUT of my life which is quite frightening if you ask me! Like I said on FB if people don't like what I have to say they can delete me! I"m not there to sugarcoat my feelings. I'm not all cherry pie everyday and the people who ARE truly my friends know that! She's been blocked on FB for months yet someone is still keeping tabs for her which is SAD! I don't need to change who I am for no one! My life is going on and I've kept ALL my drama far away from HC yet here she is bringing it all back out in the open on here which is NOT what I would've done! She could've emailed me but nooooo she'd rather hijack EH's thread completely calling me out! Then I'm supposed to sit here and let her? I think not!
  14. Help! Something Weird Is Going On...

    She probably will. She's got nothing better to do. BTW just so you know SHE started this chit NOT me now will I be blamed for whatever happens. I've kept my mouth sealed up and quiet for months now till she decided to get a hair up her arse and start in on here!
  15. Help! Something Weird Is Going On...

    BTW SC didn't anyone ever tell you it's not right to STALK people! Get a grip on your life woman and stop trying to snoop in mine! AIn't got nothing better to do, huh? Sorry EH for saying this here, but it'd be nice if somone could just move on already! Considering I've already forgotten all about her and apparently she can NOT do the same! Obviously has other HC peeps keeping tabs on me on FB....pathetic...