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  1. I LOOOOVVVVEEEE your tack on your appy. Where did you find that?? :)

  2. Fate And Destiny

    Keaton: I can tell how perceptive Lacey is about my emotions. Maybe she has been through something similar? I ignore the urge to ask questions and instead focus the conversation on horses. " Flashy is a different breed that's for sure. She's a little spooky on trails and she always wants to run, so I usually pony Jackson along to keep her level headed. The only time she is bad is at barrel races in the catch pen. I usually just stay off of her until the last minute, otherwise she will be leaping through the air!".
  3. Fate And Destiny

    Keaton: "Thanks, I try my hardest to keep them healthy. My horses are my everything" I smile ordinarily, hoping to conceal my true emotions. I can't ignore the past memories that reappear, me and my mother spending our time in the barn, horses the focus of our daily routine. My thoughts snap back to the present. " He does have a very unique roan color. He was a gift from my mother. She always had an eye for interesting horses". Jackson nudges my hand in comfort as if he can read my thought. "I can't wait to ride! Hopefully the trails are good, although Flashy isn't exactly the outdoorsy type."
  4. Fate And Destiny

    Keaton: "No I'm not too busy. I was letting them digest their breakfast before I work them anyways". I smile then turn and walk beside Lacey to my horses' stalls. Jackson curiously hangs his head over the stall door as Lacey and I approach. "This blue roan is Jackson. He is so well broke but boy does he have his quirks! And this unsociable pissy mare is flashy. She is quite the handful!". I laugh slightly to myself, watching Flashy look our way, snort, then turn back to her hay.
  5. Getting A Horse Back Into Shape

    Long trot but as said above, gauge how long you do based on breathing, sweating, etc. Remember to reinforce the idea of keeping a balanced frame - do simple backing exercises along with roll backs, counter bending, and disengaging the hind end. Alternate light loping in straight stretches, circles, and attempt cork screws. Once you have the basic ques, start slow work on the pattern. Mix it up and do figure eights around the barrels in random order. I always work my horses on the poles to keep them supple. Cavalleties (sp?) can be a useful tool to build muscle and regain footing. And my favorite exercise of all, trail riding! Although discipline is important, a horse needs to be a horse every now and then. Breeze him once he has gained stamina to build muscles, tendons, ligaments, and lung strength. Best of luck and have fun! P.S. If he does get sore, I recommend the Equine Brace by Morinda Care. It works wonders! Morinda Care
  6. Fate And Destiny

    Keaton: "He's really well mannered, not like my two hot heads down there durango and flashy!" I laugh slightly, smiling in admiration at Lacey and Boots' clear bond. As the woamn walks buy and smiles, I nod my head and give a little wave. "Yea that is the B.O. Kirstyn. She is such a hand with the horses".
  7. To Shoe Or Not To Shoe?

    Why no aluminum shoes? I run my mare with aluminums all the way around, and with pads on the front feet. They hold the ground good down here, considering the sandy pens. I haven't had a problem yet with them at big shows either like world or state.... I agree with the others... If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  8. Fate And Destiny

    Keaton: "Nice to meet you" I reply politely with a warm smile. I notice Lacey day dreaming into her horse's mane and I recognize the feeling. Only being confident behind a 1000 pound horse. " I like your horse, he has a great build. Whats his name?" I ask, trying to strike up some feel of comfort in the new boarder.
  9. Fate And Destiny

    (sorry I haven't posted yet.. my internet has been down for a week!) Keaton: I pull into the barn later than usual, no thanks to my old F150. The warn black truck coughs to a stop as I shut the engine off and climb out of the driver side, slamming the door with frustration. As I enter the barn, I notice it seems more empty than usual. "Well, everyone must already be riding. Flashy! Jackson! I'm sorry guys, I know you must be hungry!". Flashy shook her head with excitement, while Jackson waited patiently for his breakfast. As I pass his stall, I quickly kiss him on the nose, then head for the feed room. "Oh this is just great! A new $20 bag of Ultium ripped open by rats!". I sigh with acceptance, knowing today is just one of those days. Salvaging what I could of the spilled feed, I dish out Flashy and Jackon's 1 scoop each, topping each bucket off with joint supplement and electrolytes. Flashy whinnied hungrily from her stall, hearing the grain bin open. "Im coming mare, jeeze!". I dump Flashy her feed first, knowing the mare would throw a hissy fit is she is not fed before Jackson. The blue roan gelding nudges my arm with thanks as I dump him is grain. After giving each horse a flake of coastal and a flake of peanut hay, I hear a few small noises down the barn isle. As I walk down to investigate, I notice a seemingly shy woman brushing a sorrel horse. "Hi there, you must be one of the newly arrived boarders. My name is Keaton. Nice to meet you." I smile openly, not wanting to offend the new boarder.
  10. Fate And Destiny

    Can I join? Name: Keaton Hullinger Age:24 Level (beginner intermediate or experienced): Experienced Position (boarder, trainer, or student): Boarder. Wants a job as a barrel racing trainer. A description of yourself: Keaton is extremely focused and dedicated. She is one to arrive at the barn early, and leave late at night. Her horses are her first priority, which has put a strain on many of her personal relationships. She is willing to learn and grow as a horsewoman, and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. Her undivided focus may giver her a standoffish and slightly cocky vibe, but she is a caring person at heart. Although she is confident with her horses, she has her own demons and weaknesses. Keaton is 5'9" with strawberry blond hair that reaches the middle of her back. She has blue eyes and slightly tanned skin with a few freckles here and there. Keaton is not a little wisp of a girl; she is stocky in the right places. what style or discipline you ride: Keaton is a barrel racer at heart, but she enjoys trying new events and disciplines. Registered name:Ima Gonna Speed Barn name:Flashy Age:10 Breed:AQHA Appendix Color:Chestnut with 4 white socks and an irregular blaze. Stands 15.3 hands Discipline trained for:Barrel racing Personality: Flashy is a sweet natured horse, when she wants to be. She is all mare, and she is not afraid to show it! This mare knows her job and does it well. She is prissy and sensitive. Not very many people can click with this mare, but Keaton took the time to build a strong relationship. While she is a top notch barrel horse, she tends to be high strung and she is not very broke outside the barrel arena. Registered name:FameistheName Barn name:Jackson Age:6 Breed:AQHA Color:Blue Roan Discipline trained for:Barrel Racing, was previously used as a cow horse Personality:Jackson is your typical level headed gelding. He loves to work, and is as broke and automatic as they come. He can run with the best of them on a saturday, then give lessons to little kids on a sunday. Jackson was raised by Keaton's mother, and was given to her as a graduation present. He is 15.3 hands and all muscle, with an exotic looking very blue roan coat.
  11. headin to the barrel race tomorrow.. ready to chase some cans!

  12. Does anyone currently attend ABAC? I'd love to know your thoughts on the campus, classes, student life, dorms etc. Also, I'm interested in boarding my horse there and joining the rodeo team so any thoughts on that would be great! Thanks :)
  13. Nbha Super Show

    Is anyone running the Shamrock Showdown in Jacksonville Florida this weekend? If so let me know and we can meet up! I'll be there all weekend running my two...
  14. Just Some Photography

    Those are fantastic! You have a very creative eye.
  15. Possable Lease Horse?

    Welcome to horsecity! First off, I'd consider your opportunity cost. As StopDropRollChic said, nothing is ever really free. Do you have the time, knowledge, resources, etc. to train this horse right? Talk it over with your dad first, and if you do decide to lease this horse invest in some training tools (I suggest Parelli natural horsemanship) or a trainer. Best of luck!