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  1. My Wife Mozelle.

    PD I am so sorry to hear this, my condolences and prayers to you and your family.
  2. New Pony Zip

    She's adorable! Just what our Granddaughter could use in a few years.
  3. I'm Following In Draftiemama's Footsteps

    Me too please! Just say when!
  4. Something Cute For Monday

    Awww! She sure is a petite cutie pie! So why was she not being a typical parson and snag that peppermint behind her?
  5. I'm Following In Draftiemama's Footsteps

    Hi ya WR! How are you and your critters? Not sure anyone would remember me not being one of the longtime members....thank you. Are you riding Rosie and how did Jedi work out for you?
  6. I'm Following In Draftiemama's Footsteps

    Yes but I did not have to manage him Hast, just admire and ride.
  7. I'm Following In Draftiemama's Footsteps

    I know I do Les. He was a lovely boy and a lovely ride.
  8. Hc Revisited

    So sorry Sisely.
  9. Hc Revisited

    Now whatcha you mean by that MOH! We stinkin the place up? And lookie you hitting 9000 posts up there....
  10. I'm Following In Draftiemama's Footsteps

    Oh good Cooper needs that!
  11. I'm Following In Draftiemama's Footsteps

    Hast it's amazing how well she has healed with all she went through. She'll be primed to meet the Cooper, I think Piper will be intimidated with her when she makes it back this way.
  12. Hc Revisited

    That post brought me back here too. What a wonderful time that was, so many amazing friends found here so unexpectedly. DM you were my first bud to meet.
  13. Please send all the love and prayers you can for her and her little girls and husband. She is in ICU in a coma at this time following a seizure she had last night. Prayers and love to you Meg! You can do this!
  14. I Have To Admit, I Am A Little Scared...

    Fantastic news City! Prayers and good thoughts the next and the next and all your check ups to come will be as this one was.
  15. One Of The Worst Days Of My Life

    Mudder I am so sorry.