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  1. Attention Hc Quilters!

    BUMP to make sure everyone sees it
  2. Attention Hc Quilters!

    Well ladies..... I think we can say the quilt was a HUGE success at the picnic! [Yay] [Yay] Kay Hooper is a NY Times Best Selling author of mystery drama type books. She lives in the area and is very active with the CPC and trying to get the new shelter built. :) She saw the quilt before the fair even started and placed this bid! And here is the quilt!! They had it taped up so we couldn't get a full shot of it... but I LOVE the way it turned out!! The quilt pattern is a outline of a cat and then MEOW in cursive.. I think I have a pic on my cell phone of it I'll try to get uploaded if I can figure out how I had really hoped to get a few more up close pictures but we had to drive 2 hours today to pick up a horse trailer and by the time we got to the fair it was nearly over and people were running around like crazy trying to beat the rain. Thank you all once again for a super successful project!! I seriously couldn't have done this without your help on the blocks! Everyone was impressed with the blocks coming from around the country. I sewed a label on the back with everyone's names and locations on it and the purpose of the quilt.. so it will always be remembered as a group effort to help the animals! Thank you again!!
  3. Attention Hc Quilters!

    Thanks everyone! I got the PMs Today has been hectic and I didn't get pictures but will take them first thing in the am and post them before I leave to get our horse trailer! You guys have been awesome to help out with this!!! Thanks again SO MUCH!!!!!!
  4. Attention Hc Quilters!

    BUMPITY BUMP BUMP BUMP!! :D I'll have a few pictures up this evening! :)
  5. Attention Hc Quilters!

    Thanks Amy! Got your PM I am thrilled with how it looks so far! The ladies I met that run the shop are SOOOOO sweet! I'm going to take some sewing lessons from them too They LOVE the quilt and the idea behind it There will be a pic on their facebook page too! Seams To Be
  6. Attention Hc Quilters!

    GLORY BE!!! Can you believe it!?!?!? The quilt is FINALLY finished! We are quilting the top today and it will be at the Pet Center's Festival this Saturday! I want to sincerely apologize for the extreme length of time this has taken me to complete. When I started this project I figured about a month after receiving the blocks to completion... wellll... LIFE crept up and destroyed my finely laid plans! We had a MAJOR bathroom rebuild.. can't even call it a remodel.... then a severe winter (for the south) kept me on my toes keeping the horses and chickens fed and unfrozen... as well as a busy winter at the rehab barn... plus out of town company, helping a friend make a major move to the area.... need I go on? :S Well ... it's DONE now! :) Will everyone please send me your names and city & state once more. [Duh] In all the rearranging and moving of my project room I've lost the list... again.. I swear.. it's gonna be a while before I tackle another project like this! (as she looks at her list of ideas......) Thank you ALL for your hard work on the blocks and your PATIENCE with me!! I will take pictures this evening once the binding is done and post them here asap!
  7. [surrender] okay.... I have been off of HC for a while now ... but I want to let you all know that the quilt is still in construction and planned for a silent fund raising auction... I have been totally remiss in not keeping up with this thread at least.... [Duh] We unexpectedly were given a great loan from the person we bought this house from and all of a sudden I find that there are people here tearing out my old nasty small dark and tiny bathroom and basically rebuilding the entire corner of the house to make a NEW bathroom! So we have been swamped in the past months planning and organizing and buying and building..... what started as a small project turned into an almost complete rebuild... walls, floor and a good portion of the roof over that area... all were rotted and water damaged soooooo the quilt has been kinda set aside... I have the top half pieced at least... lol AND the quilt shop I think is going to either give me a GREAT deal on the quilting or maybe even donate the whole quilt job! Can ya'll please send me your first names and locations again? I am going to put them on the quilt label on the back... and in all the mess that is my house I have lost the list of people Thanks everyone for helping out and being patient with me!!!! [Huggy]
  8. Hmmm, Is It Time For

    I don't even have all mine cut out and pieced yet. Life has been insane and any time I have had to sew I've been working on the Fundraiser Quilt. .... which I will be posting updated pictures hopefully this coming weekend. I would love to see how ya'll are working out with this quilt though! I love the pattern and hope to make it one day.
  9. lol I know! I was afraid people would forget or think I was not working on it! But I am!! Once stuff gets more organized and I can get some pics I will post them here.
  10. Just want to give a long over due update.... the quilt is being worked on! I've just been swamped with Real Life the past few weeks so haven't been on here like normal. The top is coming together and hopefully I'll have it done soon! Working on it when I can between work and farm duties. We are aiming toward a fall festival here in town... the August 15 thing fell through as evidently you have to reserve a booth a year in advance!! [shocked] But anyway, it gives me more time and less stress to get this finished! I'll keep ya'll updated and will post some pics soon as well. I'm really excited about this and can't wait to have it done! Again Many Many Thanks to everyone who sent a block!!!
  11. Okay everybody! I only have to make one more block and we'll be in gear to get the top put together and ready for quilting! [Yay] I can't thank you guys enough for your effort and willingness to help out! [Huggy] Once I get the top together I will post a picture here and then one of it all finished up. Our deadline now is August 15th!
  12. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Welcome Home 4horses. [Huggy]
  13. Been slammin busy and my first chance to get back in and catch up.. I will update more later. [smiley Wavey]
  14. Do You Like Dragons?

  15. Do You Like Dragons?

    DITTO It will go away on it's own in two weeks. Won't count towards your limit though... i think... :)