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  1. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    hey guys !! [smiley Wavey] wow it feels like forever I haven't been on - I have been so busy with the boys, trying to get Storm fixed up and had our first big show of the season. It went really well, and Junior is doing great ! Kelly Auggie looks amazing!! Wow he sure is growing like a weed! He is going to stay gorgeous, no matter what color he turns out. Im sure Christie is going to love (already does ) being Peaches new mommy! Make sure to keep sharing lots of pics and Peaches progress Christie!! Love the new saddle, and the new purse!! Gorgeous, both of them. Pash your vacay sounds like tons of fun! Im jealous I don't know if I'll have time for a good vacation this year. Wow you have tons planned that's so exciting! Mmm Megan I loove ice cream breaks they are they best, aren't they? The last hours are ALWAYS the longest! Love your video of Lucy! Was that at a recent show? Obviously, cuz of your new breeches, but when was it? Sounds and looks like the Peaches party was a blast!! Oh Hey Pash - I've been in and out of the hospital for the past 3 years - they took my gallbladder out. If you want more info on that, email me - I have been through all the gallbladder stuff and have some very strong opinions - I wish to God they never took mine out. I hope you feel better. Jan thats great Taylor is coming home, I bet your stoked!! And for the end of school year - I hope the parade goes well for you this weekend. How exciting Catherine!! Will you have pics to share? Ok, Im off to bed - I hope to check in more often!!
  2. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Wow, hoping for Lazlo to come out of this, strong and tough little one! Poor Jan, she must be a wreck right now...prayers are with you guys! Hows everyone else's weekend going? I spent all weekend doing horse stuff, went to my girlfriends dressage show yesterday and rode all day today. Im pooped. Vet is coming this week to do shots, then coming back to do teeth and check Storm, as he's been quite sore in the canter lately, and I'm quite worried something big is going on. So we'll get him checked out, which means a day off work!! That sucks you were stranded at the feed store, Missy. **** mechanics. Never fails the car breaks down within 2 weeks of leaving shop. Cant wait to find out the news tomorrow Kelly....keeping fingers crossed for Miss Lizzie! Lisa has your storm passed?
  3. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    no guys - I looove candy - dont like chocolate. Janette - I don't eat them because I don't like them, not because Im trying not to!! LOL Thats awesome about your successful vet trip! now you can get to work! I loove beef, steak, pork, fish....just not chicken. Had a bad experience when I was younger with undercooked chicken and think I have been turned off for life. Dont like chocolate and don't like the taste and smell of cheese! haha Good luck at the show this weekend Lisa!! Kelsey sounds like such a little cutie Will! What is everyone's Easter plans? We are having a family dinner on Friday, then I'm spending all weekend riding!!
  4. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    hahha pash - I didn't know but know I now - I've seen them, but not tried them - Im not much of a "candy" person. I dont eat any of the 3 C's - Chocolate, Chicken or Cheese. None. LOL. Shannon is doing great this year Lisa! At least show is close, thinking good thoughts for the poeple coming to look at Digger!!
  5. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Bash do you have a new guy in your life? That sounds like a fun trip Will! Turbulence scares me too...I hate it! Just the bad stuff. I did forget it ... looked it up in my email...I knew I had it in there! Good luck with your hay Jan! PAsh = what are "peeps" ?? LOL...
  6. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    I have such a sensitive stomach too, Ash, It can be such a life-wrecker. I spent half a mexican vacay in the Cancun hospital!!! Can you take some meds to get thru a cruise? Maybe you guys are better off just being on land!!!
  7. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Me too - Im sappy about movies to begin with, let alone one with animals that is supposed to make people cry! I'll make sure to have a box of tissues handY!
  8. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    ok something weird is going on - the last few times Ive tried to post it goes straight to advertisments - looks like HC needs some new spamming material. ugh i just typed a huge response and lost it. Megan I know what you mean - sometimes no matter how much you wanna show or how excited you are you are just not up for it - whether its for lack of sleep, not feeling well, or personal issues - I think we've all been there once or twice. Steph thats awesome about the hunting - and thats great that your hubby wants to share his hobby with you! Catherine havent seen those flicks but want to - both of them. Kelly that reminds me of the Disney discussion on the "Black princess with a white prince" - just watch the movie for peets sake - ITS A MOVIE!! Lisa where do you show this weekend? Congrats for Shannon, she's having a great year and will do awesome at Youth Worlds! Christie Im the same way - all my holidays are horse stuff. Last year it was all shows, and I took a week off to go to Texas for the APHA World show, as I was invited to the AMmy banquet for awards purposes. We had such an awesome time though, am doing it again this year! But just going to the fall show. Congrats on the engagement Missy! When is the big day? Colors/schemes? I love wedding details! Have you found a solution to the hay problem yet Jan? I hope you can get a lesson in this weekend! Ok I better not lose my post this time! Going for lunch, Im starving and have been dealing with people with IQ's smaller than my pug's all morning.....
  9. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    yes, please dont complain Janette!! :tongue9: Just kidding - we're suppposed to have a GORGEOUS week too - spring is finally here! Thanks guys, it was a great start to the season....I cant wait to see the HMS video Lisa! I love Jockeys too! I know Lisa watches it alot too.
  10. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    hey guys! had a great weekend, show on Sunday went....ok .... . Junior was pretty fresh and "looky" so I couldn't get his 100% attention - but this was the whole point of getting him out to a smaller show (it was a Novice show) before the bigger APHA shows start next month. We pulled a 1st in SMS, and a 2nd in WP. It was a good day. Kelly, what a cute story about Auggie and the vet - I can picture the look on his face. Poor Shamu, how long are L & A gone for ? At least you know you'll get next to gold again for breeding back to AGM! Christie, sounds painful about the paintball and your eye meeting! Glad you got a ride in. Blueskies - Im jealous of the Vegas Vacay, I need to go somewhere! is this your first time going to vegas? Janette glad to hear your pup is doing well after his surgery! We're thinking of him for a healthy recovery! Its so funny - I have a b/w paint, and I swear he prefers to keep himself clean! Love him! LOVED the video of Tuffy Lisa - he rocks! ! Hollywood looks great too! Congrats on your awesome show steph! you and junior are sure kicking butt so far! hahha Jan....corn cobs....good times!! [ROTFL] A lady on our circuit has a Thanks horse - she wins ALL the Hunter classes - she is gorgeous. Im sure Thanks and Taylor will create quite a looker Blue is going to be such a star Willie! He looks great in that photo at the clinic...and he's so laid back your going to have a blast training him! I have seen parts of Celebrity Apprentice, but Im usually never around when its on ... I dont watch the amazing race either OOOh Lisa - I watch ANTM - my girlfriend and I watch it every Wednesday! I hope you get better weather Christie!! What state do you live in? Gorgeous before and after pics of your barn - thats awesome!
  11. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Lisa, gorgeous pics, like always When is your next show? Christie congrats on the weight loss! You must feel great, and thats awesome that you and your SO are in it together. Ash are you taking your new horse with you to Hawaii if you go? (I forget his name - drawing a blank). How cool would that be to live in Hawaii!! Jan have a great lesson on Saturday!! I bet you are excited for Taylor and Lazlo to come home next week! Steph Im with ya - I am so ready for spring to be here, in all its glory, every day! I am sick of this cloudy weather - its so depressing! Loved the donkey pics. Glad you stopped in Catherine! Happy to hear your doing well, and keeping busy like always! You well get back in the horse game when your ready, thats great your staying "up" with the shows and such!!
  12. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Was talking to you lady! hehe Sounds like you have good plans for your horses, PP. Lucky, Vegas. Would love to go, have never been!
  13. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    hey all! [smiley Wavey] wow ive been soo busy lately - working tons, and getting ready to get out to a show this coming up sunday....finally am getting around to catching up! Krista today is the big day right? Chris comes home tonight? YAY! You must be sooo excited! How is the new guy doing? Glad you made a decision on your breeding Kell! You'll get a great baby out of the IO lines with Lizzie - heck Lizzie would give a good baby from anything! Peaches looks great, Im sure you cant wait to see her this weekend! Ash I saw your facebook - who is the new guy in your life?? Jan are you going to get more pics of Lazlo this weekend? Love the name you picked out! Painted Perch and Christie - Im Stef, dont think we've met ever (not that lots of us have ever "met") haha. Will have fun shopping at equine affaire today! Spend some $$ for me!
  14. Rodeo Horses Vs. Show Horses

    Seriously?? [ROTFL] [ROTFL] [ROTFL] We're the ones looking like goofs?? Oh my, I've not laughed so hard all week!!! So a rodeo horse can take any yahoo? what is your point? That gives you the right to bash the horses and riders that are better than you?? You can say all you want about us who work hard, train our own horses, show them on a 10 cent budget and succeed but you cant handle the fact that we don't see it from your incredibly messed up point of view??? You seriously expect us to respect you after you bashed us like that? (Us being "all show people") You are a piece of work.
  15. Rodeo Horses Vs. Show Horses

    I agree. Most "top" hands wouldn't let some yahoo get on their "top stock". Doesnt mean the horse couldn't take the rider.