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  1. Fagan

    Awwweee, so sad, Fagan was an HC mascot.
  2. Free Goat In The Ocala Fl. Area

    Oh good, DM is still around. I wish I could get on her more often, but I feel better knowing some of the "old gals" are still kicking. :) Draftie, I wonder everything Thanksgiving if you are having Turkey for dinner. :)
  3. Free Goat In The Ocala Fl. Area

    Funny to see this again. I'm actually looking for a couple of goats for the new property to eat weeds.... anyone seen Draftie in a while?
  4. Any One In The Tampa Fl Area?

    I was going to suggest Brandon area. Appy, I feel like I should know you if we are neighbors. Do I?
  5. Forum Member Starts New Blog On Horsecity

    Hey all you fellow HCer's! Hope all is well with everyone. I'm excited about this new venture. Most of you know I like recounting my rides anyway, I just haven't had the time and outlet for it in recent years thanks to this whole motherhood thing. Now I'm fortunate enough to work from home, so it's back to the computer screen for me!
  6. How A Breed Should Look

    Learn something new every day.
  7. I Am Seething Right Now.

    I sold my place 6 weeks ago after being on the market for over a year. My husband's place is under contract now, closing end of month, after being on market less than 2 months. We have an offer in on 1 property and I'm looking for a rental house. I'm completely OVER it all right now. And OVER trying to figure out what is right and what is wrong. lol All I want is 1 home on 1 property with the horses and the dogs and a reasonable drive to work. Is that so much to ask for?
  8. How A Breed Should Look

    Off topic, but does 4H show dogs?
  9. I Am Seething Right Now.

    I'm in the thick of both buying and selling. People are going to make an offer lower than the asking price. And they are going to pay what THEY feel the property is worth. It's not meant as an insult to the seller. They (buyers) would have no way of knowing your financial situation. When I'm looking at property, I don't know if the owner has a clear deed or if it's bank owned. All I know is what I'm looking at and what I'm willing to spend. I think you are letting your emotions rule here. Take a breath and let hubby deal with it. That's what I do when I can't handle it anymore. Tell hubby to call the da*^ realtor himself and stop asking me questions. ;)
  10. Repurposing A Broodmare

    I would certainly think you can do ground work with her. Not hard round pen work, but leading sessions, grooming, bathing, tacking etc. She can learn to wear a bit and saddle while tied. She can learn to be a good member of society while being handled daily. Edit for tiny text. What's up with that?
  11. Where Oh Where Has Spotty Been?

    bump 'cause Pretty on the Pink Tractor was asking.
  12. Who Likes Flowers?

    The raised beds just make so much sense don't they? Beautiful pics PD. :)
  13. To Hades With The Daily Grind

    I don't have a dream job. I don't want a job. I want the funds to keep my horses and my hobby in the lifestyle I want and I want to have my 24/7 to live my life. Husband, kid, horses, me. Not giving up 50 hours a week to a place I don't want to be.
  14. To Hades With The Daily Grind

    Hahahahaha Serah. You kill me. There, Their, They're. It's all going to be ok.