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  1. I Got A Free ...

    Lol Nice!!!
  2. This Or That

    Tobiano (Love overos too) coffee or cappuccino?
  3. This Or That

    Lemonade (Which is funny cuz I was just @ the gas station asking myself this very question and I picked a Brisk pink lemonade. I've never had it before and I love it. Potato chips or Corn chips?
  4. This Or That

    I got to go June 2nd with my brother and his freind for his Birthday! It was such an amazing experiance!!! I absolutly loved it. I definitly recomend you go. It is soooooo much fun. Roller skating. Haven't done much ice skating. Tubing behind a boat or tubing down the river?
  5. This Or That

    100 drgrees!!! lol -20 is flipping cold. Plus it's easier to cool off outside by jumping in the lake or whatever than it is to warm up outside...unless you are standing by a bonfire. ha ha Bungee jumping or Skydiving?
  6. This Or That

    cardio Thunder storm or Blizzard?
  7. This Or That

    Long hair stright hair or naturaly curly?
  8. This Or That

    neoprene (when possible) cereal (regular) grain or pelleted?