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  1. Name Your Pets

    Ours are Spot (14 yr. old female black/white/tan long hair cat), Magic (8 yr. old female black short hair cat), Nino (6 yr. old male blk/gray tabby main coon), Salem (2 yr. old male black short hair cat, Wall-E (4 month old male short hair blk/gray tabby), David (blk/white tabby male short hair cat, 5 months old), two orange tabby short hair male 8 week old kittens, Duchess (1 1/2 yr. old female Rottweiler), Aphrodite (3 yr old female green burmese python), Xavior (8 yr old male Ball Python), Tali Demon (2 yr old female burmese python), Ruby (1 yr old hamster, Slipper (6 month old rabbit), Zorro (4 month old rabbit), Blackie (black rabbit) , Opie ( 2 yr old chestnut quarter horse colt), and Rebel (15 yr old bay QH/TB gelding).
  2. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Well, he's HERE!!! Michael Dean was born June 28th at 8:35pm! 6lbs 10 oz. and 19 1/4 inches long. About 3 weks early but quite healthy. He is a very good baby, sleeps 4 hours at a time at night. I'm exhausted. No pain drugs for labor/delivery and that SUCKED. Glad it's over. I'll post more later. For now, here's some pics.
  3. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Hubby is on his way home from work early. My contractions are definately stronger and are between 2 and 8 minutes apart. I'm actually uncomfortable. So, we might just be going to the hospital pretty soon.
  4. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Having more contractions tonight. Every since nearly 7pm. They aren't regular yet but they are a bit stronger than yesterdays. Baby is sticking way out front today. Plus he's not moving much today either. I've been in a better mood for the most part and full of energy. Nothing normal about that. Lol! So, hopefully soon....
  5. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Well, not much going on right now. I've been having contractions tonight, not regular or anything yet but still there. My back is killing me. I'm ready to get my kids into bed and just rest. I keep thinking that I can't do this! I'm miserable and grouchy. I know I will feel better once baby is here. Hope everyone else is doing good.
  6. Pyometra In Cats

    My cat Magic had that problem, she had been pregnant though and lost her babies....we thought she was just going into labor (since she hadn't shown any signs of having the infection) until the yucky stuff started coming out. So we rushed her to the vet and he examined her and rushed her right in to surgery. He said it was the worst case he'd seen in a cat and teh cat live. But she's 8 yrs old now and still with us. And yep we got charged extra for the spay since she had the infection. So it is odd that the vet didn't mention it to you.
  7. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Well, I'm back from teh dr. Blood work all came back just fine and the GBS test was neg. I lost 2 pounds in the last week. The nurse asked me if I was h aving contractions and I said yes, and for the last 3 days they've been a bit stronger. So the dr. checked me and I'm dilated to a 2! Unless I go into labor before my next appt. I have to go back on th e 30th. But he says this one being my 4th, I can go anytime and I'm measuring 40 weeks still so he says baby should be just fine. I can hardly contain myself but now I have to get all my last minute stuff done. YIKES!
  8. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Well, now I"m all pre registered at the hospital so I don't have to worry about that and they have a copy of my birthplan. My dr. appt. is tomorrow morning. I don't know if he will check me again then or not. I've been having stronger braxton hicks contractions the last 2 or 3 days. And boy am I tired. It'd be nice if my kids would quit fighting for 10 minutes. Lol! Well, if there's any change tomorrow, I'll let yall know. HOpe everyone is doing good!
  9. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    I just love that shirt and those onesies! Too cute! Lol! I get to go pre register at the hospital today. Luckily I did half of it over the phone so the rest of it won't take but 30 minutes. I also had some of the paper work already filled out since my dr. gave it to me early. So I get to save some time. My next dr. appt. is tomorrow morning. I'm hoping I get good news on my bloodwork. My hips hurt and I'm grouchy. I can definately tell the baby is down lower. Well, I better get ready to go. Hope every one else is doing good!
  10. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Goldiebabe, it is standard for most doctors to do a group b strep between 35 and 38 weeks. As far as the hemoglobin, I'm not sure...this is the first time I've had it done. Never had that wtih my other pregnancies. And as for the pap smear, no it's not standard. I had my pap come back irregular twice so far this year so he wanted to check it again and he tested me a few months ago for the hpv (which was negative) but he just wants to keep an eye on things. Afer i have the baby (if my pap is abnormal again) he will do a biopsy to see if he can find out what is going on. This is my last baby so I'm getting my tubes tied as well.
  11. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Well, had a dr. appt today. I'll be 36 weeks on Saturday. Today the dr. did a group b strep test, a pap, and a hemoglobin test. I'm almost all pre registered at the hospital. The baby is head down still and heart rate was 140. So all is well. I really don't want to go another 30 days...I hope he decides to be born a bit earlier than that. I had my last baby (who was due the same day just 4 yrs earlier) 2 weeks early...he would be so upset if he had to share his birthday with a baby brother. So a couple days before or after the 8th of July would be ok. Lol!
  12. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who had problems going from laying to sitting or standing...yikes sometimes it hurts so bad that I don't think I'll make it. I had this problem with my last pregnancy too but not this extreme. The exercises and heat/cold don't help a bit and I have 3 other kids, I don't have time to put my feet up and rest all the time. Sometiems I wish I did. Lol!
  13. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    I am so ready for a vacation. It won't happen any time soon but it would be nice. My feet and ankles are staying very swollen no matter what I do or don't do. Dr. says it's normal...well, I've never had this problem this bad wtih my other pregnancies. Had a LOT of braxton hicks contractions tonight. For the last 4 days I haven't been able to hardly walk around. My sciatic nerve is BAD and my hips HURT. I can feel baby down in my pelvic bones now. He has definately gotten low. No one thinks I'll make my due date of the 17th of July. I can hardly get my house work done and my other kids taken care of right now I hurt so bad. Got lots to do all the time though. Hope everyone is doing good! I go to my next dr. appt. on Tuesday. Guess we will see what he says at that time.
  14. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Santas Girl, I'm due July 17th with my 4th. I measured at 38 weeks so the dr. doesn't think I'll make it to my due date.
  15. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Well, we have been working non stop on the nursery and trying to get it ready. We have everything that we need now at least. Once it's done, I'll get pics. Went to the dr. the other day and he said everything is looking good. Baby is head down and I've dropped some. He said to go back on the 16th and he will check me then and then we will start going in every week until I deliver. I am huge. I have gained 36 pounds with this pregnancy so far...thank goodness I'm almost done. My feet and ankles are swelling horribly so I'm trying to put them up when I can and drinjking lots of water. Anyways, I guess that's my little update for now. Hope all is well with everyone.