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    riding my horses
  1. HELP!!!! I found 2 baby possums!!

    They are too young to live without there mother. While this young they stay lached on to a nipple in the pouch. You can try but in the end they will probley not live. Baby possums that are out of the pouch would be able to be hand raised. Sorry for them and there mom.
  2. Pics of new buckskin filly.

    very nice baby I love a buckskin, mom looks good too. Name her Okie Sunshine and she will be mine
  3. Need a name for my new guy

    Very nice I love a buckskin. I always think of Gunsmoke's Marshall Matt Dillon when I see a buck. And Ben Carright. If you like people names then..... Matt Ben Dillon if not people names then..... Smoke Gunner Thats all I got best of luck with your very nice boy
  4. Her first trail ride!

    Thats great and congrats to you both. We need pictures next time
  5. Whats your honest opinion of this horse

    I agree with the others, and more time to grow on good pasture will help. He has a kind look. The price is a big one in Oklahoma he would be lucky to bring $200. at sale or maybe $400. out of the paper. If you can just give him some time. Would like to see him after he sheds
  6. Getting to know you Survey

    Where are you from: Oklahoma {south east} Age:36 Male/Female: female Do you have your own horse(breeds,names):yes 10 total Rose TB, Poncho Paint, Cricket BS Paint, Stoney Paint, Khaki BS Paint, Cash Qh/Tb, and the miniatures are Smokie,Buttercup,Bandit,& Shasta What discipline do you ride: Western Do you compete:no Do you board, or keep horses at home: at home Do you have kids:no What other pets do you have:Boston Terriers,4 mixed breed dogs, wild barn cats, 30 gallon fresh water fish tank & a 10 gallon What do you do for a living: raise BT's but its not a living What is your best riding moment: every good day riding is the best Worst: Getting thrown.
  7. new filly in need of a name!!! PICS

    Very nice filly. Gin
  8. Miniatures

    I have 4 minis and my mare is in foal. I love haveing them lots of fun. I'm hoping to get a buggy sometime soon as I want to train mine as a team.
  9. Aww how sweet, very nice filly. Congrats to you
  10. JR Rodeo Mom your pup fix

    Thank you all for looking and posting. The pups are getting to be alot of fun they want me all the time now.
  11. JR Rodeo Mom your pup fix

    This is Sassy and Deede's pups all are 4weeks old Deede's are 1 male 1 female and she is helping Sassy with 2 males. Sassy's pups are 1 female and 6 males.
  12. help needed { creek fencing}

    Thank you both, wish you had a picture but thats ok. We are thinking on the same line as what you both have, but with a wire cattle panel.
  13. Are you urban, suburban or rural?

    Rural we're about 3 miles from a small town. And 35 min to a large town small city. I love it here