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  1. bit warmer?

    At my barn we keep one of those plastic tea kettles that you plug in, (for like a dorm room or something). We put in a little water, plug it in, put in the bit while we are grooming, and by the time you are done grooming the bit is toasty.
  2. Motivational Pep Talk and Warm Up

    Just a thought: Every clinic that I have ever ridden in I have warmed up my horse with the clinician. Reason being, they can give you really good tips to help you when you warm up alone, and it lets them get a good feel for what your horse is like when you first get on. Like marie02 said, if they make you do things that seem below your level, don't worry about it, they are giving you good building blocks that will help you with thigs that ARE on your level. And remember: HAVE FUN!!!
  3. Help with canter and transitions

    How are your transitions within the gaits? I agree with Nick, four to five strides canter, six or seven strides trot, back to canter. Also, transitions within the gaits are important, with a horse heavy on the forehand, proper transitions help to bring their weight back. Do a lot of medium trot, collected trot, or medium trot, extended trot transitions. Also work within the canter on asking him to open up, and then come back to you. Also like Nick said, if you are bracing, he will brace right back. Focus on bringing your upper body back, closing your hips and thighs, while maintaining a good connection with your hands. This way you are not asking him to support you in the downward transition. Good luck, keep us updated!
  4. Pirate Pictures

    Sorry that this has taken me so long to reply on. The inspection went... ok. I was very dissapointed in our score, but Pirate did phenomenal. He was so well behaved, especially for his first outing, his first show, and for having his two year old birthday a week ago. The judge said that we were the best turned out pair who showed, he looked incredible. I had a whole group of people as an entourage and the phrase we heard most was "Is that a stallion?". Nobody in my group brought a camera, even after I specifically left notes for my boyfriend and my dad to bring the camera's charged. The judge after saying how nice we looked whaled on us about how dissapointing we were to her. She said that by the look of us as a pair she thought we were going to steal the inspection but we were a dissapointment. She ended up giving him the score to be registered, but we were .3 away from being branded. After the show me and my trainer went up to her and asked her what she recommended we do, seeing that he was so close to being branded. She recommended that we wait until next year when he is started under saddle and more comfortable in his own body and come back to be reinspected. So that is what we are going to do. I was so proud of him though, he tried his little heart out for me and he loved the crowd, he is going to be such an awesome horse when he is under saddle.
  5. Pirate Pictures

    Not many, ok there are only two, but I thought that I might share them with you all. We go Saturday for our American Warmblood inspections. Wish us luck Ok here are the pictures Me holding my niece Lilliah while she fed Pirate And cute little Pirate mouthing things on his stall That's all. I will get more on Saturday during the inspection. Wish us luck!
  6. I bought a Horse!!! PICTURES WORK!

    quote: Originally posted by Beckham03: Very cute! I went to an AWS inspection to watch and decided not to register my guy with them at all...That is a lot of money for a gelding that I don't plan to sell, ever...so I just did PHR...I wasn't terribly impressed and I didn't want him branded:-) Enjoy your boy! What exactly didn't you like about the inspections? It sounds like something happened that turned you off of it. I have heard nothing but good things about them from the people that I know.
  7. I bought a Horse!!! PICTURES WORK!

    Thanks everyone! I sure do adore him, but man is he a goof. As for the question about who I am going to ride in the meantime, I don't know. This week I have a job training a horse for a friend while she is on vacation, I'm giving her horse a little tune up while she is away, and then school will be starting up again. There are a couple of horses at the barn that my trainer likes me to exercise, but I have a heavy class schedule this semester, and work almost full time, so until we break Pirate in the spring I will be kept busy
  8. I bought a Horse!!! PICTURES WORK!

    Thanks! I adore him, he is turning out to be such a quick learner.
  9. showing in-hand or WB inspections?

    Thank you so much, that's what I had read but it just didn't click for me. I'm not worried about the running, I think this is going to be a blast. I didn't know if the question was meant for me but my inspection is August 25th, my BIRTHDAY!
  10. I bought a Horse!!! PICTURES WORK!

    quote: Originally posted by WILD'N'OUT: quote:Originally posted by dressagewannabe: Anyone have any ideas on how to fix the pictures? You know how you moved them and made a file for just his pics? Well when you move it it changes the link so you need to re post the new link. Gotcha! Thanks I'll fix them.
  11. I bought a Horse!!! PICTURES WORK!

    I agree and I ended up deciding to simply register him AWS. It ended up not just being about the year end awards though, we thought that if I registered him with more than one registry he would be worth more if I ever decided to sell him. It doesn't matter though. From how we are together now he is with me for life. Your friend is right though, AWS does have the better awards.
  12. 1st Dressage Show

    Beautiful mare.. I am a sucker for arabians and man does she steal my heart. Congratulations on your first show with her and I'm sure with lots of practice the two of you will continue to do well in the ring! Good job!
  13. showing in-hand or WB inspections?

    Could you explain a little more about the triangle? I appreciate the idea about stop and repositioning the horse before trotting off again but any more advice on it? I haven't been able to find much info about the actual inspection online. Know anywhere I can look?
  14. I bought a Horse!!! PICTURES WORK!

    Anyone have any ideas on how to fix the pictures?
  15. My lesson on a Lippizaner!

    You look so tiny on her with her big belly hanging down. Glad your lesson went well and you learned a lot!