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  1. Robertbell Needs Some Hugs.

    My heart hurts today thinking of poor Rob and Max....I have shed tears over a big goofy dog that I have never met but stole my heart via stories and pics on FB. Love you Maxie, go gentle sweet boy... :angel3: (((Hugs))) Rob
  2. Yaaay!

    That is a sweet pup! Good luck with her!
  3. Go Keurig!

    I never heard anything about it not using well water! Oooooops, I have had mine for over 3 years and no issues....KNOCK ON WOOD! LOL Tomorrow it will be not working!
  4. Houston! Updated-(New Pics Post #63)

    Thats a gorgeous boy you have there! Woooo weeeeeee!
  5. Emergency Prayers, Please.

    Holy cow, how scary!! Sending prayers her way!
  6. Phurgie....good to see your name popping up on the boards! Hope all is well!

  7. Music/ Favorite Songs

    As a freak I mean I LOVE music, I listen to everything I can, country, pop, classic rock, the hair bands...I am not digging the rap music much...anything that "speaks to me" is what I like. It can be old or new... Good luck with your assignment!
  8. Music/ Favorite Songs

    Hmmmm, is so hard for me to pick favorites, I am a music FREAK! But I guess a few that have the most meaning to me would be: 1. My Little Girl by Tim McGraw since it is so hard for me to watch my little girl become a woman so quickly 2. I'll Stand by You by The Pretenders because my brother was going thru a really tough time with an addiction and I told him no matter what I would stand by him and help him thru as best I could. I still tear up when I hear that song! 3. Someone Like you by Adele--it reminds me of a lost love 4. Here Without You by 3 Doors Down--it reminds me of all the people I am missing in my life, We may not be together in person but we will always be together in my dreams 5.Turning Tables by Adele--I was in an abusive relationship and there is a line in there that reminds me to be strong and not let anyone bully me ever again... I can't keep up with your turning tables, Under your thumb I can't breathe,So, I won't let you close enough to hurt me,No, I won't rescue you to just desert me Here and Now by Luther Vandross was my wedding song, You've gotta a friend by James Taylor and With a little help from my Friends by the Beatles, reminds me of how I got thru a lot of stuff in my life with my friends by my side... I can go on and on....I tell ya, I am a music FREAK!
  9. What A Pretty Day!

    Awesome pics! I love the smiles of the girls riding in the jeep! What a wonderful day
  10. Hocus Pocus

    I put a spell on yooooou and now your mine!! Love that movie, we dvr'd it last night and are going to watch it tonight. It was on way too late for the kids to stay up on a school night! 9-11?? Come on now! Can't wait for tonight. Halloween is my favorite "holiday" No stress, just fun. I am all about the creepy stuff that comes with it.
  11. September Photo Contest

    This is my daughter Jess and the love of her life Lenny-a 22 year old thorougbbred.
  12. Wedding Pics

    Our Little Girl is a married woman now! Sniff....A big congrats to you and your handsome groom!
  13. Need Your Love

    Sending good thoughts and prayers for Kenzie and your whole family. Keep the faith!
  14. Words With Friends

    Eski and CM keep whoopin my butt!! Usually I am good, not so much with those two!
  15. Words With Friends

    Add me!! LisaDL, I can't start anymore games with anyone but you can add me!