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  1. Tack Stores Near Hilton Head, Sc, Or Savannah, Ga

    I actually grew up in that area before I went off to college! Savannah, itself, is a pretty small horse community and doesn't have anything tack store wise. However, I always used to go to The Tack Shop which is in Blufton, SC. It's pretty much right outside of Hilton Head. It's not a huge store by any means, but it has some neat stuff. I'm pretty sure it's still open. Sadly, most horse stores in Georgia are in the Atlanta area. I always had to order online or hope to stop by Dover or Horsetown when I was in that area. Good luck! Savannah and Hilton Head are awesome towns, and it's perfect weather right about now!
  2. Got Our Dogs Allergy Results Back

    My dog has very bad outdoor allergies. We thought it was food, but after eliminating most food allergies, she was still having problems. The last time she went into the vet, it was for hives on her back. The vet decided that she was probably allergic to pollen. Before I paid for an allergy test, we tried one last set of treatments and it has been working amazingly! She gets a medicated bath once a week. This has really cut back on her dry/flaky skin and itching. She also gets 1/2 an Allegra once a day (she's 70 lbs so it would differ by weight). There were other dosages of Zyrtec and Claritin that she could use too but they did not work. I also have an app on my phone that says when pollen counts are really high, and on those days she doesn't go outside except for the bathroom. On days when she wakes up sneezing really badly and scratching she gets 3 benadryl 2/3 times a day. It may seem a bit extreme but we were going to the vet more than once a month for cortisone shots, presdnisone, steriods, this is much better! Good luck!
  3. Help With School Project! Please :)

    Thank y'all so much! This is really helpful. Like I said, I am not trying to say one or the other is right or wrong. Simply doing a study on what people think! Keep em coming!
  4. Help With School Project! Please :)

    Hey guys, I don't post a LOT on here....but I have a huge favor to ask! I am in a Religion class this semester at college and I'm doing an ethnography on religion at rodeos/shows/events. Can y'all possibly fill out this simple questionnaire for me? Feel free to add any comments also about religion and horses, but know that everything will be anonymous! Thanks again everyone!!!
  5. My New(Ish) Dog

    If she was more colorful, I would think Catahoula. I was looking at them online and she has a very similar body type to some of them. But her coloring doesn't seem to fit? My mom came across a lady with a Catahoula the other day and said it looked just like Myra, just a different maybe thats in the mix? haha
  6. My New(Ish) Dog

    Thanks guys! She really is an amazing dog :) And super smart....sometimes TOO smart for her own good. She knows how to open sliding doors and open the tupperware where I keep her food. But I really do wanna get her DNA tested! Its on my list of things to do within the next year! Not that it really matters because I love her either way, but I just think it'd be interesting t_air_e: I'm in the south...are those breeds from around there? I'm actually never heard of them.
  7. My New(Ish) Dog

    Thanks guys! I've gotten so many different "opinions" on her breed...I've actually had people ask if she had Great Dane in her! A lot of people think she has pit but I really don't think she has the build or face. I don't know. She does have web feet so I'm almost 100% sure she has lab in there somewhere!
  8. My New(Ish) Dog

    Hey! I don't post on here a lot, but I have a quick question for ya'll. I adopted my dog Myra (pronounced Meer-a..I know I spelled it wrong. too late now hahaha) about 3 months ago. I went to the local shelter to look for a dog for my friend...well, needless to say she stole my heart. Apparently no one wanted a 5 year old 70 lb dog. She was supposed to get euthanized that night, so I brought her home :) She's the perfect apartment dog for such a big girl. But now the real question is....any ideas as to what she might be a mix of? The pound had her advertised as Weimaraner/Hound. I don't see ANY Weimeraner except that she has a grey coat hahaha any thoughts? And I had to add one of her favorite way to sleep....she even sleeps with her eyes open. Kinda creepy sometimes! (if this are huge, sorry! I'm kinda new at this still)
  9. Anyone Have Experience With These?

    I used those way back...maybe 6 or 7 years ago at an old barn I boarded at. It was helpful, but definitely not preventative. I think we used that in combination with fly spray and garlic in their feed. If I remember correctly (its been a while) it kept down the pesty flies, but not really your big dear and horse flies!
  10. Helmet Use

    Thanks everyone! The debate went well. Of course the other side one, but they actually took us seriously when we started throwing out figures and whatnot :)
  11. Helmet Use

    Actually, just an interesting stat I found online about motorcycles. Apparently a motorcyclist sustains serious injuries every 3,000 or so miles they ride. Horse riders sustain serious injuries every 350 hours they ride....not sure how this was measured cause I should have had quite a few by now *runs and finds wood to knock on!*
  12. Helmet Use

    Thanks ya'll! I am not looking to win this debate cause in all honesty, I don't want to! But this should at least give me some info to stand on!
  13. Helmet Use

    I rarely post on here, but I figured this would be the best place to get input from riders. :) I am in an equine seminar at college and am debating the use of helmets in youth events, particularly 4-H. I, sadly, have to debate AGAINST the requirement for youth to wear helmets. I am NOT trying to start a debate here, just wondering if anyone had any input on reasons it shouldn't be required. Maybe person experiences where judges penalized you for wearing a helmet? Thanks guys!
  14. Fun Picture Of Your Horse

    that looks awesome!! Thank you so much! Please email to me at
  15. Fun Picture Of Your Horse

    you're welcome to any of these :) but if you can do it with just him, not the rider that would be awesome! 1. If you want the name with the pic like my example or without it. Shades of Grey "Milo" 2. If you want a frame on it. doesnt matter, either way 3. What color you would like the background. If you could make it beachish like the pictures, thatd be awesome. Otherwise, just blues and greens[/i Have fun :)