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  1. I know you haven't been on this post for a while but I thought I might be able to get some help? I have purchased a racing quarter horse that has some amazing lines and was raced but he didn't race long. I'm hoping I might get a racing pic if there are any. His registered name is My First Beduino, his tattoo is 4235U. He is out of Chick's Beduino and Diggyliggylo. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
  2. New To Me Peruvian Paso

    I don't see 19 as old either, we had a gelding that was 35 when we finally put him down and my currently has a 33yo gelding. 19 is a youngin in my book, lol. Her legs are not enlarged at all, not above the pastern or anywhere. She also doesn't have what I call weak fetlocks, like you describe the going all the way down to the ground almost. I found out her registered name is Dor Racha, according to my trainer who has a 24yo Peruvian stallion my mare is bred to the hilt. She said I made a great choice, lol. We just got one heck of a deal for her and a well bred on top racing QH who wasn't a racer at heart. He was raced but didn't have the want to be in the lead. After seeing his bloodlines just on top I am kinda miffed that he landed in the previous owners hands at age 6. He is bred like my old barrel gelding who was so versatile that is was unbelievable. He could have done anything if he had landed in the right hands at a younger age. My husband wants to start him doing some minor dressage and I want to work with him on barrels and poles. He was just a trail horse on flat lands for the last 10 years. He is only 16 so we still have a lot of time to mold him honestly.
  3. New To Me Peruvian Paso

    I haven't been on HC for so long, but about a month ago I got a 19yo Peruvian mare and I am still trying to learn as much as I can. She gaits decently I think, she is super smooth that is for sure. She is registered but I don't have her papers yet, still paying her off. She is built well but being older we have started her on joint suppliments. She does seem stiff on her back end. I use her as a trail horse and a confidence builder horse as well. I have a project mustang so when I just want a fun non stress no training ride I hop on her. Any tips I should know or what do I have to look forward to with falling in love with the breed? ps I have ridden TWH and SSH and this mare's gait is much smoother. Just not as fast as some. She does have the go button though when she gaits, she gaits out faster than our AQHA's extended trot
  4. Peep Peep, Who Has Chickens?

    I'm a little late to the party, but we have now have 8 4 week old pullets. It is both dh's and I's first time with chickens. We have: 2 Buckeyes, Oh and Io 2 Easter Eggers, Rainbow Dash and BooBoo Chicken 2 Cuckoo Marans, Cinderella and Applejack 2 Mottled Javas, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy We are building a coop for them, we are making it an outhouse. Lol Then we are building a fully enclosed run since we have coyotes, bobcats, hawks, racoons, snakes and who knows what else. We are doing hardware cloth forthe bottom part and a foot underground and then the welded wire for the rest. So far my faves are the Buckeyes and we may decide to get more next year and start our own flock of them. All of ours are pets but if any crow besides a Buckeye I'm gonna take them to be butchered for some yummy chicken enchiladas.
  5. Baby Pictures

    He is SO handsome Skjotta! And my Arora is so big and beautiful! I'm sorry you had a hard delivery. I can't imagine what either of you were feeling with that roller coaster. I have heard it said though that the tough deliveries are the easiest kids. I'm hoping it true for you!
  6. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    Bumping this up for everyone. Another few months have gone by. Mason had his 18 month appt and was 26lbs and 34.5in tall. He's a tall boy just like Kindra was. Pretty much everything is the same on our front. Kindra should be starting pre-school come the end of Aug. We officially find out the beginning of Aug. The kids are also doing a soccer summer camp that is run by a friend of ours, that should be a blast. Well that is about it what is up with all you other momma's
  7. Feathers

    My mini has really long feathers that make trimming her feet hard to do. In spring the get caked with mud since she is only 30in tall so I do usually trim them shorter or completely. She is also what I call a max roan, she goes completely roan in summer. She goes from a gorgeous bay in the winter to a pretty much what I call a grey in summer. Everywhere she is brown in the winter is grey in the summer. I love it I have 3 horses in one! Old pics but here is her summer coat and here is her winter coat
  8. Romeos Home

    From what I know bay is a dilute gene on black called agouti. Romeo has some brown in his face and black legs and mane and tail. That to me says bay roan since he has brown in his face. I could be wrong though. My mini is a bay roan and her sire was black and dam was a max expression sorrel and white roan. But I don't know anything about smokey blacks to know honestly. I was just going off of the brown on the face.
  9. Romeos Home

    Mmmmm handsome bay roan. I love me some bay roans!! Glad you get a chance to play with a green one I like doing that. Good Luck and have fun!
  10. We have a mini and have had a pony in with her before. We have the no climb horse fence and T-posts and wooden posts about every 10 feet or so. We have a hot wire strand on the top to keep the resident bear out and it has worked. We also have coyotes and other rabies carrying animals to keep out. Just make sure your fence is hot enough. My fence is 60in high for a 30in mini, lol. But I like knowing she is safe inside the fence. And I have found with the no climb wire she can't get a hoof through it anywhere and since they don't make horseshoes for minis that I know of. I've had my mini at home since she was 4 months old so I dealt with the little teenyness of a baby. She is my first mini after big horses and it was a different experience for sure. She is now 5 and is such a joy and would respect one strand of elec if the need arose. Such a joy I get out of my mini. You won't be sorry at all but beware I hear they are like potato can't have just one. I'm the oddball and only have one.
  11. Clinton Anderson "no Worries Club" Anyone?

    My mom was a member so that she could get free tickets to a clinic. She then proceeded to buy the Fundamentals set and she got a CA saddle and a few other items that made it very worth the cost. But she didn't renew it after the first year. So I would say if you are planning on a big purchase it is worth it but to just be a member not so much.
  12. I had a horrid pregnancy with my second. I was in the hospital hooked to an IV for fluids and food almost 3 times a month til delivery. I had hyperemisis and it sucked. I went into labor at 30 weeks and spent the rest of the time walking around in labor but not progressing so they just told me to bear with the contractions or take prescribed pain pills. My first was easier but I still went into labor early at 24 weeks and they had to stop it and wound up in a c-section that was not easy to heal from. I also have had 5 miscarriages so I know the "slap in the face" comments, I was there but that doesn't mean you are to blame for the slap. After one of my miscarriages I literally had to stay in for months because the thought of a pregnant woman was debilitating. I also had horrible post pardum depression after my second. It was so bad I had to be institutionalized and had to stop nursing due to heavy duty meds. It was and still is a struggle and he will be 18 months next month. I had heartburn with both and they were both darn near bald. I didn't swell with either of them but had round ligament pain that felt like knives stabbing me. I endured a few hours of labor before my epidual and that was tough for me. I am a wuss with pain though. For my 2nd it was a repeat c-section and never had the heavy contractions like I did with my daughter. My first dr induced me at 37w because supposedly my daughter was big and she was only 7lbs 10oz and I had a repeat c-section with my son at exactly 39 weeks. The repeat was a breeze honestly and was nice to have a date you know the baby is coming. My parents flew in 2 days before and they watched my daughter while I had my son and then took her all over the state while they were here to make her feel special. I know we all are so different. Some people love pregnancy some hate it and some never experience it. But after 7 pregnancies that I know about and only having 2 live children I still say I hated pregnancy. It was horrid and horrible and I didn't mean to have a second honestly. He was an oops and had my first dr allowed tubals after 1 child he wouldn't be here. But I am glad to have him even though I had such a tough time with the pregnancy and after delivery. I look at him and he is so happy but it doesn't erase all the trauma I had to have him. He is worth it but I wouldn't do it again if I could do it over like most parents say. So Spotty I'm sorry your pregnancy is tough. Take one day at a time and try not to look more than a week ahead. That is what I had to do to get through my second pregnancy. It will be over soon and you'll have a wonderful little baby to love on. I loved the newborn stage with both my kids and loved the bond of nursing and just having them around all the time.
  13. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    I know it has been forever since I updated everyone. Cute LO! What a nice chunkey monkey and definetly tall for a newborn. Glad you got to have the birth you wanted as well. Kindra is now 3 and a half and she is fully potty trained and is doing great. Mason is starting to talk more, he knows about 12-15 words. I got some scary news last week, I have a pituitary tumor. The Dr said it is small and not to worry but anytime you hear tumor you worry right? Well I am now on a medicine to help shrink the tumor and I have a recheck in 3 months. After seeing the symptoms and what it can effect I suspect I've had it for a while. So that was my big bad news hopefully it responds well and I can get back to normal.
  14. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    I'm doing much better after my surgery thank you Sappy. I had been following Goldie on FB so glad things went well with the pregnancy and birth. DH left today to go test for the Sheriff Dept where we want to move to. Hoping he passes the physical test and gets into the interviews. He has been working on the PT test here at home and was doing well. So fingers crossed.
  15. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    It has been a long time without an update from me. Kindra is 3 1/2 and fully potty trained!!! She has been doing great at Church even without help from us. Mason is 16 months and into everything. He is a chow hound and eats constantly though he us gaining weight like a typical boy. He now has 6 teeth and it appears to be cutting 2 more. On the horse front I had to give away my mare that is my avatar. We hit rock bottom financially and I couldn't have her loosing weight just to hopefully make it out ok money wise. So I gave her away to people that could feed her and love on her only to have them put her up for sale a month later. I hate it but it is what it is. Beyond that I'm doing well, I had my gallbladder out last month and have healed up nicely from that.