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  1. Went and looked at a house to rent yesterday, the inside I love, the outside is interesting...

  2. Ziggys First Horse Show

    I think for his first show he looks great! I did notice his head wags a good bit at the trot, maybe this is part of why you were placed so low? When I was taking dressage lessons my mare's head did the same thing, I was too active with my hands and she was not forward enough and it showed in her head wag. I've since learned to not only to be quieter with my hands but also that once I have proper impulsion she gets more into a self carriage then one that is assisted by me.
  3. The trainer who found my mare for me was very much of the belief that all hunters should have a standing on, he also was of the belief that for a rider to be properly attired they need spurs and a stick. Myself I do not agree with either of those so called "rules" for turn-out. Not every horse needs a martingale and not every rider needs spurs and a stick, so why should everyone have both? It makes no sense to have equipment you don't "need". My trainer and her daughter show a good bit on the big circuits around my area and I know for a fact both of them hardly ever carry a stick or ride with spurs and not all the horses they show wear martingales.
  4. Help Me Give My Horse A Show Name!

    I really like Casino Royale. Along the lines of gambling/card based names... Bet on Red (or maybe 10 on Red) Let it Roll Jack of Hearts All In Wise Guy High Roller
  5. Lesson Pics!

    I don't often reply on pics with critiques because I rarely have anything new to add. However I must say what a huge improvement you have made in your riding and your position. You on Taylor vs you on that lesson horse awhile ago(Kitty?)is like looking at 2 completely different people, grats! This combination of horse and trainer is working amazingly well for you, keep up your hard work.
  6. Trail Ride Photos & Update

    I wish I had trails that weren't just desert. I am so jealous of you and everyone else who has stunning trails to ride on. Too bad you can't come out to Thermal, its been fun so far (I'm just supporting my barn, not showing).
  7. Crosby Saddle

    I have a 14 year old Crosby Prix de Nations that I recently pulled off of consignment because it did not sell. I was asking $400, and have found that $300-$350 is more average for a saddle in very good condition (which mine is in). Your saddle looks to be in more of a fine to good condition based on the patch, wear marks on the leather and the way the panels are not really holding their shape anymore. I also see that there are only 2 billet straps, has it always been this way, or has 1 broken off? Anyway only 2 billet straps will probably be seen as a negative for most buyers as well. In my area I would say $150; old Crosbys are a dime a dozen and depending on your area this might even be a over estimate.
  8. My New Pessoa Saddle Is Falling Apart!

    I do not have much experience with any new saddles, my budget keeps me in used ones or in the same one I've had for 14 years now. I do currently own a 15 year old Kieffer Munchen dressage saddle, and I love it. For as old as it is the leather is amazingly soft and supple but does not show too much wear, and while it fits my mare now knowing I can have the tree adjusted means it will stay in my tack room for a long time. I know old saddles are not always a indicator of how good a new saddle would be but I would buy another Kieffer in a heart beat with how well my current one has served me.
  9. Like so many I'd love to learn sidesaddle. I used to ride for a lady that had a couple of National Show Horses and she wanted me to learn so we could show her gelding in side saddle classes. Sadly the lady moved and I stopped riding for her so we never got around to that goal. Maybe one day, I'd really like to round out my riding experience with that one last thing that I haven't done yet.
  10. The end of another workweek, the beginning of another weekend, woo hoo.

  11. Nearly 20 Months

    Indy looks great, glad to hear Illia is doing better too! I can't believe its been 20 months, I remember when Indy was born and it doesn't seem like it was that long ago. I think it's great being able to watch him grow and progress on here. Keep up the great work!
  12. Riding & Jumping Pics

    I just had to hop on the I love So Cal bandwagon, the high today is 77 and I love it! PS great pics, I wish my hubby would come riding with me.
  13. Aaagghh!

    Seriously, this was my reaction too.
  14. Confo Critique?

    I'd love to take a look; not sure how much help I'll be, but I still want to look .
  15. Hits Thermal

    I know most of you are not in the area to even think about Thermal, but I am wondering if anyone is planning on going? I live minuets from the show grounds and board very close as well. My barn will be there several weeks, and I plan on going for support. I'd love to meet up with anyone if they decide to come out. I'm not sure what weeks my trainer and everyone plans on showing, I do know I will be there regardless to watch week 4 since GM is one of the judges.