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  1. Just a friendly reminder in case you forgot. (And that goes for Eric Holder too, but if you don't like Condoleeza Rice, then you are a patriot!)
  2. Phurgie....good to see your name popping up on the boards! Hope all is well!

  3. Hi all! Just saw the news today about the slaughter ban and had to come see what all the HC loonies had to say about the matter. *insert cheesy grin*
  4. It is SO good to have you back!

  5. YAY!!! (i spent over a half hour trying to log in just to say that) And yeah, I sent PETA an email saying FINALLY we agree on something. ;)
  6. The Nature Of Existance

  7. Is Wearing A Burka

    I like my burka. I wear NOTHING underneath. Be nice or I'll prove it...
  8. You Lie!

    LOL Jazz, I meant the D's booing him while he addressed Congress....
  9. You Lie!

    Go down to the vid on here: Disrespectful? Apology needed?
  10. If You Were To Buy A New Helmet Today...

    My GR8 is the most comfortable helmet I have EVER had. I can't recommend it enough. YES it's pricey, but worth every dime IMHO. I bought it for a good/show helmet, but I wear it on a daily basis and will buy another when I kill it.
  11. I'm too lazy to read the thread. But are we talking about Voldemort or Obama?
  12. The Ultimate Mj Thread And Poll

    Where are these alleged re-runs of "The Love Boat" ? Methinks you are starting a new conspiracy...
  13. You Lie!

    Start here, minute 1:08 just google "joe wilson" and you'll get all the dirt...
  14. You Lie!

    I sent him money...