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  1. English Pleasure Aids

    Thank you for the information! As far as what type of English pleasure. Well, I'm assuming just the basic english schooling shows. She hasn't gone to any shows or been ridden very seriously by current owner. So, even if she's been trained, I'm not sure how much 'stuck' seeing as she's used for lessons now.... But, in the mean time I'm having fun riding her around! She's a little stubborn so when it's a good ride, it's a great ride =D My biggest question right now, is getting her to collect and stretch head down at the same time! I'm not used to that kind of collection and I'm not sure how to ask for it! I'm used to having more of dressage type collection. It's hard to explain easier to show I guess lol. But, maybe you know what I mean?
  2. English Pleasure Aids

    Hi all! I have started riding a horse that was trained for english pleasure. I am unsure of the aids/cues to use on her. She isn't shown she is just used as a pleasure horse for the most part. She has buttons and I want to know how to use them properly. Owner of the horse doesn't ride her so she's not sure of the buttons either. I am getting the mare out and actually putting her to work now and I just want to know what aids you guys use when riding an english pleasure horse. She's been ridden and used for lessons and inexperienced people for awhile now, so she needs a refresher course. Again, I just want to know if the aids I'm giving her are way off LOL! Thanks so much!
  3. HEHE!!! SSSHHH there is an elephant in the room- that's silly, but totally true!! I love this- great reminder!
  4. Stuck!

    YAY for you two:) I was interested in your original post so I just read on. Very interesting posts by everyone else. I learned a ton from everyone too:) Keep us updated please!Let us know how your lesson goes! Oh, and very gorgeous horse!!! I drewled hehe:)
  5. Crazy Tongue

    I don't have any advice for you here....except maybe she/he would work better in a hack? But, I had to comment on your tack :-D I LOVE it all hehe...I'm one for bright pink and purple and girly colors hehe:) Good luck!! I have ridden a horse that stuck his tongue out....didn't get it over the bit but it made any collection dang near impossible!
  6. What Would You Do With This Horse?

    It's too bad but being euthanized is the best idea. No one else will be injured or in jeopardy. Let us know what this person decides. I'm curious.
  7. Horse Lunges Great, Responds Well, And Joins Up.

    This is how I have been working with him. I have been working with a dressage trainer and that has helped a ton! And also with getting him to listen the first time or he gets a good knock in the head so to speak- I have been doing that also. He has been coming along really nicely with me. A long way than when I first started with him. My sister has decided she wants to ride now she has him. I'm sad though because I have really grown to like him and he has great dressage talent. He moves forward wondderfully and comes round and soft so nicely. But, until my sister goes back to school and is bored of him again i'll have to wait..... But thanks so much:) It is what I had been doing with him. Over just a few months he has come around nicely. So, I will keep doing what i'm doing then since that seems to be the tips I'm getting. Thanks!
  8. Horse Lunges Great, Responds Well, And Joins Up.

    Hello guys, Well thanks for your opinions:) I always enjoy hearing what other people have to say.... I will reconsider my expectations and hopes for this guy. Thanks again!! Monica
  9. Horse Lunges Great, Responds Well, And Joins Up.

    Yes, he was broke to ride when we purchased him. He was in his stall for a couple years though just sitting. The woman didn't have time to ride him so he didn't have a job. I have had him about 2 years. He ended up going back to the first owner and then we got him back..long story. I have been working him the past few months. My sister orginally had him as hers and she didn't really match with him. I can get a video tomorrow..we're going to the ranch.
  10. Horses And Snow Pics! Yay!

    VERY awesome pictures:) I love how the ponies look in the snow and how they feel so good:) Nice pic with doggie too hehe. Silly animals [Jump]
  11. Interesting. Whether you believe in God, Satan, Buddha, or whatever. People do good when they want to. Sure, I believe in God and try to do good but let's face it, we're all human. I mess up sometimes because I'm human. But I don't try to be good just because I'm going to heaven. Not at all what I believe. Very interesting debate. It's almost like saying I own a Buckskin and that person owns a Bay, therefore they can not do good because they don't have a Buckskin. No matter what you believe we all try to do good for the most part.... Just my idea.
  12. I have an 8 or 9 year old Mustang gelding. Bought him from a woman that adopted him off the land at 7 months old. She trained him. He is a great horse to lunge, he responds well. When I first started lunging him he would kind of ignore me but we have gotten past that. Still not able to lunge without a whip though sometimes he still needs a reminder. But, he is really lazy and kind of a doofus when I ask him to move around. Either moving his butt over or get the idea. What I don't understand is how he lunges so well and moves forward nicely but ignores me other times. He is very smart and learns quickly which is why I enjoy him. But, then again he is so smart sometimes it is annoying hehe. I know that when I get him loose and freely moving on the ground it will transfer to the saddle. I don't know why he is so stiff. I have been working on dressage type training with him. We worked on moving forward at a nice working trot and he would naturally come on the bit. He sure looks handsome when he does it too hehe:) So, he can move forward. I just don't want to get into a stupid argument with him when I want him to back up, or move over. I mean, he does but he has no energy when he does it. So, any ideas guys on how to get him to free up and not be such a dud? I'm only so strong and I am sick of him tuning me out. But don't know how to get his attention other than with lunging him.... I'm stumped [Crazy]
  13. Been Gone...thought I'd Share guys look so good :-D He is very attentive:) He looks like a blast to work with too.... Keep us updated on your progress!
  14. Cutter123!

    Woo!!I got lucky mare's Peppy D Kittie. From the lines you guys were mentioning:) You would never know they shared the same lines!! Thanks for sharing guys:-)
  15. No Motivation To Ride. Is Something Wrong With Me?

    Hello there, Yes, this is normal. I am now getting back into riding after taking the summer off from riding. I rode occasionaly but just didn't enjoy it as much. I would move forward in lessons but even that didn't help me. My trainer was always encouraging me too:) This summer has brought a lot of sadness and disappointments so I have also been depressed. I have really tried to stay away from prescription anti-depressants. I am on the lowest dose though. I was put on it for PMDD...depression pre-menstrual. Anyways, I have tried to avoid the fact that I need more help. I just can't deny the fact anymore that I am clinically depressed. Crying myself to sleep every night isn't normal. And neither is taking my anger and sadness out on my family and boyfriend. I'm sorry, I'm just letting you know this is happening to more people than just yourself. My trainer has needed to take a break as well as a friend of mine. Sometimes life is just too overwhelming and riding has to be put on the back burner. If it is not depression and just a time for a break, then take it. Don't quit spending time with your horses though. You don't have to ride them to have a fun time with them. I have learned that. If you need to, longe them! It gets them worked out and gives you the feeling that you worked them. And you're also spending a nice time with them. Keep us updated on how your feeling:) -Monica