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  1. Mare Dripping Cloudy Clear Fluid From Teats

    I'd say that if you leave the mare alone and to her own devices she'll foal rather quickly. Mares usually like to be undisturbed and will foal a lot quicker that way if they feel they aren't being bothered.
  2. Breeding

    IMO, you should check out UC Davis and their breeding program rather than choosing cal poly. Davis has some very great quality studs, great prices and they run their barn incredibly well; the vets are also extremely helpful and talented.
  3. Reputable Barns In Kentucky?

    I've taken a look at the site, but i was wondering about your personal opinion and what you really liked about them; waht they're training is like etc
  4. Reputable Barns In Kentucky?

    I'm a hunter/jumper/eq rider; and thanks so much for your help Hequestrian, could you tell me more about hte farm?! that'd be great!
  5. Reputable Barns In Kentucky?

    Hey Guys! In a few months i will be moving to Kentucky and i was wondering if you guys knew of any real good trainers around the Lexington area? Thanks!!
  6. Critique Anyone?

    Wouldn't let me upload the video and i'm not sure how to delete my post =[
  7. i was lucky enough to be there watching the derby finals and i had a great time. Lillie is a great rider and her horse is also fantastic. As much as i enjoyed myself i must say that i was kind of dissapointed with many of the rounds i saw...
  8. Making A Clumsy Horse Not So Clumsy?

    let him make a mistake. If he hits it he'll realize that he doesn't want to do that again. We had a mare that was like that, she'd knock over pretty much anything. Now, she doesnt' touch a fence and umps 3'6 like its' a tiny xrail.
  9. It's Been A While...

    Hey! I go to Davis, what kind of trainers are you looking for? Dressage or H/J? also your relationship with your old horse sounds lovely!
  10. Riding Scholarshhips?

    Honestly, i hope that none of what i'm about to say comes off as rude because it's definitely not what i intended. I think everyone's been very kind to you in the way they give you advice and i hope that you start listening to it. In my opinion, especially after looking at your videos, you have a long way to go as a rider. As someone else said, you make some very rookie mistakes and imo, you definitely need to go back to the basics, lower the fences and review some things under a good trainer before you try to show in a 3'6 class. Everyone has an off day but getting deep to every single fence in a course hints at basic rider error. Along with this, improving your whole presentation would also help people take you a bit more seriously. I've ridden at some good barns and whether you're hacking or in a lesson, all the horses are clean and are wearing simple tack. There are no crazy colored saddlepads. Along with this, most people wear clean jeans or properly fitted breeches; they're never funky colors that will make one stand out a lot. Also, most people will wear a simple tshirt, polo or a nice sweater and they'll always have a well fitted helmet (usually a GPA or a Charles Owen) with the hair up in the helmet; a hairnet is almost always worn. Now, obviously not everyone has an $90k horse, an amazing trainer or the best tack/equipment money can buy, most people don't... and this is ok; there's nothing wrong with that but you have to be realistic at where you are. This being said, again, i hope this doesn't come off as rude, but your horse will not take you to the level you strive to be at. As someone else said, she's average and again, there's nothing wrong with that but this horse is not fancy enough to bring you to the highest level. She is an appropriate horse for your current level, she can teach you a lot and she seems extremely tolerant but she doesn't have the movement, size or flashyness to win the big classes at the rated shows. Overall, if i'm being honest (and realistic), i will tell you that i don't think getting on an NCAA team is a current possibility. Like others have said, make some more realistic (and smaller) goals and work on that. It's always good to have a long term dream/goal but you need to break it down a little bit and work on the little things. If you're really serious about doing bigger shows, you should find a reputable trainer and work your butt off. Dressing more professional and doing everything you can to improve your riding will help a ton. Goodluck!
  11. Anyone In Kentucky?

    Thanks i'll look into those for sure! =]
  12. What A Great Summer!

    I was at that show watching!!! crazy! haha
  13. Anyone In Kentucky?

    thanks! that'd be much much MUCH appreciated =]
  14. Anyone In Kentucky?

    Hey guys! I'm here in Lexington, relatively close to down town, for an internship and reallyyyy need a good place to be able to train at. I'm missing the hunter jumper world here while working in the racing industry and if anyone knew of a good place or two that'd be much appreciated! Thanks!
  15. Update With Riley Show Pics!

    he looks fantastic!! congrats! also, i'm goign to be in KY (in Lexington)for 6 months for an internship, do you happen to know of any good HJ places?