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  1. Half Chaps.

    I like the Ariat half chaps.
  2. Ive Got A Problem!

    You need to be the "alpha mare" with this horse. Any horse that lunges towards me, soon finds out it's not a good idea. Use the whip and give him a good shot if he goes after you. As far as stopping an threatening to rear while being lunged, keep him moving forward. sing the whip as needed. You have to get tough, or this horse will literally be walking all over you.
  3. How Many Times A Day Can You Work A Horse?

    I ride my horse once a day, but it's always a working session. He's young and is still learning new things everyday, I don't want to overload him mentally or physically.
  4. Horses Don't Need "soothing" They Need A Leader~!

    30 or 40 years? Wow she must be good. [Jump]
  5. Horses Don't Need "soothing" They Need A Leader~!

    I guess you've never ridden a nervous, high strung horse? There are times when allowing the horse to relax, is the right thing to do. If a horse is tense, or frightened you're not going to get the results you want. There's nothing wrong with allowing a horse to settle down, before asking him to work.
  6. It Worth It?

    There's usually a reason why the lease is free, as you're finding out. A horse that is fit and being ridden, comes with a lease fee attached to it. Most of the time the "free lease" horse has problems and/or hasn't been ridden in a while. If you want something better, you might have to pay for it.
  7. Horse Is Sore And Doesn't Want To Move, Can't Get A Vet Out.

    Has she been shod recently?
  8. Saddle Brands?

    Stubben saddles are very hard and not comfortable at all. Try looking for a used Beval. [bat Eyelashes]
  9. Do Polo Wraps Give Any Real Support?

    Nope, polo wraps do not give any support.
  10. Ok To Buy Green Horse?

    A three year old can be a handful! Even after 90 days of training, you're going to be riding a baby and dealing with baby antics. You haven't ridden in twenty years, find yourself an older more experienced horse.
  11. Horse Ducking His Shoulder In To Get Me Off

    Is it a spook that causes him to drop his shoulder?
  12. People should not be judged on appearance alone. Unfortunately, today's society places too much emphasis on looks. Just look at the advertising industry, always trying to sell something to make you look better.
  13. Got A Question

    I like Lavender and it looks great on a bay.
  14. Anyone Out There From New York

    I'm from NY, Long Island to be exact. [Jump]
  15. Warmblood With 30 Days

    It all depends on the horse. Well bred WBs, who have potential can go for five figures.