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  1. Anyone Need A Good Laugh!.....

    I just about peed my pants laughing so hard! Those are great!
  2. Rider Size Vs. Horse Size

    green on green will never happen here. period. I want it to be complete match. Mind and body. Or nothing at all. I am completely expecting this to be a long term search. I want my honey to have the best we can find, so he'll be more likely to enjoy the activity and not have a bad experience.
  3. Rider Size Vs. Horse Size

    Losing weight, as we all know, is easier said than done. This is a way for both of us to participate in the activity I love most. The fact that he is willing means more to me than anything in the world. Riding is exercise, in my opinion, one of the best out there. My riding habits, when I have a horse I can ride are very different to what his will be starting out. I want him to have his own horse for all sorts of reasons: He has his own partner He has a vested interest He will be getting exercise (if that leads to weight loss, fine.) His enjoyment of relearning a skill he had as a kid Our time together Our being able to learn new things together That being said, I have a resource that is an expert in horses and will be able to guide us to the appropriate candidates. I already had a good idea, but wanted the "so-called" rule of thumb to confirm my own thoughts. Which everyone has done, thank you. I know it's going to be a process to find the right horse, am more than happy to go through it. Can't wait to find him/her and bring them home. We will not be settling for the first maybe that comes along. I think it will be worth it.
  4. Rider Size Vs. Horse Size

    Thank you all so much for the input and education! Off to search for just the right candidate... I figure it will only take me a year or so to find him/her.
  5. Rider Size Vs. Horse Size

    Definetly nothing over basic trail riding. He's not ridden in years and is rather intimidated about the process but wants to join in with me and my passion, so.... It'll probably have to be a conformationally correct draft cross. Thanks all!
  6. What Would You Do?

    The house is now in horrible condition. They have LOTS (7 plus a litter of puppies) of dogs that are allowed to relieve themselves in the house. It's beyond disgusting. Plus, I would need his signature to sell it. He claims to need $8000 to move back to CA to be closer to his parents. Theres no way that could happen in the condition it's in. A/c doesnt work, roof is ruined, oven doesn't work, floor rotted out, all because of no maintenance. I guess I'm just stuck with it. My only hope was if I could get him awarded the house in the divorce...
  7. What Would You Do?

    A lawyer is simply not an option, unfortunately. I wish. Since I am doing the divorce myself, I'm gonna attempt to stick him with the house. That's really all I can do.
  8. Rider Size Vs. Horse Size

    My honey is 6'1", so tall and stocky. I'm still thinking a draft cross, at least age 10,super broke, up to 16h or so. Oh and it has to be black.... He's a color fanatic. [Crazy] Thanks everyone!
  9. What Would You Do?

    Split with my ex of 20+ years March of 2008. I stayed in the house, by default. I sold everything I could to keep on top of or not more than 30 days behind. No help from the ex, although I made 3/5 what he made, was still making my truck payment, occaisionally having to pay a loan payment on his sports car because he wouldn't take his name off my account, paying his car insurance (2 vehicles) and trying to keep my animals. Animals all went except my two dogs. All of the panels and other supplies sold. After he had told me he would give me $500 a month to help out. With that, I could have sold the house in 3-6 months. I had 2 buyers to chose from that both wanted it. A few repairs and clearing of some debri. Never saw a dime. Told the ex in June 2008, I needed to get out of the house as I couldn't keep up the payments. He, his girlfriend and her daughter could move in: no deposits or anything, obviously. All he had to do was pay mortgage, fix a few things and sell. I found out, he hasn't made a payment since June. It's being foreclosed. He took out his retirement from his state job and spent all of it, without my signature, don't know how that happened...don't really care at this point. Just want it over and done with. I had already filed divorce paperwork before I had to move out and let it lapse because to make any changes would have cost the same to start over. He can have the house. I always told him that. I want nothing from it, period. Can't afford a lawyer. Just took out a loan from my 401k ( I know horroble idea) to pay off my mom and dad who loaned me the money to get into my rental, to pay for the divorce (again) and to pay off the piddly stuff on my credit that I didn't know was there. Any ideas on how to not get socked so hard by the foreclosure? I can't and won't bring it current as then they would just stay there longer...
  10. Well So Far......

    [Huggy] [smiley Wavey]
  11. Rider Size Vs. Horse Size

    Tall would definetly have to be able to stand a mounting block, not belly here but knees. Andi, Thanks bunches! Now, to get botfriend to tell me what he weighs...
  12. **women Only!** I hope this helps...
  13. Rider Size Vs. Horse Size

    I'm looking for a horse for my boyfriend, who is over 300 lbs. What size horse would you recommend. I'm thinking a draft cross. Any ideas? Any rule of thumb to go by?
  14. Kindles

    I have the combo 3g/wifi Nook. 1 year anniverary book from the best boyfriend, ever! I LOVE it. My friend has the Sookie Stackhouse series that she loaded onto my Nook for me. All free there. The books I have purchased are reasonably priced, can download just about anywhere and he was super smart and bought the extended warranty which I've already had to use. They replaced it with no questions asked, period. I dropped it and broke the screen. I got a brand new one, right off the shelf from the Barnes & Noble store where it was purchased. It has a removeable battery, expanable memory via sd card, will play music files, can use headphones or built in speakers... Lots of free books available, weekly Friday free download. It's the best!
  15. Equipment Basics

    I've heard and read a lot of different people over the years...extoling the benefits of one piece of equipment over another for specific purposes. I've often wondered if we make excuses for ourselves and our horses based on the equipment we have access to? ie I can't get my horse to.....without getting a new bit because... It often seems to me that as we fail in training we turn to more and more severe devices to force our hand. What are the basics for training? Period. No specific disciplines. Just training. In my opinion: correctly fitted saddle saddle blanket basic bit basic headstall long lines lunge whip shorter whip halter rope