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  1. Central Illinois 2007 chat

    Palo-- Have you ever been to the Macon non catalog horse sale? do horses sell at decent prices there? I dont think the next catalog one is until Sept but I am running to low on hay to wait that long. But I hate to drive about six hours there, pay for fuel and get like nothing out of him.
  2. Central Illinois 2007 chat

    Barrel race was a no go. My good mare threw a shoe the night before and I didn't feel it was worth going through the hassle of getting a new shoe tacked on, so I just watched, boy was it cold and windy. Almost glad I didn't run, it was to cold to be riding, I was curled up with my dog under blankets inside haha. Joe only rode his bull for bout 7 seconds, but he was happy despite that, since it was his first bull since New Years. I think he might be going back again next weekend. I'm glad I didnt end up taking Doc to that sale, he's just a plain sorrel gelding,so he probably wouldn't bring much. Sorry the paint didn't work out. But man do I wish I could get him sold, I found a real nice black mare I want over in Indiana. Patience pays off right?!?! I hope.
  3. Central Illinois 2007 chat

    Palo- As of now we arent going to be going to the sale. I talked to the boyfriend today and he is going to a bull riding in Ohio now, so I'm thinking I'm going to go to the barrel race now to. But I will let you know if change (its always likely). The pic didnt do much for me either, but it didnt completely turn me away either. The color is right though!
  4. Central Illinois 2007 chat

    I haven't gotten my gelding sold yet. I have a few peopple who seem interested in comin to look at him so I figure I wont take him to the sale. We had thought about going anyways just for the heck of it but we arent sure yet. We probably wont know until last minute. I looked at the paint in the catalog, looks like a nice horse, I'm sure with the color it will go for a pretty penny. I will let you know if we decide to go.
  5. Central Illinois 2007 chat

    Pal-No luck selling the gelding. Have a lady who is sort of intersted but she's also doing a 30 trial on another gelding that she likes. I am so frustrated. He's the greatest gelding, calm, easy going, anyone can ride him and no one is even looking at him. It's very frustrating. If I knew I was going to have more time to ride him this summer I would just keep him, but I know otherwise. That's what I thought last year, and rode him um, twice I believe. I barrel race, and am gone all the time with that. I guess I'll just have to be more patient!
  6. Central Illinois 2007 chat

    Yes, he is listed on there, as well as a ton of other sites. I had a lady come ride him yesterday, and she likes him but she is trying out a few others, and she is suppose to let me know after next week. We will see.
  7. Central Illinois 2007 chat

    Pal-I will for sure have to look into Lollis. I am hoping to have him a good home before May comes but who knows. If I do consign him to be there, I will for sure go. I'm too poor to pay that kind of money! Haha Eeyore-Thanks for the directions. I don't know how my weekend is going to go now, I might go look at a mare on Sat now so I may not get to go trail riding. I'm sad that Wolf Creek isnt open yet, I am very impatient about getting out to ride. Maybe I can make it over to Sand Creek sometime.
  8. Central Illinois 2007 chat

    Eeyore, I would be coming from Atwood. I'm pretty close to 36 near Atwood. Let me know if Wolf Creeks sign is down.Its so close. I have a barrel race I'm thinki of goin to on Sun, so I will prolly ride Sat
  9. Central Illinois 2007 chat

    Palo- I will for sure let you know about going to the May sale. Been having some issues with the guy I usually go with so, may not end up going, but May is a ways away still. And, everything we do is always last minute, I could tell you on here that day that we were coming and it could change by the time I log off. That's just the way things go I guess. I been having a hard time trying to sell my gelding and I don't understand why at all. Years ago when I was looking for a horse like him you had to pay like $8000 and up for a kid broke done everything been everywhere horse, and then it was usually in it's 20's! This horse has no vices at all and I cant seem to even get a nibble. It's very frustrating. If I used him more I would keep him, but I get bored riding a horse that's so broke like he is. I want something that's a bit more challenging and this horse certainly isn't that. Maybe if I still have him in May I will see about taking him to Lollis. Selling horses is so not fun! Hoping that we don't get all the rain they are saying we are suppose to get, I am wanting to go riding! I have the worst case of cabin fever, and I'm getting so tired of just riding around here! Eeyore-Let me know if you end up going to Sand Creek, I may see about running over there as well, if I can get directions from you or someone. I get lost in a shoe box so good luck with me finding it on my own! haha
  10. Central Illinois 2007 chat

    Palomino-Yep, we made it to the sale, both on Friday and Saturday (although I'm surprised we made it Sat after visiting the local bars all night haha). I thought the sale went pretty good, as in the prices were pretty high on a lot of the horses. Seems to me like grade horses almost went better then reg. If I had known that I would have put my grade gelding in there! My friend that went with did end up buying a coming 3 year old that was reg, and dun for $1350 I think? Somewhere near there. It seemed like the colored ones (grulla, dun, buckskin, roans, etc) went for more regardless of training. I think they might have the prices on their website, I know there have been in the past, not sure if they have these up yet or not. I think we are planning on going to the May sale, and spending a little less money at the bar so we can spend a bit more at the sale! haha
  11. Central Illinois 2007 chat

    I am a last minute planner as well. But usually if there arent a bunch of people involved. I dont mind if its just a few people trying to get together, or what have you, but this is a big group of people who are all going to MO, plus, figuring out hotel rooms, and driving and all that good stuff. Oh well I guess. I would like to try out Sand Creek sometime for sure. Especially with the gallop spots, my barrel horses think they need to run constantly so maybe that would work out good with them. My one mare is not very fond of water, so we might be making some big jumps haha.
  12. Central Illinois 2007 chat

    eeyore-I have been a bit of a stranger, I will work on that The boyfriend just informed me this morning that we are going to go to Missouri to the Lolli Bro sale. I love last minute decisions! I was suppose to show my horse to a lady this weekend, and I also agreed to play volleyball. Isnt that the way things go? Last weekend I literally did NOTHING but stay at home because there is nothing to do, this weekend I have too many things to do and not enough time and days! Boys! (I say that because I dont think he is a man most of the time lol) I might have to try out Sand Creek. I have seen you guys talking about it and all that but I have never been. I might call that lady and see about going there sometime.
  13. Central Illinois 2007 chat

    Is Wolf Creek open? A lady is looking at a gelding I have for sale, and she is wanting him for a trail horse, was thinking if there was a nice day I might just trailer him over there for her to try out, since it's close. Where is Sand Creek at again? Maybe I could run over there if it doesnt work out to go to Wolf Creek.
  14. Pictures from trail rides in Central IL

    They guy that drowned there, Cliff, was a good friend of mine and they were talking about how much more they are going to be watching the area, cove 5 in particular which is known for lots of alcohol, and very little common sense, so I can see why they are being more strict on riders being there to. Last year when we were there I took my friends gelding and he loves the water, hates to leave the lake so we always try to spend lots of time in the water. Helps all the horses get use to the water. Great pictures as always, wish I would be better about getting pictures when I ride.
  15. Central Illinois 2007 chat

    We ended up camping on Friday night but left Saturday afternoon because I had a barrel race that night. I guess we can say we were on the trails at the same time Eeyore. Haha. I am not sure when I am going to be going out again, it's almost always a last minute thing so it's hard to plan with people. Plus it's rodeo season so I'm gone a lot for barrel races, and my ex for his bull ridings. But it would be great to meet up with people from here. Eeyore, you going to Arthur Sale barn for the next sale? I am thinking about going for the tack sale because my mare has broke three halters in the last two months so I can only take one horse somewhere at a time because I only have the one halter left! Haha. Maybe I will run into you there, although I dont know if I will recognize you without you on a horse! lol