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  1. Return Of The Wolf To California

    My statement about going to college was only issued in response to a question directed at me. Not so sure why that is considered being superior. Besides the fact that I don't expect my livelyhood to cater to my wishes. Nor did I ever blame ranchers. Everyone is so dang sensitive. I just said, Hey, open season on wolves is ridiculous. I have quite a balanced view of how ecosystems are effected by our actions or by imbalances of other ecosystems. I have lived it and studied it. I am not saying ranchers don't get that, but there is no way I don't get that, just because I believe different.
  2. Return Of The Wolf To California

    Again. Where did I say what you should eat? I am not proposing anything. Yeah I think it would be smarter if our society ate less meat. But I am not telling anyone to do anything. I am not proposing anything other than... don't go shooting wolves just for the sake of shooting wolves.
  3. Return Of The Wolf To California

    Find someway to supplement your income? You realize no one else gets to just demand that their job market stay steady so they can support their families right?
  4. Return Of The Wolf To California

    Wow. It amazed me how no one is capable of reading. Please please please tell me where I told anyone else the way they should eat, or that no ranchers should be allowed to raise any cows, or that we should all be vegan? And seeing as I went to college, and got an education so that I can actually support myself... well I don't have a lot of sympathy for people who are only capable of supporting themselves doing one thing. Adaption. It's necessary.
  5. Return Of The Wolf To California

    Oh quite being so melodramatic. I never said no one should be allowed to raise any cows. I said a reduction in the amount of cows would be a good thing.
  6. Return Of The Wolf To California

    Actually I know quite a bit about ranching, seeing as I grew up in and around cattle and sheep ranching. Just because I don't agree with the way ranching is being done now, doesn't mean I don't know anything about it. But it doesn't change the fact that I believe there are too many cows and other livestock being raised for human consumption when they just flat out don't need to be eating as much meat as everyone is promoting. I am not saying everyone should become vegetarians, but less meat in general certainly. As far as how that ties into wolves, it is all just risk of the job.
  7. Return Of The Wolf To California

    Excellent! I am all for people eating less meat and having less cattle being produced.
  8. Return Of The Wolf To California

    What does this have to do with anything? Just because they didn't choose to be in wolf territory because their ancestors did means they shouldn't have to deal with them? If they really dislike being out in wolf country, they should find somewhere else to live. Take their destiny into their own hands. The problem is most places where ranching is prominent is going to involve living near predators. So they are going to have to accept, yeah, there are risks with ranching. If a wolf is attacking their stock, I have no problem with them killing it. But to just go out and have open season. No. No freaking way. That is absurd.
  9. Does Anyone Have? Pic Post 15

    My grandfather has an '08 GMC truck, but it isn't a diesel. It has ran really well for him. I borrowed it a few times to haul my horse across the state and over the mountains and it ran great for me. I don't think he has had any issues with it at all so far.
  10. Return Of The Wolf To California

    Actually this isn't true. There ARE limits on the amount of fish a person can catch, along with a specific fishing season, AND regulations on how you may catch them, in addition to which ones. For example where I am from, the general public is not allowed to take wild Salmon, even if they have a Salmon tag. In all actuality, dams are having a much larger impact on fish population than harvesting is. As far as the wolves go, I see no problem with having wold populations as long as they are monitored and not allowed to grow too large. And this is coming from someone whose family has lost livestock to bears and cougars before. Yeah it sucks, but that's the risk you take when you move into the wild country. People today are so used to being comfortable and having the easiest solution to their problems that they don't look at the overall impact of their actions for long term. Yeah, it is easy to pick up a gun and kill a wolf, it satisfies your desire the quickest. But who is it impacting down the road? Yeah it is really easy for you to turn all the lights on in your house, it serves the purpose of making it easier for you to get around, but how does all that electricity usage effect others? And yet I hear people say this is the "me" generation. No... this is the "me" species.
  11. Ready...set.... Go!

    I got Obama, then Biden, then Hilary Clinton. However I personally prefer Hilary ten fold to Obama/Biden.
  12. Is This South Korea Apartment Building

    Wow. Wow. You realize that first of all it is quite the stretch to correlate a relationship with those buildings and the WTC attack. If the pixelated part was made to look like a swastika it would have to be fairly intentional since the shape is more complex, so it would be a conscious decision. In addition you are comparing an isolated terrorist attack to a worldwide mass genocide that killed more than a million people.
  13. How Do You Guys Do It?

    I make approximately $15 an hour after taxes and work about 20 hours a week and have school and such and I still am nervous about having to make ends meet 100% after I graduate from college. It is scary trying to provide for yourself, but working full time would definitely help you out, and where ever you work, give 200% because your entry level position might suck, but there is a chance you could be promoted to something you enjoy more if you prove yourself over time. Hang in there.
  14. Kepler-22B

    Yuck. Manifest Destiny still lives.
  15. Ows Protests

    I went to the one in Portland. I think they would be a lot more effective if there was an actual goal and plan to action.