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  1. Help - Color 'critique'?

    Well, the herd she was with all had papers whe nthey were run through the auction...I'm guessing it was some kind of seizure situation, most were in bad shape but were decently bred. There was 6-7 horses, definatly two studs, both were coming 3 and looked pretty black, but obviously one or both or them was actually grey! There were two dun mares, a chestnut or two, and a bay. So, technically no she is not registered horse, but somewhere around here I do have 4 of the horses papered #'s - the dun mare, bay mare, and the two studs (she was closest to these two mares in the pen). She is an Appendix but I'm guessing I'd have to do some kind of DNA testing to figure out who she came out of...but like I said her parents are long gone to slaughter by now . But thanks everyone! I was confused with the new dorsal stripe and her black spring coat. Hopefully she will keep her black mane and legs and turn out to be a flashy little mare! She was the easiest baby to work with and break, and is SUPER smart...almost too smart - Haha. Well, she was only $100 and I got really lucky obviously :)
  2. Help - Color 'critique'?

    Thanks! I thought so too but was confused with the dorsal stripe coming in this season - lol. The best guess I could make from the information I got, the mom was a red dun, dad was black. Based on their lines and conformation - plus the body language @ the auction....
  3. Help - Color 'critique'?

    Not sure, she was run through an auction (5 months @ the time) and the whole herd of adult horses she was with went to slaughter. Can't tell which stud was her daddy, not even sure about mom, but all mares were QH, studs were TB....
  4. Help - Color 'critique'?

    This is her as a yearling...
  5. Help - Color 'critique'?

    Hope these will work maybe? I thought gray too....but with a dorsal stripe...?
  6. Help - Color 'critique'?

    Hey all - would really appreciate your help on this one. This is my 2 y/o Appendix mare - Breeze - and she is all kind of funky colors! I tried to take some decent pictures of her odd coloring, but some of the details are hard to see. Her face is pretty dark, some white around the eyes, and buckskin color muzzle and ears. She has all black legs, with black undercoat, a funky looking brown color (winter coat), and white roaning on her body, but more white along her top line. Her tail grows black on the top half, and a dark silver gray on the bottom half, her mane is solid black. She is also getting a black dorsal stripe now that she is shedding her winter coat. I have had people tell me gray, blue roan, and silver grullo. Now - I've seen a lot of babies and a lot of different colored horses, but she's got me stumped! Hopefully these pictures and some advice will help me determine what her final color will be - which I've been told won't be until she is 5x anyway(?). Feel free to critique her confo as well - even though these pictures weren't taken for that reason... (these were taken last week - the last picture is her as a yearling) Let me know what you think - thanks in advance!
  7. 2009 Paint Filly

    Yeah, they are not the greatest pictures, but when I go see her on the 11th, I will get better ones. Both of her parents are for adoption also - www.ponytalesrescue.com The stud is GORGEOUS, and built like a tank - 16hands! - his face is just perfect. He does need quite a bit of work - they were just tossed out in a field. He's probaly 3 or 4... Momma is small, but is a sweetheart. She's about 3 as well.
  8. 2009 Paint Filly

    BUMP! Redid the pictures....they should work now....some feedback please!?!??!!
  9. 2009 Paint Filly

  10. 2009 Paint Filly

    After 18 months of combing every sale and rescue for a new horse to get after losing my horse of 11 year...I have finally found my new baby!!! I've literally looked at hundreds of horses, and am so excited I found this precious baby girl! Her mom and dad, along with 7 other horses were abaondened in a field...ended up in a kill pen, and a few months later - momma got healthy and out popped a healthy baby girl - others from the herd were not so lucky. So, althought her mom and dad are basically untamed, she was weaned at 4 months and is living in a barn with 'normal' horses, and plenty of attention. This will be the first baby I've had since I was 9 (12 years ago)- and I had to sell him after 5 years of training him due to my parents divorce. Now a days, I ride, teach, and train horses as a living, and I am overly excited to be getting a baby of my own - and really mold her into the perfect horse. Here are some pics of her at 6 months old, along with a shot of her mommy and daddy. When I go visit her in I two weeks I will get some updated pics.... Her parents are not papered so I have no idea what her bloodlines are like, so I'd like some paint or QH people to tell me what they think of her conformation so far. Thanks in advance!
  11. Opinions Please!

  12. Opinions Please!

    This is still an ongoing ordeal ... so I'm bumping it. Deal is: These people are convinced they can get thousands for this horse... and they can't. They STILL owe quite a bit of money on his board and other bills- but have not advertised or done anything to get rid of the horse or sell him. The barn owner and some others have all offered to post an ad on craigslist or any local barn sales or ANYTHING to try and sell him. Because at this point - even if they advertised him for $1000 or more - THEY WANT AT LEAST $6000 - nobody would even come to look at him, let alone buy him. MY friend has agreed to PAY his outstanding vet and farrier bills (totaled about $350 or so) and become his owner and take care of him for the rest of his life... AND the barn owner would wipe-out SOME of the outstanding board bills that are also owed. They think that they can simply pay off his outstanding bills and then sell him for a ton of money. To us- he is a steal. He is very smart and willing - bred extremely nice - great disposition - just needs some solid riding time and fine tuning - AND A JOB. He is super gorgeous and really a mush - and she wants something to train herself. Well - any advice at this point would be great. Although it has been working out because this girl is getting a basically free lease and can ride him and take care of him whenever she wants - BUT - it's getting frustrating that she can't take him to her own barn and really train him and 'own' him. In the end - the horse is suffering because he's not getting the attention and exercise he deserves. These people just see $$$ and will do anything to profit from this. They just don't understand that he is NEVER GOING TO BE WORTH the money they want to get for him. Not without extensive training anyways....
  13. Opinions Please!

    Yeah right now they are just 'thinking it over'. Days and days go by and they don't realize they're only stacking up more money owed on the horse. (yes they owe board and other bills, the BARNS owner is working a deal with my friend and tryng to help the current owners) Now we'll just have to wait and see how long it takes for them to come around. The horse isn't TERRIBLE. He WAS dead broke and quiet as a 3/4 yr old and he does know quite a bit, it's just going to be a matter of getting him back into the swing of thngs and workign again. The bucking isnt really an issue... he hadnt been ridden in MONTHS and 3 times my friend rode him he popped a few bucks at the canter. Can't really blame the guy I guess. He spooks at shadows and birds flying out of bushes but his spook is just a stop and snort, it's nothing crazy. But of course a beginner rider would be made nervous by his flaws, which to an experienced person are no big deal. I think with some solid work for a few weeks he will be ready to start a new discipline. Thanks again to everyone!
  14. Opinions Please!

    Thanks everyone! Like I said my friend had offered a few hundred dollars because the horse is exatcly what they were looking for - something broke, sound, and young. The horse is just absolutly drop dead gorgeous and a really sweet guy, he just needs work and a experienced rider and trainer. The people who 'inherited' him are clueless about horses and have never even seen him. It is unfortunate that this horse is just still sitting in a stall because the people want to get a few grand for him. Hopefully they will come to their senses and fork him over for the few hundred they can get, and be thankful that he is getting a perfect home with a loving and caring 'mommy' to take care of him and bring him to his full potential. We shall see! Thanks to all!
  15. Opinions Please!

    Well, thats exactly what I said, even less possibly. It's a long, sad story about the horse and his owners. At one point, this horse was apparently worth A LOT (more then 7,000). MAYBE as a 3/4 yr old that was completely western broke and had paint papers AND medicine hat/native American paint papers.... 5 years ago when the horse market was good, ect. NOW he has not done ANYTHING for years and the current owners (not the people who bought him, they sort of inherited him I guess), seem to think that he is still worth quite a bit of money. I just wana make sure I'm getting my horse value/appraisals right for my friend. Thanks for the response!!!!!