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  1. wow it touches my heart to see horses saving their rider's like that. those are one of kind, and hard to find!!
  2. I recently got a free OTTB who is hopefully going to be my future hunter/jumper and besides the obvious horse in her pedigree, i wanted to know more info on the horses in it. thanks in advance. http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/securing+the+faith
  3. Lamness...

    Well the vet said that she thought that it could have been a boney change...but that we would have to wait to x-ray it because it needs time to show up in x-rays. So I didn't know what to do because I have never dealt with this before.
  4. Lamness...

    Okay...my TB gelding came in from the field after only being out for 2 hours needing stitches about 4 inches below is hock in his right hind leg. Vet was called and she said that he missed anything she'd be concerned about. Give him two weeks off and take them out. Two weeks later I take the stitches out like she said. Then two days AFTER stitches are out he's LAME. Like he doesn't want to take another step lame. I immediately call the vet and she says it could be boney changes and all about surgery for that if that's what it is but wants to try physical therepy and bute first for 7-10 days and he could still be alittle lame but I should see improvement. Vet put him on 2 grams of bute for 2 days then 1 gram 1 time a day for 3 days. I did that and NO LAMENESS for the days he was on bute.Physical therepy consists of heat 10-15 minutes followed by ice 10-15 minutes then 10-15 minutes of hand walking. Well, Levi's 7th day ends Wednesday and he still doesn't want to walk, but once he takes those first couple of steps he's fine. Its just when he stands there. I am so frusterated I want to rip my hair out. At what point should I just give up on the physical therepy and just take him to get x-rays? Because I have read all over the internet with lameness issues the longer you wait the less likely lamness becomes curable. Vet said that she thought because bute helped him that it was adhesions (<-spelling?) Has anyone had this issue before? And can anyone give me info on boney changes like what the surgery is like for that and recovery time? I am praying it's not that, because I'm a college student who works fulltime so I would be seriously in debt if its surgery that he needs. I am just at the end of my rope with worry because he hasn't gotten better and we're still in the grey area.
  5. Pedigree Critique

    I was wondering if someone could do a pedigree critique for a new horse I got. His name is Philly Dog and he's a 17 hand chestut gelding. Thanks to anyone who can help! http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/philly+dog
  6. I Need Pictures Of Your Pregnant Mares Bags!

    Ok is it normal that diva (one of the maidens) is past the 320 day and has just started getting a tiny bag? Like her nipples have changed and that's it. Her tailhead has been loose since last week when i started foal watch...but i got to remember the thing about the vulva! I didn't know that! That's pretty cool!
  7. Tess My Project Horse *pics Added For Your Help*

    lol Solid Bred because she didn't get paint coloring.
  8. Tess My Project Horse *pics Added For Your Help*

    ok i will try those thanks!
  9. Tess My Project Horse *pics Added For Your Help*

    E&C-I know what the difference is. Agreed about forward movement. WBduet-No she's arab cross paint.
  10. First Barrel Horse

    Always getting a trial is a good thing! So i def think that you should do that! Getting to an indoor would make things a lot easier for your daughter to really feel out if this horse and her would work out! So i think you should do that!
  11. I Need Pictures Of Your Pregnant Mares Bags!

    Extrahannah-your mare's bags look HUGE! lol I wonder if any of the other mare's will get them that size. The maidens haven't gotten their bags yet...but one looks like her's is filling in and she's at the 320 day. Well a day after now lol sorry since i work nights i get days confused. Dazed and confused. lol Cowgirlup-!! Your mare has the "milk freckles" that i was talking about! Do all mare's get the yellowish wax before they foal?
  12. Tess My Project Horse *pics Added For Your Help*

    Ok...i don't know where to begin. I've had her in a d-ring and a happy mouth before and she was NOT happy with that so i switched her to the full cheek and i know its not the bit that's making this resistance. Like i said it also could be her teeth...so I'm getting that checked out as soon as i get paid next week. And I'm not so much worried about her going into frame right away right now as getting her to go into it right...if that makes sense? like I'm totally fine right now if she wants to stick her nose in the air its better than her doing that crap where she tucks it into her chest. I took her off the lunging because she was obviously lunged the crap out of her way before i got her. I did that with her three weeks or so before riding her redoing everything on the ground. If any of you guys think that I am trying to have her PERFECT after only two weeks or so being ridden undersaddle...I can off wrong and thats a my bad. I am in NO hurry to speed anything up when she isn't ready. I know she'd not in shape. But that's practice and what we're working on now. Anyway...I'm going to try and upload the video now for ya'll to see. I broke my right leg in july (got three plates and 16 skrews in it...got a lot of hardwear) so my right toe might me turned out a little too much to the outside...i'm still working on that. lol. So don't judge that please. I'm kinda self conscious about it :/ E & C- I have never used bit keepers with my full cheeks. My trainer hasn't even suggesting using them on her or my filly. But i will def look into that now and ask more about that...thanks for even suggesting that. Smile-She's nervous...but with each ride getting better. What happened before i got her was she had a baby...the people put 30 days on her then another person bought her and did who knows what to her. Then my friend got her, and rode her once or twice and because she was nervous and all he let her sit in a field for 2 years. I do agree with the routine that you were saying. And what's a lunging rig? Like draw reins? Or a neck stretcher? Curmudgeon-I tried more of what you said after my dad took the video (of course technical difficulties with the dad on the video camera...lol) and she lowered her head almost immediatly. Ok guys its not uploading my video on here so I'm going to try again. Just wanted to give ya'll an update for now.
  13. Tess My Project Horse *pics Added For Your Help*

    I think that can be arranged :) I will try and get some video tomorrow! And promis pony-i was actually thinking about that today after i wrote this! hmmm def think that i will have to give it a try!
  14. Ok...so i've been riding Tess consistantly for over two weeks now and i am having this problem where she will bend nicely at the poll and carry herself then she'll straight stick her head up in the air...then she'll overflex at the poll and stick her nose to her chest. I have asked her do get out more in front of my leg and have been very gentle with her and want to take her slow when everyone who i've gone to for advice has said put the reins on her that make her head set how it should be. But it's only been two weeks of consistant work and i know she's not in top shape so i am NOT doing that! I am just A.Venting and B. Asking ya'll if you have had this problem. I'm getting her teeth checked as soon as i get paid next week, but i have a pic to show what she's doing. I have many others too that i'll add to show her range in ONE ride. Any help would be appreciated. She gets really nervous about the ride too, it's like once we're done she takes a sigh of relief and goes back to her sweet self. Anyway...sorry for all that. I just see what she can be and don't want to take the quick way there. If that makes any sense. Ok the pictures on here aren't me riding. I got my friend to ride her so i could take pictures. And my friend said it was ok to put these up so i have her permission. then her after being ridden
  15. One pregnant mare that i'm watching is a maiden and she's not due for another month at least. But last night I noticed she had freckle looking spots all on her teets. The breeding manager said that they were called "milk freckles." BUT she did not know what caused them or why that mare had them. Does anyone know what i'm talking about or know what they are/what causes them? I am so curious! And I read this foaling book and it said research has shown that putting mare's due jan-april under lights will make them foal faster?? Has anyone tried this? We're not doing this at the farm, again I am just curious. Thanks guys!