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  1. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    oh my goodness everyone is grown up on here, its so crazy! Anyways just have another question for ya'll I've been talking to this guy that i've been seeing since a week before thanks giving, so almost 4 months. Everything seems to be going fine. My question is, is it appropriate to ask him (in person of course) if he sees this going any further? By that I mean the question "so what are we?" Are we just friends or does he want to be in a relationship with me? Not sure if 4 months is long enough to ask him a question like that. I don't want to sound pushy or anything by any means. Should I wait, if it goes any further, by 5 or 6 months if were still talking to ask him a question as such? I know this probably might sound like an absurd question but I've never been in a relationship *at all* (and i'm about to turn 25). So I don't want to scare him away you know?
  2. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    Anyone remember me?! haha. Oh my goodness its been AGES since i've been on here! But I thought I would stop by to see if this thread was still going strong, and it certainly is! I would greatly appreciate ya'lls input on this matter. My apologies for it being so long! So i've been talking to this guy for roughly about a month, we have talked every single day until last thursday. I didn't figure much since it was only one day. So I waited to text him on friday and asked him how it was going. He responded saying not bad just stressed about moving (renting a house). So I never heard from him the entire weekend. I then finally text him on monday saying hey just checking in, hows moving going?" he responded that it was up in the air and that he would know by today and that hes just stressed then asked me how I was. I responded saying that I hope he gets it, and asked if he had any plans for the holidays. I never heard from him. Now should I wait a few days then maybe confront him and ask "hey are we cool/" or do you think he's honestly busy and just give him space? I don't want to seem needy or pushy bc i don't want to scare him off. He's an amazing guy and I can actually be myself around him. Also what makes me believe that hes genuinely interested is that about two weeks ago he asked me what my favorite color was, then gave me pink flowers the next day. Another thing was the last time we hung out (which was not this past sunday but last) he was asking how my work week schedule was like and if I was tired after work, which I said no. He then said we could go out for dinner sometime during the week.
  3. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    Oh my goodness, haven't been on this site in ages. Anyone remember me? haha. Well anyways that aside I just decided to pop in here quickly to get ya'lls 2 cents on my love life, which has been quite non-existant for a good year and a half. If anyone remembers when I first chimed into this topic, I never had a boyfriend, and I still don't. haha. Alright slightly getting off topic here, but I do need ya'll to help me out here, not sure what to do so this might be a long story but I need ya'll to know most of the details to see my point in the story. To begin with I was working at my job and recieved a number from this guy at the bar, We'll call him J for this. We had chatted up a little while he was sitting at the bar while I was working and he gave me his number. I didn't call him for two weeks thinking how on earth is this incredibly attractive handsome guy slightly interested in little ol' me. Well with my coworkers and even my manager who saw me talking to him, was like he's totally into you! Finally having the courage to message him I did which was two weeks after he gave me his number. this is what I messaged him: me: Hi J this is *instert my name here* the person that you spoke with about a week or so at *insert place I work*. How are you? J: Hey, how are you?! I just got out of a meeting. What are you up to? me: I'm doing well! NOt much just about to go into work at the moment. J: I might just have to come and have dinner at *insert name where I work* if you are going to be there. lol ((just fyi cut off some of the convo in that last one, since it wasn't really that important. but anyways J did come in very late before we closed, and I wasn't thinking he was going to! but he did, and in my head I was like holy crap. so jump to that same night but when I got home from work after seeing him there)) J: It was good to see you and catch up! So besides movies and tv what else do you do outside of work? (( so here we started talking about what I did outside of work and mentioned that I loved being outdoors and working out and J mentions that he goes to the gym and likes being outside as he was an eagle scout. So with that I waited till the morning, since it was like 12:48 at night when he texted me, to text him back. The message I sent him was along the lines of asking where his favorite places to camp were. well here i sent him that message on Tuesday and didn't get a response from him till Thursday in which he mentioned that he was working out of town and it was hard, so I figured he was super busy. so when he messaged his favorite places to camp were I responded with this text message...)) me: Lol i bet! I really enjoyed camping at Garner state park, would love to camp there again. Have you ever Heard of Krouse Springs? Never been up north or anywhere outside of tx to camp but i'm sure its gorgeous and a lot of fun! would love to camp at yellow stone one day as well. (( That was the last message I sent him, and I sent that to him exactly a week ago from today (thursday) and he hasn't replied since then, haven't heard a peep. The first thing that came to my mind is that he's super busy working out of town and can't really talk. But at the same time i'm reeling on the fact that he just doesn't want to talk to me. However my girlfriends at work are telling me that if he came into my work just to see me, he's interested so theres nothing to worry about. Now my question to ya'll is, or to get your opinion, should i text him something along the lines of "Hey I know you are super busy but just wanted to hope your day was going well and to see how you are doing...." or is that too much? My coworkers are saying no don't do that, yet my manager (her and I are close) says to text that too him as it isn't too pushy or needy. Thoughts?
  4. How's He Look

    awww poor taylor! i hope he gets better & that its nothing serious!
  5. A Few Lesson Pictures Of Mr.taylor

    ah! new pictures! when i saw this thread i was like =D. i love seeing new pictures of mr taylor and seeing his progress!
  6. Help Me Choose.

    mygoldfish- I just went to Aero today to get the blue suit i mentioned above, and it was on the 3.99 rack! so the total for me was 8 bucks! The one that you liked (the reversible) is on the 3.99 rack as well! i'm pretty sure all aero's would have the 3.99 rack like the one I went to (:
  7. Help Me Choose.

    I love this one but thats just me. I really do like the palm trees one with a solid color bottom. super cute. that way with the solid black bottoms you could match it pretty much with any top.
  8. A Few Lesson Pics At The New Barn

    oh my goodness, is that where i think your new barn is?! I want to say here, but out of privacy reasons not sure if i should say. Though, i do believe i may know where your barn is located at. Its funny to see a barn that close to a highway. maybe i should come down and be your photographer for the day, Taylor is such a cutie!
  9. Work. In. Progress

    awww thank you indy (: <3
  10. Work. In. Progress

    so i've been mainly lurking on hc for quite sometime. I may make an update on my life and how things are (but i'm sure ya'll don't really want to hear about that). haha. anyways, i seriously haven't picked up a pencil and sat down to draw something. well a few weeks ago i did and drew something. Can you guess from what movie? (lol shouldn't be too hard to figure out). My scanner is a little odd, and didn't pick up some of the lines (ie: the mouth, some hair) which is because i didn't draw the lines harder (ya'll know me i like to lightly sketch first). I'll get a better picture, but in the meantime i thought i would share (: & yes this is free hand (:
  11. Pin Oak

    ehhhh now i don't know if i'm coming this year D: stinkin' gas prices why do they have to go up?! ugh! i really want to come and meet yall!
  12. Bit Of A Update

    sorry to hear your lesson wasn't up to par. i hate when you have those bad lesson days. we've all had one. One of my lessons i fell off twice within a matter of a 30 min period. yeah, that day wasn't good.
  13. Question & Need Advice

    Thank ya'll so much guys for the advice/opinions! this is why ya'll are the best I'll def be bringing a physical portfolio & a digital one as well. Carol- never heard of Leslie James Parker. Now i'm curious and have to look this photographer up! That is so cool that your friend got to intern with Leslie though! Not sure if Parker comes around my neck of the woods with Pin Oak or any large local equine event. But now I must look Leslie up! Heck, if she shoots Ocala she must be I'll be making another post with pictures to help choose to put into my portfolio, i like getting others thoughts if they like it or not.
  14. Question & Need Advice

    Hey guys, i thought i would get this out to you (my current stance on a subject matter). I'll possibly be going to Pin Oak yet again this year and obviously i'll be taking my camera along with me to get more pictures from this 'AA show. Last year i had just gotten my Nikon D90 and got some amazing pictures. Shawn McMillen(sp?) is the main photographer for this big event and has spectacular photos with his gang of photographers. Now i'm thinking about possibly bringing a portfolio to him in possible hopes that I could intern for him the following year he's back at Pin Oak, or even work for him (of course if he allows this). What i need as in advice is should i give him a digital portfolio (on a CD) or have a physical portfolio of pictures i've taken at shows & from the previous Pin Oak. I'm a little unsure if i should do this and talk to him about it, but the worse he can say is 'No' right?! thats how I look at it Plus i talked to one of his photographers last year (who helped me with awesome tips) said i should go and talk to him about it. So you never know. So what is your advice? Digital or physical portfolio? I'll be posting a few pictures to ask ya'll to help me narrow down the best ones on another post tomorrow or soon (currently on my moms account and cannot get the links to the pictures)
  15. Pin Oak

    Lost Horse- yay you're coming! i get to see you again! I think i still have your number in my phone. Sappy- I hope you can make it out there, i would love to meet you! Chris- omg yes yes yes, we need to get you down here for Pin Oak!! haha.