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    Trail Riding, Rodeos and Funshows. I enjoy going to the zoo with my grandson and taking one day road trips. Looking forward to being able to spend more time with my horse "Charlie".
  1. Hello From Kansas!

    Hello. Welcome to HC. What part of Kansas are you in? I am in the Wichita area. I have a Haflinger Appaloosa cross, that I refer to as a Happy. He is in his late 20's and we mostly just walk down the trails every once and awhile. Then there is Rose, she is also in her 20's and is a Quarter Pony. She is the go getter and loves to runs barrels and chase cows. Yes, even in her 20's. Hope to see you around on the boards. I use to be on here a lot then went away for awhile. Now I come back 2 or 3 times a week. Would love to see pictures of your "herd".
  2. Horseback Riding During Pregnancy?

    I agree with Smilie. I rode up until the last week. Nothing to hard at the end. Just a nice walk around the pasture or down the trail. My daughter ran barrels up until 2 days before birth and was back in the saddle 3 days later with no problems. She had a 4 hour labor with a natural birth. Doctor said it was because of her riding. Even though she didn't understand the need for her to ride. If your body is use to the exercise it is good to stay active. It is when you are active and then begin to just sit around because you are pregnant that things happen. Your body will tell you when or how much. Congratulations, hope it is a happy time for you.
  3. Anyone In Kansas?

    Hello, I am in Kansas. Conway Spings isn't too far away either. Let me know where and who. I can take my daughter with me to check it out. There several races going on in this area over the weekend so I would be able to go check it out there too. I do know several barrel racers around here.
  4. A Paso Blast From The Past

    Beautiful is all I can say. As for Infinito, someone must have forgot to tell him that the trainer was the only one. Guess he likes you. Glad to see you back. Someday I will go with a Paso.
  5. Home-Grown?

    My experience with rabbits and summer heat has taught me that if you use crocks for water they do better. Water bottles that hang on the wire are useless. The crocks actually is better because the rabbit will wrap around it to keep cool. Never lost a rabbit to heat until I switched to the hanging water bottles. Summer gets into the 100's here and stays. Went right back to the crocks.
  6. I Rode My Horse In The Parade :)

    We do have a couple of towns that don't want horses in their parades. Mainly because of the round grass droppings the horses seem to leave behind. I am planning on another parade on August 15th. There is a breakfast trailride before the parade that day. It goes along with the rodeo that my saddle club puts on.
  7. I Rode My Horse In The Parade :)

    So glad you had fun at the parade. Nice saddle. I too rode in the local parade yesterday. It was the first time in 2 1/2 years that I have ridden. I have had some pretty bad health issues. It was fun even though I did get stuck when I was dismounting. I couldn't get my leg lifted up high enough, but a friend helped me. My Charlie was a very good boy too. No spooking or acting crazy. Except for the horse beside me. She kept backing up to us trying to double barrel poor Charlie. Thankfully I got him to get away from her. So when will you be in the next parade?
  8. Sadd Identification (Western)

    I would say it is from the 70's maybe early 80's and it's a pleasure saddle. Used to have one. Comfortable ride.
  9. Cinch Types

    I know this is from last year but haven't been on in a long time. IMO it is the same as wearing a bra. I prefer the wider ones for comfort. The narrow ones seem to always dig into me and are uncomfortable.
  10. Do Your Gain After A Ride?

    I don't grain at all. I have found that a good hay is all they need. But that being said I do carry nature valley oats and honey bars with me to snack on. One for me and a couple for each of the horses. They really like them. I just trail ride anymore and they are "special needs" horses. So no grain allowed. If I think they need extra in winter I will make them some oatmeal with carrots and/or apples. In summer on hot days and they are standing in the shade and dripping sweat I will give them gatorade.
  11. Smilie, I just love your posts. I have not been on here in a long time. It is good to see you still here. I share your thoughts on a good saddle and would never use an Abetta as I have never seen one on a horse that doesn't stick up in the air in the back. Thanks for the good read.
  12. Sending many prayers and hugs her way.
  13. The Official What's For Dinner Thread!

    It's 14 degrees here, so it is chili time. Along with fritos and cheese.
  14. Rodeo Girls

    I have to agree with Skips. Have watched all of the episodes and can put names of local girls with the different ones. And the guys too.
  15. Parking Out?

    I was surprised to see a picture of the giddy up step. I thought I was the only one to have one. I love it. Mine came with a carry bag and I got it 7 years ago for $24 and free shipping.