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  1. Apha Lookup

    Thank you AD.
  2. Apha Lookup

    I was wondering if someone could give me some info on a horse. Registered name is clusive glow. He an overo 2001 bl/wh gelding. I don't have his reg # but it is on allbreedpedigree.com. I'm wanting to find an address to him.
  3. Need Aqha Lookup Please

    I'm looking for a horse called Running for Gladys. I have a lady wanting to trade me a 2 year old unregistered stud colt for my 10 year old barrel horse. The colt can be registered and is a grandson of Corona Cartel. The only thing this colt knows how to do is lead. So I'm doing my pedigree research before I decide to do this trade or not.
  4. im thinkin a cat is in the near future (like friday) because our cute little mice have figured out how to eat the pb on the trap and never set it.

  5. woke up at 4:30 and drove from benton to little rock then got back on 40 and made it to ozark before i had to let d take over the drivin.

  6. I guess it takes a horse person to understand the purpose behind slowin down when you see horses bein rode on the side of the road.

  7. Off to Checotah to find a 5 speed tranny for my truck

  8. I'm da badass on the block now! Mess with me and I'll strap ya to the bed on my truck and take ya for a ride. HAHAHA

  9. Ugh I give up tryin to keep up on pictures for the weeks.

  10. Dude Is 3 Year Old!

    Spiffy- Dude is lookin so good. I know what you mean on short horses- it sucks to fall from a 16hh horse. Cayla's going to have a few scars from falling off Clyde, but mainly on her forehead, and one tiny scar on the side of her face, and a tiny one on her nose. She's got 3 or 4 little scars on her forehead. And I guess it's a good thing I don't post pics when I tie at my sister's house LMAO.
  11. Staples interview at 3, then little miss Kenzi`s birthday party at 6. Cant believe she`s 1 today.

  12. Keepin my fingers crossed that i can get back on with WalMart TLE

  13. Fasfa...student Loans...eek!

    Go to www.fafsa.com and find your school that you're planning on attending. I'd be sure to check the deadline for the state that you're going to. I went to apply for a pell grant at the end of march for the fall semester in OK and the deadline was like March 15 or something. So now I have to wait until fall of 2012 before I can begin school because of this. Your pell grant though does not have to be paid back and can be used for housing. I think you get more if you're going to be using student housing.
  14. Lookin forward to a trip to Montana next month hopefully. Might even be movin up there soon.

  15. Anyone In Montana?

    Skeeters in Montana??? LOL. Serah- My bf right now drives a truck for a liquor company. He has his class A CDL, but he said he doesn't have to have a driving job. I'm expirienced in retail, but I was wanting to pursue a career in the animal field, but we're both willing to work in any field. I would like to continue my education and either go into the vet field or nursing field. laramie- We live in McAlester. And let me ask yall this- My paint I have is a hard keeper and does good to make it through an OK winter. Would I be better selling him and buying a horse up there or could I get by with getting something down here that is an easy keeper and can grow a good thick winter coat? I know I'm probably going to have to blanket regardless.