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  1. Oh My...age To Break A Horse

    The last colt I raised I started lightly at 2yrs (getting on him bareback with a halter and leadrope in the round pen for a few minutes) Mostly I just did ALOT of ground work with him until he was 3.
  2. haha my thoughts exactly!
  3. Wild Horse Management In The Utah Facilities

    A much better way to manage the wild horse herds would be to round them all up, and release the ones that have the best conformaion/best genetics and try to adopt out the ones that don't. Any horses that are left over that could not be adopted out need to either be sent to slaughter or euthinized. Then they would only need to repeat the same procedure when the populations grew too high again. That way only the best horses were allowed to remain wild and pass on their genes to the next generation and the rounded up horses wouldn't be kept in facilities except for very short durations. Its sad but you can't keep this many horses on limited funding and expet them to recieve the best care.
  4. Toe Wear

    Could be laziness, my gelding does this, his hooves will be flat across the toes. I have no lameness issues with him, so theres a chance that its nothing serious, but I agree with Trinity, I would have a vet check the horse out before you bought her just to be on the safe side.
  5. What Do You Think Of This Feed?

    Thank you so much for your opinions. My husband went ahead and got enough of this feed to last the month so I've got to at least feed it that long. We have hay, not alot but we do have enough to last until March or April I believe, and its alot lower quality that I'm used to feeding. Normally we don't feed any grain except maybe a little alfalfa pellets just to hide their suppliments in. I'll look into your suggestions and see what I can find. I'm sort of limited in my options for horse feeds, this is a huge area for cattle, not so much for horses. Thanks again!!
  6. What Do You Think Of This Feed?

    We are in SW Oklahoma where we have been struck pretty hard with this drought. Hay was pretty scarce this year and what we were able to fine isn't a very high quailty (although at this point we were thinking even a lower quality horse hay is better than none at all) Anyway there is a local feed store that makes their own complete horse feed and I would like your opinion of it if you wouldn't mind. We have 2 horses, one older QH that is not an easy keeper at all, and a paint that could probably maintain his weight even on the low quality hay we have.
  7. New Horse

    Congrats! Pretty boy!
  8. What Do You Think Of This Horse?

    Ohh, I love him!
  9. Creating A Wound Just By The Force Of Rearing?

    Exactly my thoughts, plus if she cut it on the gate and it was a smaller cut there might not be much if any blood to be found but when she reared, since the skin was already compromised, it could have split into a much larger wound.
  10. Deworming The Young Horse-Hey Oz Need Your Or Anyone's Input!

    Is that an umbelical hernia in that first pic? If so, its kinda big, might want to have a vet look at it as it could lead to problems down the road.
  11. Creating A Wound Just By The Force Of Rearing?

    Never seen anything like that, seen a gelding once that reared up and stuck his hip into the top of a t-post that had a wound similar to that but never just from rearing up and falling over. Its healing nicely though!
  12. How Hot Is It? Weatherman Predicted 85 Hahahahaha

    So what are you guys going to do for hay?
  13. How Hot Is It? Weatherman Predicted 85 Hahahahaha

    I probably wouldn't mind the no grass thing so much except that there isn't going to be ANY hay this year if we don't get some rain and I only have enough bales to last until December have no idea what we will do after that...
  14. What Are You Reading?

    I just finished Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo. Its a free nookbook on barnes and nobles site and it was REALLY good! I'm going to read The Blue Light Project by Timothy Taylor next.
  15. How Hot Is It? Weatherman Predicted 85 Hahahahaha

    105 here today, haven't had rain in months so there is no lawn to speak up just some dry crunch old grass