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  1. What Do You Think Of My Arena Idea?

    quote: Originally posted by CowgirlRanchHand03: tiggerocks: My dad said that the water drainage won't be a problem. I don't know what is underneith the land...knowing this place...rocks...and probably clay! I am thinking about plowing it up...then disking, and dragging it to get it all worked and loose...should I then remove all the dirt?? then add...manure, wood shavings..then sand? Or should I keep the dirt in ther..and just add all that stuff on top of it??? Hmmm! Keep the dirt in there. I add manure and wood shavings because I have found that to be a very good form of footing. It is organic matter and it stays loose and will help to break up clay and to add some loose to the hard to run in sand. So it sounds like Dad said YES!!!! That is so cool. I would do like you have said plow it disk it and then start to ammend it with sand and manure.. Though the manure is my personal choice. You can use it or not..... I have just found that it is never in short supply if you have horses and in the case of footing you don't have to age it like you would in the garden. It can get hot so be sure that you do use some sand.... If it is a ag field then you Dad probably has a pretty good idea what is underneath and if it produces well then it is probably not as bad a s you are thinking. So to spread it. Then disk it again to mix it in. Pick out the rocks of corse.... You know what you are doing.
  2. Funny picture of my horse.

    That is one happy relaxed and comfortable horse there. Nice picture.
  3. Political correctness

    Politically correct is a way of saying that you can not complain about anything that you might feel is wrong....Like since when did it become racist to say that the illegal immagrant problem needs to be addressed.....Policically incorect is added to that arguement the R word surfaces and now we have a real problem.....Just as an example...not a new add on to this thread. There are so many issues to that order in this country that it could seriously seriously bury this country..... and I have had enough. I am an American born and bred for more generations than can be counted, as there is native blood in there too. I am sick of seeing the political correctness label added to fights that people or politicans need to turn around. I think that we as a nation need to stand up the way we would have 50 years ago. The flag means something and this country does too. The voice of the people should be heard and not veiled by the accusations of politically incorrect. No I don't mean war, I mean speak out. Stand up and be heard. Okay I feel better now
  4. "White Pride" mother's kids taken from her

    quote: Originally posted by DraftHorse: Situation in Canada... White supremacist family's 7 year old daughter draws a swastika on her arm. At school, the teacher washes it off. The mother helps the child re-draw it on her arm and child returns to school. The mother is reported to Children's Services and her 3 year old and 7 year old are removed from the home, under the contention that the parents are indoctrinating their children into the world of hate crimes. Debate. Added link for further info White pride mother All I can say here is that I once heard that some great person once said 'In order to protect your own rights, you have to protect the rights of your enimies' That makes sense to me because if you strip your enimy of rights, then you become what you have tried to stop. I think that it is deplorable that supremists exist. However I think that we can learn a lot from them, in that if they are forgotten we could repeat mistakes that have occured in the past and that we should never allow ourselves to forget what has gone before.
  5. Dumb Question please humor me (Added PICS)

    quote: Originally posted by Halo's mom: Yeah i thought about putting in a french drain to take care of that prob with the guttering that way the water will go away from the barn. Thanks Tha is the way to go.... and lots of crushed rock around the french drain pipes to drain off excess. You could also do gutters and drain spouts into big buckets that you can then use to help irrigate the yard or whatever.....Just a 'GREEN' idea.
  6. What Do You Think Of My Arena Idea?

    Okay now you have your measurements.... Now look at the area around that, is there anything 'uphill' to the area or is it at teh top of the hill or is everything around it flat as far as the field goes.....Think drainage! where will the water go when it rains? You absolutley could till the earth and add sand and manure and wood shavings and have a very wonderful arena.....That could be turned back into a hay field or (cough) pardon alfalfa field or what ever crop is in rotation at the time. The sand and manure and wood shavings would not harm and actually might help future crops to grow. About hard clay soil..... start your manure pile in the MIDDLE of where you want your arena and then start to spread it out. After you have a few inches water it really good and little by little use a tiller on it, you can rent them. That manure will work into it and loosen it up. all the better if you have wood shavings and you can after you have the manure worked in add say a truck load of sand and that will keep it loose.
  7. What Do You Think Of My Arena Idea?

    In the alfalfa field???? LOL. couldn't resist cause that is what my Dad would have said! You know the measurements for a barrel pattern right? that plus twenty feet either side on two sides and then 10 feet on the other two sides would be enough to run your pattern and also to roll the barrels away and just run other patterns and also to just lope circles. A flat gopher free space to run the horses is critical to performance in the showring!!!! (Really Dad it is). The best way to ensure drainage is to dig down and put in crushed rocks and then cover that with the dirt you dug out and then tamp the dirt in really good than then cover it in sand. You can add organic matter in the form of old manure and wood shavings or stall bedding to enhance the footing as just sand can be really heavy and hard to run in. There are also commercial footings that consist of chips of old tires..... but keep it simple. If you are going to put in an arena then you need to measure the grade.... no more than I think it is 1% or the rain when it happens will wash your sand away. any less and it will become a mire. You can most likely do just exactly what it is that you said, however if your Dad is anything like mine he knows that for it to be right there is a lot more to it than to just pour some sand out there and spread it out. Another alternative for drainage.... and though it is a real pain the rocks work better than anything and better in conjunction with a French drain.... a French drain is where you dig down and lay out the crushed rock.. or rock .. or pebbles... or anything that resembles rocks and then you can do a few other things..... add fabric to keep the dirt out of the rocks.... add plastic irrigation type pipe that is 4-6 inches and has lots of holes in it( this comes with and without a fabric covering to keep the dirt out) And then fill in over that with dirt. You will NEVER have a drainage problem if you have put it in correctly. However as I said you can just dump a load of sand and spread it out, however in doing that it is not a permanent solution and it may create problems that you run across in time. Keep us posted as to weather or not Dad goes for it.... and remember that you are not getting away with anything if he does.... I am sure that if he does do it it is because he loves you and wants you to be happy.... and if he does not then it is because he knows just how much work it really is to do it correctly. Good Luck....Tiggs.
  8. Dumb Question please humor me (Added PICS)

    quote: Originally posted by Halo's mom: How about 3 10x12 with a run in and one 12x24 for foaling??? I think this would fit in a 30x30 You would probably want to go with a 30X36....as the 12-24-36 would give you wide enough isles to actually work in and be comfortable. 10X12 stalls are a decent size, I would most likely go with a 12x12 if I were to build a barn.
  9. Fungus on cat

    Sounds like time for a bath!
  10. Fungus on cat

    Sounds like time for a bath!
  11. Very adult lesson for teen

    I read through most of the posts here and man I sure am glad that I am not alone on this one. Not only do many of you have teens, but you also have been through the wringer a few times. Thanks for the support and back at you. Keep those kids in line and show them how to learn.
  12. OK, did somebody from here send this in...

    LOL.... that is cute.
  13. Tigger needs help!

    quote: Originally posted by Sergeant: I would so help you out but we are in wisconsin because we have a three horse and a two horse and two big trucks if only i was closer... The thought means so much....Thanks!
  14. Pix of the herd

    Nic pics. They are very pretty
  15. Tigger needs help!

    So last summer I sold my horses to a friend really cheap. We did not do a brand Inspection only a bill of sale. It was a schedual problem. In the mean time my life fell apart and my friends also. She refuses the bill of sale and did not pay board. I still own the horses and have since given her her money back. The problem is that I am seriously behind in board and the woman got in trouble with the state and has my horses. They are in good shape now. She has agreed to let me catch up in board. Big Problem: she is being evicted and the horses have to be moved. I need help getting my horses moved most likey to the Denver area. Is anyone out there willing to give up some time to help me move them..... I will pay for the gasoline! I just do not have a truck or a trailer anymore. Does anyone know of any pasture board that is available near Denver area? You can post here or PM me. I believe that I have a month to get them moved. There are 5 horses. I can rent a two horse trailer and pull it with my relatives 1/2 ton truck, but it will take three trips to do that. I will do that if I need to though.