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  1. Where Is Everyone's Next Event?

    You might have seen me, we're kind of hard to miss...being 17.1 hands and colorful and all... :tongue9: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/photo.ph...1219&ref=mf
  2. Where Is Everyone's Next Event?

    Nikki I shot you a PM! I just did Full Gallop last weekend, so I think we are going to concentrate on training and cleaning out our dressage and stadium boogers and shoot for the Pine Top Thanksgiving HT. I'm hoping to go to the Stephen Bradley clinic and then maybe try to squeeze in a schooling show to gage our progress sometime before Pine Top. If anyone is coming to Aiken for an event let me know!! :)
  3. Where Is Everyone's Next Event?

    Nikki- Where's the schooling show? I'm in Augusta and practically live in Aiken between traveling to events and taking lessons over there. If you ever need a XC schooling buddy I'd be more than game! :)
  4. Pictures And Update From Becky Holder Clinic

    You and Journey look like an awesome pair! It is very obvious that he has a lot of trust in you and enjoys his job I actually leave tomorrow for Beckys clinic this weekend at Ashland - I'm SO excited!! Any advice or tips?
  5. I Was Really Hoping For An Accident Free Rolex...

    My best friend is one of Mike's groom/working students and I talked to her briefly about it on Saturday night. From our quick convo and what I read on the USEA website a blood vessel burst in Billy's (Kingpin) stomach and he bled to death internally, although it is still being looked into. Please keep Mike and the whole Wayfarer team in your thoughts. Mike is taking this very hard and keeps on doing a lot of could of, would of, should of alternate scenarios in his mind, although there is nothing he could have done different to change the outcome. RIP Billy - He was a phenominal athlete [Angel]
  6. Need Help With A Show Name

    How bad is this? A friend of mine, lets call her Mary Jane, bought my project pony. He had a nice cute name, Lego. Well the Mary Jane is a little on the wild side and decided that Lego wasn't a cool enough show name.... "In the ring now is Mary Jane riding Under the Influence." HAHAHA! Some announcers felt that it wasn't appropriate so they would say, "In the ring now is Mary Jane riding a horse named Under the Influence." We always got a kick out of it. Sorry OP, I think something cute and funny would be cool, especially for the unrated schooling shows. Just have fun with it!
  7. New To Eventing

    Hello!! Welcome to the boards!! My name is Alissa and I live in Georgia with my wonderful gelding, Parker. He is a coming 5 y/o Dutch/TB. He had a very successful first season at BN and he is about to do his first Novice HT soon. He's my rockstar :)
  8. Hello! I'm Baaaacccckkkk. Fleckers Update!

    I won't be showing, but I probably should voulnteer...hmm, I COULD use the free XC schooling.... I guess it all depends when I come back from winter break. I'll let you know if I decide to!!!
  9. Hello! I'm Baaaacccckkkk. Fleckers Update!

    Hollyyyy!!!! I've been wondering where you have been. I was hoping to see you jump judging or something at the PT event I'm sorry to hear about Fleck, I hope he gets better soon. I'll be rootin' for a full, speedy recovery!! Next time your up by PT or Aiken let me know, I'm in Augusta now which is only 30 min away from there!!
  10. Event Pics :)

    Thanks everyone!! [Jump] [Jump] He is growing up SO fast and I couldn't be happier with how he's doing!!
  11. Event Pics :)

    Thanks guys!! :) This was his 3rd event. He has ended on his dressage score everytime except for his first event when he had a green moment run out on xc. Yes, that was BN. He is definately ready for novice, I am 100% sure after his performance this weekend. I LOVE him :)
  12. Event Pics :)

    The board is dead as ever so I figured I liven it up with some pics from Parkers last event of the year. It was the Pine Top Thanksgiving HT, my favorite event of the year!! I'll just start off saying that it rained the WHOLE weekend. It was miserable and cold, but we were troopers and stuck it out. Dressage was okay. I had a very fresh pony who wanted to splash through puddles and not really concentrate, but we put in an okay test for the conditions. We imporved on our transitions from last time so that is something I was happy with. We got a 34 which put us in 2nd. Stadium was fantastic, a definate inmprovement from our last stadium round! He paid complete attention to me in warm up which transfered into a really nice clean round. We got a couple long spots, which we are working on, but overall I was very happy with him. He even did a flying change on his own turning to the last jump...I guess being at a hunter barn is rubbing off on him :tongue9: Going clean moved us up to 1st with a 5 point lead. A friend got a video of me and posted it on youtube XC was on Sunday so it gave Parker time to refresh and oh boy, did he refresh! I felt like I was on a TB on race day...he was jigging and just excited and ready to go. Of course all the yahoos were in warm up with me and we almost got ran right into which left me with a fresh horse who jumped up in the air and took off bucking, but I got him back together and we were okay after that. Because of all the rain they adjusted at the OTs accordingly (Smart move that I think we need to see more of in the sport) and my speed went from 350 mpm to 300...reaaaal slow. My plan was to trot the first couple of jumps just to keep his speed in check because he likes to take off and just RUN. We trotted the first 2 jumps and he was listening really well so I let him canter and he was fabulous. He came back when I asked and cantered around the course like a packer. Usually he is a little tenative about some jumps and I just have to squeeze and he'll go over it, but this time he was taking me to every fence SO confidently and boldly!! It was amazing! He proved to me that he is definately ready for Novice! So he ended up winning his last BN event on his dressage score!! Here are the professional pics. I was sad they didnt get any of my dressage, but he looks cute in the jumping ones. http://hoofclix.smugmug.com/gallery/6680465_w65nz#P-1-15 Feel free to critique the video and pics. I know what I am doing wrong for the most part, but it's still good to have additional feedback!!
  13. What Are Your Winter Plans?

    Parker is doing his, hopefully, last BN event next weekend at Pine Top. He is completely ready for Novice physically, but mentally he baby brain is still getting there. He just gets out on XC and has a brain overload. Being on course is so different than schooling and he doesn't quite understand the whole canter, jump, slow down for next jump, canter...he just RUNS because thats what he thinks he's supposed to do. Pine Top will be a good test for him. If all goes as planned at Pine Top we will be moving up to Novice early next year, prob around Jan or Feb. And I'd LOVE to have him at Training level by late summer/fall, but that's a while away. In between competing I plan on trailering over to Aiken to train with some of the BNT's over there. I just moved to college here so I don't have any contacts just yet. Sally Cousins had an ad up saying she was accpeting new students down here so I think I might get in contact with her. She's from up north though so I don't know of anyone who's ever trained with her....anyone on here know about her? In my USEA magazine she was on the leaderboard for...I want to say advanced? so obviously she knows her stuff. Hopefully everyone has a safe, sound winter!!!
  14. Barns/stables Near Orlando

    Hilda Donahue has a very nice farm in Apopka, Ashmore Equestrian Center. She events but also dabbles in the H/J scene as well. Really nice lady!! http://www.ashmoreequestriancenter.com/
  15. First Prelim?

    This might be too far, but Poplar place at the beginning of the year is an awesome place to move up!! They have a course walk for each level online as well www.poplarplacefarm.com They hold an event almost every month so they are very professional and know what they are doing, and the courses reflect that. The reason I say at the beginning of the year is because as the year progresses everyone starts getting ready for Champs, so the courses get tougher. Last year, at the Jan or Feb event I believe, the prelim course was very inviting and pleasant to ride and watch. I wouldn't have considered it a hard training either because all of the Prelim questions were asked, but they were inviting and definately built confidence towards the harder events later in the year.