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  1. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    I guess I'm an oldie? Been here since 2005.
  2. Epona Need Major Jingles!

    I am so sorry.
  3. Drought

    I'm in SW Kansas, in the Exceptional Drought area. We were in a severe drought last year too, and it was bad the year before that. We are in a desperate situation here. My hubby is a rancher; he has cow/calves. We are down to half the cows we need to make a living. We were able to buy hay last year, and due to early rains this spring we were able to harvest some wheat and oat hay. We'll be able to feed them through the winter. Don't know how we'll be able to keep them another year if we don't get rain next year. We were not able to grow any cane hay this year. Not sure if we will be able to plant wheat this fall or not; have to have rain first. We did get some rain last week. I heard we need something like 15 inches to get over the drought - that's in addition to whatever our normal rainfall is.
  4. Need Some Help

    My hubby and I both volunteer firemen. Most of the wives have nothing to do with the fire department. I can't even imagine having a monthly get together. Ugh. You don't owe anyone an explanation. Just don't go if you don't want to.
  5. Why YES! Yes I have! And they are all for POOR people, with the exception of WIC, which is a nutrition program. AND, none of the food assistance programs give UNLIMITED food. AND, when the food is purchased full retail is paid - not severely discounted like medical care is. What would happen if grocery stores were treated like hospitals? They'd go broke TOO.
  6. Thanks Andi, BarrelGuy, oz and Trinity!
  7. If health care is a RIGHT, what else is? The right to food and shelter? What makes health care so much more important than food and shelter? Our current system does not ensure food and shelter for everyone. Should we change that? Health care is a PRIVATE INDUSTRY. It is not a government owned and operated entity. You can have all the health care you can afford. Simple. Health Insurance is sold by PRIVATE CORPORATIONS. It is not a government owned and operated entity. You can have all the health insurance you can afford. Simple. Health INSURANCE is a hedge against financial ruin. It is not a pre-paid health care plan. Then GOVERNMENT stepped in and mandated insurance to pay for more and more health care services. Premiums went up. SURPRISE. How do we get health insurance premiums to go down? We can't. As long as each of us expects unlimited health care premiums will continue to go up. Regardless who pays for the premiums. Regardless of a Federal mandate requiring health insurance. Simple. You can still purchase health insurance that will protect you from financial ruin for a fairly affordable amount. It's a basic INSURANCE policy, it does not cover anything until you have spent X amount out of pocket. After that it covers everything 100%. But it's not a popular policy, because you have to spend your own money first - nothing "routine" is covered for "free". It's this total lack of understanding of health insurance by the vast majority of people that scares the crap out of me. I think people's expectations of Obamacare are unrealistic. There is no possible way we can ALL get UNLIMITED health care. That is why insurance companies had lifetime limits. Someone said 40,000 people die annually from treatable diseases? Well ten times that many die from obesity. Slightly more die from smoking. Change American lifestyles. Instead of running to the doctors for the magic cure for self inflicted diseases, change the bad habits. If insurance companies weren't wasting so much money for treatment of preventable diseases premiums would go down. Simple.
  8. But yet something as meaningless as a quarterback can earn that much or more and everyone thinks that it's just great. I fear the worst from Obamacare. Only time will tell if it will work out or not. I see both sides of the argument to some degree. Everyone has access to healthcare. As long as you are willing to pay for it. You can pay for it by buying health insurance or you can pay cash for services. If you buy insurance you are paying a premium for a company to assume the risk. If you pay cash you are assuming the risk. Will Obamacare make health insurance more affordable? Absolutely not. For those who can't afford insurance now - tough - you will purchase insurance or pay a fine. For those currently insured your premiums will go up to cover the losses forced on insurance companies by this law requiring everyone to be insured - even those with expensive pre-existing conditions. Will we be a better and healthier country? Only time will tell if Obamacare was worth it.
  9. I took what she said as a joke. She is a raving Republican throwing out the same crap we heard during the last election. Basically we all heard that if we didn't vote for Obama it was because we were racist. Since he's the second coming and all that.
  10. Hey Phurgus. Good to see you.
  11. Hmmm? They Cure Cancer But No One Notices?

    What a crock. The entire premise of the article is ridiculous. There is no way in **** any GOOD doctor would "keep the cure secret". Seriously. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I've GOT a good, no GREAT, oncologist. I work at a hospital. This conspiracy crap is just that - CRAP. The manufacturer of DCA would be advertising like crazy, just the the erectile dysfunction drugs do - on TV. Doctors would still be prescribing it, hence an office visit, which is how the average doctor earns a living. The reimbursement for drugs administered in the oncology setting is not enough to make a doctor forget his oath. Get real people. If there was a cure for cancers it would be world-wide news. There are lots of studies going on, one of them - or dozens of them - may lead to a cure, but we're not there yet. eta: One thing you can count on; if there were a cheap cure for cancer? Insurance companies would INSIST on it.
  12. Wa State Legalizes Gay Marriage

    Now if only the rest of the states would legalize gay marriage. Or make heterosexual marriage illegal?
  13. Lamenitis...need Answers

    I was given Blue because he had laminitis from gorging on lush spring grass on the ranch. He was brought to me to to be dry lotted about a year after he grass foundered. He is 100% sound now. I kept his toes backed up, kept his heels lowered, and of course eliminated all sugars from his diet, and took about a hundred pounds off him. The only time he has been lame since I've had him was when I had a farrier trim him. He pared out too much sole, something I never do. No, no pictures. I'm just here to tell you there sure can be sound after laminitis!