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  1. Preferable Saddles For Gaited Horses

    I absolutely adored my Eli Miller Endurance saddle and used it for 2-3 horses. It fit them all quite nicely and was wonderfully comfortable to ride in. It started out that way with my new KMSH mare but now it's pinching in the shoulder. Her stride has shortened and the last time we went out she stopped periodically and looked back at me as if to say "Why are you doing this to me???" I've also noticed her topline sagging a little. All signs to me that this saddle no longer fits her. Sure enough, I took some measurements and she is definitely in need of a wider saddle. The hunt begins. :-(
  2. Gaited Quarter Horse?

    I have seen quarter horses that gaited. The ones I saw did a nice 4 beat amble. In the old day, cowboys prized the horses that could do what they called the Indian Shuffle. It made the long hours they spent in the saddle more comfortable. It's probably much more rare today, because I don't imagine quarter horses are being selectively bred to continue that gait! :-)
  3. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    SJL! How great to see you and hear about your adventures! It's been a LONG time, lady. Good to know you're still learning and still traveling!
  4. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    (((HFF))) What was your old name???? I recognize the avatar! Good to see you again.
  5. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    Badlandsbia!!!! (((((Huggles!!!)))))
  6. Crap...i'm Having An Allergic Reaction.

    Posted Yesterday, 11:22 PM Im not sure if this is true, and not sure of the name, but i was told that if you go into a hospital and mention the name of some government welfare plan, your treatment is free? does that ring a bell to anyone? Dream on.
  7. It's An Aneurysm

    All I can offer is lots of these: OMG I know you're scared.
  8. Cravings...

    First one: red or green popsicicles and cauliflower. (go figure) Second one: Brownies and BLTs. Guess which baby weighed more?... Yep. #2.
  9. The Dumb Things I Do Post...

    I'd be careful there, Apps, you wouldn't want to be accused of stealing that picture and sued for violating the "copywrite!" (just quoting a Daffyism.)
  10. Overheating Help.?

    Try to find one of the scarves that have a cooling gelpak in it. I use them trail riding in SC and they REALLY help because they cool your neck. It sounds like you were dealing with heat stroke and if that's so, you'll need to be doubly careful from here on. Good luck! In this heat, can you shift the riding time to something other than 12-2????
  11. The Dumb Things I Do Post...

    Methinks thedunwoman doth protest too much. Watching Daffie flail around trying to hide her identity is almost as entertaining as going to the movies. If she could only learn to spell or type, she MIGHT have a chance. Until she tries to explain how she trained those firemen to rescue horses from burning barns.
  12. Question About Old Posts

    Nope! Just good old Daphne in disguise! She's not much good at hiding.
  13. Question About Old Posts

    As far as I'm concerned, the evidence is all in. My verdict? Dunwoman=Daffy. putting her on ignore.
  14. Question About Old Posts

    It's Gold by me. 12 years, 5 horses owned. No deaths, no accidents. A few non-preventable illnesses. Lots of vet bills. Guess I'm just lucky.
  15. Question About Old Posts

    Hey, I see fugly: I say fugly. Seeing is believing. Daphne has had horrific luck with her horses. I've lost count of the fatalities but I'm sure she's set some kind of all-time HC record for horses killed in accidents, illnesses or euthanized. I wouldn't want to have her vet bill. WAIT...maybe I would. Oh well, never mind. Let's just say that if I hear a horse is headed for Daphne's place, I start looking at sympathy cards. Even though the horses can't read. It's the thought that counts.