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  1. Polly pictures

    That's because they are show lines instead of field lines tend to be a lighter build, whereas show lines tend to have the blocky, english type head and body. Some field folks scoff at the english type, saying that they may be pretty but they are too slow and cumbersome to pick up a duck. My yellow dog, though, Gunner, would give any field dog a run for his money when it comes to retrieving and he's one of the brightest dogs I've ever met.
  2. Polly pictures

    Few more...
  3. Polly pictures

    So pups all have their eyes open, and they are starting to walk SOOOO cute. [ 04-16-2008, 03:46 PM: Message edited by: monizuki ]
  4. Polly pictures

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you all...puppies are more work than a new born baby. They are sleeping next to me, so mom doesn't sleep on them, and I'm just now starting to get somewhat normal sleep. I was up for three days, so I finally nodded off shortly before the first one was born. I found her when the second boy was born and he squealed. She was perfect in a bag, probably soffocated. I felt horrible. We got down to the last three and Polly acted like she was done, but I still thought there might be some in there, so I took her to the vet and an xray showed thre emore. She got an oxy and calcium shot and she dropped the next two in the next half hour. They were very weak, although now are fine. We still had to wait another hour or so for the last one, and she was still born. I tried to shock her awake with the hot water, and cold water, and rubbing her like a rag doll, but it wasn't meant to be. So we named that first baby Angel and the last one Star. Everyone left is very happy and fat. We had one who didn't gain well to start with, but she's really started to catch up to the others now. Another week and we should see some eyes open up and they'll start to be more fun. Polly handled it like a champ, and although she thinks puppies are boring, she's been pretty good about cleaning up after them. Seems like all is well. The stud dog we bred her two is owned by a bigger handler on the east coast, so Polly is going out to her in July to get her championship. I'm so looking forward to when these pups mature enough so I can see who's staying here. We're keeping a baby girl, and since I have 4 to choose from, hopefully there'll be something really nice.
  5. Polly pictures

    So...there were nine puppies in there, and we lost two girls, so we ended up with four girls, and three boys. Babies are all fat and happy, and just lost their dew claws today. Here's a pic of my happy bunch.
  6. Polly pictures

    This is Polly's first litter, so we've been in stage one labor for 24 hours or so. I think we're about to go into stage two...which is active pushing. She's been panting and miserable for a while now, and in the last hour and a half I am able to see contractions. I'm expecting to see the first pup any minute, and maybe by late tomorrow morning we'll be done.
  7. Polly pictures

    So we started labor. She goes from snoring loudly in a power nap, to digging and I can see the contractions. I've let her outside a couple times and one time I was sure she was going to produce a puppy. Instead, the silly girl went over between the shed and the house and tried again to dig her own whelping box. She was very reluctant to leave that spot too. When I put her back in the whelping box, she went to work digging in the news paper. Anyway, so we should have babies here very soon. I'm pretty sure much of the litter is spoken for, but then again, I don't know how many she'll have. We'll just have to see, I guess. SO EXCITED! I've been up with her all night, and then all of today, and I really think things are moving along finally.
  8. Polly pictures

    Yea, she's huge. Labs average about 8 pups a litter, with of course them having more or less on either end of that. We do health clearances and garantee our puppies hips/elbows/eyes against genetic defects for 3 years. I've got some of them already sold, and I'm hoping for a really nice show prospect to keep. But...we'll see what we get. The sire was at Westminster and was the best male lab there (beat out of the breed though by a girl). At the national dog show which was televised in January, he's the one you saw when they showed the black lab. He's SO nice so I am very excited. I've waited to breed my dog until she was 3 and a half and had her clearances done before I started shopping for a sire. This dog is a line breeding and he really just looks like a masculine version of Polly, so I should get a bunch of carbon copies of the parents since they have such similar characteristics. So we're 3 days from the due date, so it could happen any time from now until next Tuesday. She's been VERY uncomfortable today, and her tail barely wags. She spent so much time whining today that I can tell we're really close. So, send us some healthy pup vibes. I think when I get back into horses my goals will be radically different. I wanted to breed that perfect baby and raise it from birth. When I get back into it, though, I think it'll be very different. I think I'm going to want an older gelding who'll pack me around and be super safe. My mare that died almost killed me the year before when she threw me. I hadn't been thrown in ten years, but when she threw me, I had a helmet on, and it was dented in a couple places. I had a head injury and it resulted in post concussive syndrom. This means that my short term memory is just crap. I have issues with concentration and at this point I'm as good as I'm going to get. I'm very functional, but I'm not the same, and I don't think I'm going to be willing to take any where near the risks with they type of horse I get, or any financially risky thing like breeding. I think I've reached that place in my life that I just would want to enjoy a horse that will pop me over low fences and just be my buddy. My life I think has changed for the better. I've had a lot of heartache with my animals over the last few years. When Jesse died, my mom said there was probably a lesson to be learned, and perhaps there's a reason why I was not to have horses right now. I said that it didn't need to be taught so hard, and my mom just said, well would you have listened? She has a point. I'm stubborn, and dumped thousands of dollars into that breeding because I was going to make it happen come **** or high water. Once I accepted it wasn't the right time, a lot of things just really fell into place for me which I'd wanted for a long time, like my house. This house is a dream house. It's perched up on the mountain, and I can see fifty miles both ways across the davis and salt lake valleys. My kids finally all have their own rooms, and my own space is just what I've dreamed of. I'll die in this house, I love it so much. I never want to move. Employment opportunities popped up effortlessly for me, and I'm going back to school in the fall to finish up my bachleors and become a high school teacher for real (I sub now). My husband's work, which for six months was a losing battle of no money and swimming in more and more debt, turned around to him becoming very sucessful again, and the majority of our debt has disappeared, or at least become very managable. I think I'm exactly where God wants me to be right now, and I know there've been folks who've kept me in their prayers and I'm sure they've helped. I thank those who've helped me. Thanks to those who've thought of me. It's nice to know when perfect strangers remember and wonder about you. Makes you feel significant.
  9. Polly pictures

    Well, these are a couple of days ago. I had her x-rayed, and they told me there were three pups in there, which is a little alarming. She's just so big, so either they are wrong and there's more, or there are some really BIG puppies. BIG puppies can mean complications.
  10. Well, some may remember me from January. My TB mare, Jesse, passed away while in a long awaited foal to Ironman. I was devastated, and had decided to sell her coming 2 year old gelding colt and get out of horses. Many tried to talk me out of it, and I just sort of dropped off the boards. Well, I did sell the gelding, as well as all my horse stuff, and do not regret it. First, the gelding was a great baby, and he went to such a great home. I went to go and visit him once since he was homed and they have such a great set up and he seems to be happy. My husband dragged me kicking and screaming to go look at a house which, had I not been in such a dark place, I would have recognized as my dream house without the horse property. Well, we got it, and selling the horse stuff helped us get into it. One day, I'll get back into horses, and I'll just have one nice gelding and I'll board. For now, though, I think we were guided in this direction for a reason. So onto my new watch...I show and breed labs. I have a very nice ***** who I bred to 2007's top lab in the country. It's her first litter, and they are due any time. Her mother always went about 4 days early, which would be today, but her due date is on the 31st. Some of this litter is already sold, but I am keeping one of the girls as a future show prospect. The easiest thing would be to go to my website, and see them there. I'll post some pictures once we get puppies. Just thought some might have wondered what happened to me. [ 04-16-2008, 03:39 PM: Message edited by: monizuki ]
  11. Jesse and update pg 2

    I so wish pregnancy wasn't so long! Baby is still bopping around in that belly. This is probably twice as active as the foal she gave me two years ago, which leads me to the question, has anyone noticed a correlation from an active fetus to an active baby? This mare makes super calm and stead babies.
  12. I felt his heartbeat!!

    isn't that awesome? My baby is 5.5 months along and I've been getting kicked in the head for some time now. LOVE having babies.
  13. Breeding a two Year Old

    quote: Oz will have to come and explain her part of the theory of that horses back in full. But, I too think that if fed properly and had sufficient exercise while pregnant, thatat horse may not have developed the back it has. I don't think we will know for sure as none of us was there whne she was pregnant. Nutrition, wheither pregnant or not, is vital for any young horse.[/QB] Let me clarify too that I am not jumping Oz. Oz is a god as far as I am concerned because of all the rescue. The horse world is better because oz.
  14. Breeding a two Year Old

    quote: Originally posted by burnin_3_barrels: My friend bred I believe either a 2 or 3 year old and the result was that the foal survived but the mom did not. There was so much stress in having that foal that she founder so bad and never produced any milk. She learned her lesson. That filly was 16 hands looked fully mature but its not in what they look like. I say let them grow and be horses. I also would add that non-pregnant animals of any age founder for a number of that's kind of a quick jump to assume it was due to that.
  15. Breeding a two Year Old

    Based on all the research I've put into breeding a 2 year (for my own info...I don't own a mare that young) I would guess that that mare of oz's was deformed due to lack of feed, or more likely, lack of BALANCED feed. If the ratios are wrong, it is highly likely that caused the deformity, with the possibility of a genetic component. Studies done at the university level have shown that breeding a 2 year results in a mare who may have delayed growth, but still ends up the expected height, and from what I've read, there was no incidence of a properly fed mare ending up with back or leg deformities. I personally have never bred one that young, but isn't to say I never would. Yes there are folks who breed horses to make money. I'll raise my hand and proudly say that I am one of them. I don't breed ugly, and my foals hit the ground being worth 6-8k each. There's nothing wrong with running your farm as a business, so long as you're not just adding fugly useless horses to the problem. If I had had issues with the filly gowning up regarding having a hard keeper (I have a gelding colt with this issue, and if it was a filly...) then I'd be unlikely to breed because I'd worry about that issue. If the filly had had an uneventful life thus far, though, there's a decent chance I might breed. Again, the argument of weight hanging from the back being rough on a two year old...I'm totally behind that so don't breed a yearling. But we're talking about significant weight which only shows up around the end of the last 2 or 3 months which, if she was bred as a 2 year old, would make her early three. I have no problem with that, any more than I have a problem starting a three year old.