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  1. Bluebonnet Feeds...

    frustrating here...I'd have to drive an hour away to get something other than SafeChoice or Strategy. I don't have any complaints really about them...but I've just had such good luck with ADM that I want something similar. No Buckeye feeds, Triple Crown... nada. LOL Like I said...I was spoiled!
  2. Bluebonnet Feeds...

    I've been spoiled with a phenomenal feed store when I lived in WI. When I fed ADM feeds to my mare, she looked fabulous! Hooves never looked better, maintained a good weight, and her coat just gleamed without the use of any added supplements. But since moving to NE...the choice of horse feed is very limited. No ADM dealer to be found. :/ I've had my horse on Nutrena original right now...easiest to get. Not horrible, but knowing how she CAN look on less feed, I'm on a mission to find something better. I've just found a Blue Bonnet dealer that boasts that their feed is fabulous...but I've never heard of it at all. Wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with it...and what they thought of it. Thank you for any input, Moh
  3. Black hooves, might be a challenge to write on those. I'll probably use a grease pen under her mane, and also braid a tag in her mane. Thanks for the ideas!
  4. Where do you get grease pens? As often as tornado's are a threat horses butt is going to be a stain. LOL Yay show season.
  5. I was told to put my number on my horse in case they got loose during a tornado. Some of the boarders are putting hog paint on their horses. I could do that I suppose, but I was looking to see if there are any other ideas out there. No, they don't keep their halters on, that would be too easy to put a tag on that. ;)
  6. Trailer For Horse: Aluminum Or Steel?

    Thank you everyone for your input!
  7. Looking into trailers. Never having owned one, always had friends or barn owners to borrow from... not so much anymore. Which do you prefer?
  8. Hc Revisited

    I had to change my signature too...heartbreaking! Hate that I don't get to have that adventure with Indy.
  9. I'm Following In Draftiemama's Footsteps

    Aw, that IS a nice picture! What an ordeal with Frankin' Diva!! Poor baby.
  10. Hc Revisited

    Sisely, I am sorry to hear about your dad.
  11. Hc Revisited

    9001 it IS kinda stanky in that you mention it. Kind of a dusty attic kind of smell?? LOL
  12. Hc Revisited

    Geez...Who left the door open for all these 'old' farts?? (((Hugs))) I've made some lifelong friends here. obviously quite unforgettable ones. <3
  13. Horse Expo's

    Thank you! (((PD))) Great to 'see' you again! Most of this group is first time horse owners, really want to open their worlds up by exposing them to something like the Expos. I remember my first time...a kid at the circus. LOL SO exciting!
  14. Horse Expo's

    Should I post this in General Horse talk?
  15. Horse Expo's

    Having come from Wisconsin...I'm a bit biased. I always loved the Midwest Horse Expo in Madison, WI. But, I live in Nebraska now. I have several friends here that have never been to a horse expo of any sort. We would like to plan a nice group trip. But... there may be more than one that I don't know about. Anyone? How does Minnesota's rate? Does Kansas City area put anything on?