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  1. Riding With A Broken Big Toe

    I broke my big toe, plus destroyed the toenail, which came off, thus anything touching that exposed nailess toe was very painful. The break itself was less of a problem, and I could not wear the usual boot they give you, that leave the toe exposed I thus found a splint type bandaid to put over the end of my toe, and then rode with wide fitting rubber boots. I think it was the week before a show, that I first dared to try to put on my riding boots!
  2. Picture Request

    my stalls also are 12 X 12, which is larger then average, at most horse show facilities Fronts are commercial stall fronts, with drop down door. Flooring is rubber matts, over which I use shavings Far as corrals, my dry lott is quite big, but have not measured exact size. There used to be a bulk shaving bin, between two corrals, which we took out, and made one big pen, complete with shelter at one end. Two thirds of it had the topsoil removed, and replaced with crushed gravel. Left the one end with the shelter, dirt One end of that dry lot
  3. Quadrille Routines And Music

    Above is the link to the RCMP musical ride. I did have a post , where I wanted to add it, but it disappeared in the meantime! I took Charlie to a drill team ride, a few weeks ago, not because I wish to ride drill team, but I thought it would be a great opportunity to teach her to accept/relax working close to other horses, and having them come up in opposite direction, passing her. As some might know, she has had an issue with other horses coming up on her, ever since having been run into hard, during a warmup She is getting much better, and I was quite happy on our ride that day! Anyway, seems when passing, as across center, the rule is you past left shoulder to left shoulder. I would stick tot he walk and trot for now! Make sure their are no kickers in that group!
  4. Beyond Girthy

    many horses get arena sour, for obvious reasons-always worked and schooled there, ect Horses should be ridden out, to help prevent that, but at the same time, a horse should not dictate terms.
  5. Beyond Girthy

    Yes, often horses are trying to communicate something, when they act different then usual, and we certainly have to listen and eliminate any reason for that change, if present, I'm all for that. However, horses will and do act up, just because they decide to test us, were not given clear and consistent boundaries, and why I am very particular as to who rides any of my horses Horses become un- trained as well as trained For instance, a horse might have a very genuine scare spook, and if the rider, after a couple of those, either comes off, or puts the horse away for the day, does not take some horses to use that spook to get out of work. THat type of horse soon learns to use spooking , without really being afraid or having a reason to do so. Yes, all pain issues have to be dealt with and eliminated, but there remains the fact, that a horse can learn to react negatively to be saddled, if that person then gives up, and horse gets out of being ridden Sometimes,w hen a horse acts out, all he is really telling you, is that he lacks wet saddle blankets and a good work ethic.It is up to you to make the distinction between a true problem , or attitude, and then deal with it accordingly Far as my saddle history, I actually have four of my own My balance ride My Billy cook show saddle my Stubbin My Billy Cook trail saddle, for my main trail horse, who is built different then most of our horses I have used that balance ride on horses from 14hh to 16.3hh My horses are mainly Appaloosas, but there is a great variety in body type within that breed, with those that I showed in reining/working cowhorse, built different then those I showed in all around/pleasure Some had running blood, and were even half TB Some were foundation bred, while some were AQHA cross outs-so not really any more of a common build then the average stock horse, regardless of breed. I rode our AQHA mares , that we used in our broodmare band also, before they raised foals. I certainly commend you from ruling out any pain issue, but once you do, then listen if attitude is perhaps talking to you! Horses are only as good as we expect them to be! I had a stud, bought by my step father, when I was a teenager,, who reared. No pain issue. He was just telling me that he would rather stay with our two draft mares, then go for a ride down the road!
  6. Beyond Girthy

    I agree if there truly is a pain issue, it should be ruled out, But I also think, all too often, it is also the first reason, or excuse given, when a horse shows attitude, and horses that are ridden very, very lightly, compared to how they were in the past Bits seem to follow similar path Now I.m not a 'grin and bare it, sort of person, and buy good fitting tack, but I also admit that no chiropractor is ether on my personal or my horses' speed dial list. There are extremes on both end, and this is a general thought, and not related to the Op's horse Still, my Stubbin fits all of my horses, except I do have to change the girth for some. Are are preaching to the choir, far as not using pads to compensate for an ill fitting saddle! Continue with saddle fit, and once that is addressed, look at attitude I sure don't care about just my own arse, thank you very much!
  7. Beyond Girthy

  8. Beyond Girthy

    Is she in foal? I missed that. If so, ride her once she has foaled While I did ride in foal mares, that were in shape, taking them even on fall hunting trips, I then turned them out over winter, ready to foal in the spring
  9. Beyond Girthy

    I find it hard to believe that a saddle that fit her one week, does not fit a week later! Well made saddles just aren't like that! Anyone that rides a bunch of horses, starting colts every year, as I did, and professional trainers, sure don't have a saddle custom fitted to each horse! Instead, they have well made saddle that fit the general type of horses they ride My main saddle, that I have used for thirty years, on many horses, both as a general working /training saddle and to ride in the mountains, is Vic Bennett Balance ride. I have one horse that has conformation very different from most of the horses we raised, and I bought her a separate saddle for that reason Yes, you don't want a horse working in pain, but I find non professionals, riding a few horses, agonizing over saddle fit, way out of proportion, with a lot of that behavior they see, due to lack of wet saddle blankets If I ever had to change saddle even once a year, that would be ridiculous, never mind every few weeks!
  10. Yes, we have 'pretty boy', now. He is his father's son! We should soon have legalized marijuana , and are safely sitting 'on the fence', having withdrawn our few token fighter jets from the battle against Isis. On top of that, we have Rachael Notley and her party < the NDP,, leading Alberta down the same path of ruin already inflicted on BC, Saskatchewan We need effective government, and not just a'nice hair day' or someone just to wow the young female groupie voters!
  11. Working Equitation Seminar

    Actually, I still read a lot of Cheri's input on a different site, where she is active! Yes, a good thought, you referred to, along with another of her favorite sayings, 'a horse is only as good as you expect him to be' Glad you had a good ride!
  12. Sure they do! Just start talking about GMO modified foods, organic, pesticides, etc
  13. Who Rode This Weekend?

    So, not that green now! Well, single digits here are minor, it's when it has that minus in front of that F degree temp that things are really cold! Love your Appys, being a fellow Appy person! We have had a mild winter for Alberta, but the negative to that, is while it melts during the day, it freezes over night, with ice everywhere
  14. Who Rode This Weekend?

    I did ride this week. I rode Charlie across the field next to us, but with the thaw and freezing, there were a lot of icy places and frozen icy dirt lumps, thus I hauled her tot he indoor arena on Monday,and had a good ride I think I prefer the usual Alberta winter,instead of this freezing and thawing, with ice everywhere, and had lumps like rocks everywhere, so that Smilie, who was coming along so great,barefoot, got sore, so had to put boots back on Hiked on Sun, and would have been impossible without ice cleats< I have even put them back on my chore boots!
  15. Who Rode This Weekend?

    I'm sorry to hear that Oz! I never knew that you were dealing with this health problem. If you were closer, I would sure feed those hoeses for you. Hope you find some help!