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  1. Official October Photo Contest

    1. Liberty: The horse as few other see it, completely natural 2.Winter Woolies: Who has the best yak. I want to see your horses at their furiest. 3. Artistic: I want to see what an artist might. (these are braids!) 4. Black and White: no color, sepia is allowed however. 5.Freestyle Riding: What is your interpretation of a good way to ride. I want to know. 6. Extreme Action: Rodeo, Jumping, Barrel Racing, or any other action you think qualifies for Extreme. 7. Headshots: I want to see a unique version of a headshot 8. Movement: I want to see and feel the way the horse is moving. 9. Human-Horse Relationship: I want to be able to see how the horse and human react/interact with each other. 10. Horse-Horse Relationship: I want to see how the horse react/interact with each other.
  2. My Time At Aec's!

    thank you!! speedy13- here's all the qualification criteria: http://useventing.com/resources/files/docs...lifications.pdf take a look and definitely make it a goal to go. the AEC is always a highlight of my year!
  3. My Time At Aec's!

    thanks! yep, we had a pony clubber interested in her for a while and said we'd get started on leasing arrangements a few weeks after Lili got home. So we had her try her out, and she really liked her! the girl will probably do a half lease to learn some more eventing, which will leave me room to take her on foxhunts and compete her on my school hunter team. It's also awesome because it'll give us the money we need for me to lease another horse so I can work on moving up. Yep we ordered a disk of all of those photos so we'll be able to print out as many as we want! We also ordered the video. It was the best experience ever!
  4. My Time At Aec's!

    Hey horsecity!! I can't remember the last time I was on here, it's been soo long. So much has changed! If you don't remember me or are new, I'm Alexa, i'm a sophomore in high school and I own a 18 year old TB/Welsh mare. Her name is Tiger Lily (Lili) and we compete novice. Since we qualified for AEC's at Chattahoochee, I decided to give it a go as a last "hurrah" for me and Lili's eventing career together (i'm ready to move on to training and she can't mentally do that). It was my third time competing at the AEC's and I went out to have a blast and *try* to place! I owe everything to Lili, she was an absolute star all week, starting by giving me a 30.5 in dressage. She jumped around cross country like a pro adding only .4 time penalties to our score. We went in to show jumping in 3rd place, and she put in another excellent round moving us up to reserve champs out of a field of about 60 riders for the novice jr. division! I had an absolute BLAST and I couldn't have asked for anything better. All i had wanted was a ribbon to put around her neck, and that's what I got- I could have cared less about the prizes. All in all, I just wanted to share the good news! I also have some of my favorite pictures to show you. actually the files aren't working, but here's a link to my favorite professional pics here
  5. Aec's 2010 Anyone!?

    fluffntux- oh awesome! i went the past two years too, both at BN at lamplight! in '07 i took my retired horse daisy and then in '08 i took Lili, the one i'm planning on bringing again this year.. i didn't go in '09 because of school stuff... but yeah it was the best times of my lifeeee, soo cool. this will be my first time going novice at them, it'll be fun! I have some harder events planned for the summer to prepare (:
  6. Some Edited Pics..

    so last night i was just bored so i decided to edit some pictures my dad took at a baseball game.. enjoy! if you have any cool one's you wanna post, go ahead!
  7. The "circle Of Trust"

    iiiii have a boyfriend! :) he asked me out friday night after we saw a movie together .. :) he's so adorable and this is the one i've been talking about on this thread.
  8. The "circle Of Trust"

    thanks schatzl! yeah, we were supposed to hang out this weekend too, but he got really sick with strep. but then he called me friday night and we talked for like a half hour :) and he called me again tonight and talked for like an hour and a half! he is just really adorable and i think i'm going to ask him to our my winter formal at my school. :) even though all of that ^^ sounds good, i heard some strange things about him.. my friend told me that one of his good friends told her that he doesnt really like me as a gf.. soooo okay? but then my friend went on to tell me that she thinks the girl is lying because she's jealous.. she's liked him for forever so she thinks she's just making it up. hopefully. i would never have guessed that. the way we talk, you'd think we're already a couple. haha. i think im going to ask him about it though, just because i feel like i'm hearing different things that he's said to different people and its a little shady. we'll seeee. (:
  9. The "circle Of Trust"

    oh boys are so obnoxious. the kid i really like is just so adorable but the one thing i hate the most is that he doesnt even go out of his way to make plans with me even though he says he misses me alllll the timeeeee. i saw him last like two weeks ago and it was like the best night of my life. so today when we were texting i was like "im so happy tomorrows friday" and he goes "same, cause then we can chill together" and i go "yea:) youu have plans for tomorrow?" and he goes "i think everyone will be there on saturday" (meaning the big hang out spot these days) and i was like "oh your going too?" and he said "i think, but go tomorrow or sat. w/e ones cool" and i was like "okay well i'm going saturday so i better see you there:)" and then he goes "idk what im doing saturday, but i think i'll be there" SO you say you're going to be there, and tell me to go whenevers good for me, then say you dont know what your doing? it just doesnt make sense how people can say one thing then say another two minutes later. like make up your mind already! if he really wanted to see me i would have thought he would have asked me straight up to hang out. right? ETA: real fast, last weekend he wanted me to come over his house so then he called his mom and she said no because neither her or his dad was gona be home that night.. hahaha it was really funny actually because then he texted me "okay so i don't think i'll be able to hang out at all now because i kinda just cursed at my mom for not letting you come over and she's not too happy." hahaha oh & i forgot to add that sometimes he leaves videos on my facebook and they are so.cute.
  10. Excited!

    lucky!! i went in 2007 ..i think.. it was the bestttt time!! so cool. im super excited because i'm going to the WEG next year in KY to see the eventing portion which will be cooool
  11. Please Pray And Think Good Thoughts For My Brother (edit - He's Home Now)

    [Huggy] my dad has it too & he had a couple flareups just a few weeks ago.. prayers to your brother!
  12. Aec's 2010 Anyone!?

    Haha, the topic name says it all. I'm qualified with Lili at novice and i'm hoping we'll be able to go as sortof her last eventing sha-bang! haha, is anyone else going!? it's in Georgia!
  13. The "circle Of Trust"

    Yeah, that is really similar to what's going on, but i feel like i don't have anything to lose. ya know, i'm still so young & just trying to have a good time. i haven't had a thing with a guy in a pretty long time so it's nice to just have a guy to talk to right now. even though i'm meeting tonnnns of guys from different schools and stuff, i really like this one. it probably sounds naive. haha. but anyways we were a little bit making plans for tonight because we don't have school tomorrow, but everything fell apart because he had a doctors appt. he tore the tendon in his leg over the weekend. greeeeat. im just a tad doubting the truth in that, but i suppose it is a big deal to tear a tendon in your leg. so he goes 'but i can do something tomorrow' and i was like 'alrightt you can just let me know' and he goes 'don't worry i will :)' like What The HECK i really just dont understand, he goes back and forth from being irritable (for lack of a better word) to normal and flirty. and also, its so great how he says he wants to hang out but never makes the actual plans. what does he want me to think when he tells me he wants to be with me ? like where, when? it's so confusing. oh boys. why did i ever even get involved!? hahah oh and schatzl, it's so nice of you to take the time to respond to everyone! thanks for your advice :) happy thanksgiving everybody!
  14. The "circle Of Trust"

    soo i realllly like this guy. but its confusing.. last friday: we went to this little town where everyone hangs out & met up with a bunch of my friends from my school (all girl school) and guys from our brother schools.. & the boy :) it was so much fun. here's the little story: so a couple of my friends were walking to chipotle which was a few blocks down. i wanted to go, but the boy (J) didn't because this one guy (A) was going. J doesnt like A because of this thing that went down between me and him and basically A is being a jerk to me.. but so anyways i convinced him to go with me. so we started walking about 10 minutes behind everyone else, just me and him. And i love how its so not awkward at all around him, he talks a lot and is interested when im talking. oh and he had his arm around me the whole time =D so we got to chipotle and were talking a little with everyone there but we didnt want anything to eat so we just peaced out after a few minutes. so we started walking back towards where we were last and as we almost got there, he was like 'lets go this way' down another little street. and we got to this little courtyard thingy it was so pretty with little benches and a grassy area. and we just sat there & talked for a while and then we kkkkissed. and then we walked back (holding hands (= ) and he kept saying things about how my eyes are pretty and stuff like that. he's so cute. :) then this past week he told me he wanted to hang out this weekend and i was like okay just tell me when your free. and he was like all obsessed with hanging out but then he never talked to me over the entire weekend! i was like ookay? if you seriously expect me to make the plans, you're mistaken. i'm like really confused right noww because i feel like he's suddenly become all distant or something. then he texted me today 'hey you' and like what the heck.. so i responded andddd decided if he wasnt gona make any moves, i'll just ask him to hang out and so i told him to come with me tomorrow night to go to a movie with a bunch of our other friends and he said he'll ask his parents. so i'm just like okay whatever. i know this guy's history is a little shady.. he's pretty much a player but i dont know i just like him a lot and i hate when he sends me mixed signals. .. any ideas on how to keep it straight with him? sorry that was long hahah
  15. Working Student Vs. School

    you can be an english major and still work with horses.. i'm pretty sure my trainer was an english major or journalism if thats what you're into. she's made it really well in the horse world and has a high position for a local horse magazine company.