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  1. Bones The $10 Mare

    Oh my! There was a very pretty girl hiding under that scruffy coat. You've done a great job with her!
  2. News Flash--and I Need You Guys' Help!

    OOOOOOH he's so purdy!!! I love him! Congratulations!
  3. Wow, I Guess I've Been Away Awhile

    HI DQ! I've been away for awhile too (okay, a LONG while). Sorry to hear about Jag. I think the last time I was on here you were talking about selling him because you just didn't seem to get along with him. It sounds like he's got a good thing going though and you'll find that perfect horse!
  4. Riding pictures and update!

    I love seeing pictures of your mare!
  5. Critique me and my new mount! added updated pic!

    You are a beautiful rider!
  6. Kool Kats pictures I would like everyone to see

    Some kid is going to be very, very lucky when he arrives at her barn.
  7. Championship Pictures! *more*

    WHat a lovely boy! You guys are a grat pair!
  8. Championship show proofs!

    Your mare is lovely! I just got a case of serious homesickness when I saw those pictures.
  9. Please Critique... first timer here.

    I don't see any signs of your horse being built downhill. She is a LOVELY mare and looks much more relaxed in the second set of pictures. I also agree that hill work and draw reins are not the answer here. Time and patience and proper training are the way to go. Looks like you are doing a good job and are off to a good start.
  10. dressage show today

    He is SO CUTE!
  11. critique my pro flat pics! pleeeeze

    You are a beautiful rider and you have a lovely horse!
  12. Morgans?

    quote: Originally posted by MightySinsation: quote:Originally posted by m_robinson: I don't mean to be a total *****, but how can you have $ for another horse, but none for arena footing and proper equipment (jumps)? I concur. I think getting proper footing and such should be your priority. I am always amazed at how everyone knows what everyone else's priorities should be.
  13. Some pictures/video of riding....help me out

    Wow, she's pretty!
  14. Stretching...down or out?

    I think that stretching is a very misunderstood concept and I am always hearing different things. I was reading LaReason's post and found some great info there, but I'd like to talk about it some more. My horse does not want to stretch down...as in, he doesn't want to put his nose towards the ground. What he does do is to stretch OUT, kind of like a slinky that is being pulled out (does that make sense?). I still have some contact with him when he does this, but not quite as much as when we are doing a more "normal" trot. He is currently going Intro (but will be making his Training debut this weekend!). So I guess my question is this: Should stretching be out,down, or a combination of both? PS - I am currently in the process of looking for a trainer (but this board is so helpful and I have learned so much!).
  15. A couple of Training Level questions...

    Thanks again! I don't know why I couldn't find that anywhere. I guess my computer skills are lacking.