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  1. Dressage Words

    That's great. You can make T-shirts using Let me know when you put them out for sale. I'll get one for myself and my trainer.
  2. Ideas For Jumping Courses In Small Indoor Arena, Video And Pictures

    I promise you it was 2'9", I was there when she measured them. Anyways, I won't be jumping or riding for a while, my horse went lame last week. We kept him inside last Sunday because it was sooooooo cold and windy and the next day walking out of the stall he was really ouchy. The farrier couldn't find anything, I thought it was going to be an abcess, but not to be found. The vet will come out sometime this week and look at him. Hopefully he will be better soon, I'm bored out of my mind without riding. My other horse, a Tennessee Walker, is so boring to ride in the indoor, he's a fun trail horse. It might be nice enough to ride outside in the patures this evening. The snow melted this weekend! I guess I'll just go to the gym and run another 10 miles.
  3. Ideas For Jumping Courses In Small Indoor Arena, Video And Pictures

    We have hunter hack, in hand, under saddle, sport horse show hack, and dressage training - grand prix in our region, region 13, but all the hunter/jumper is region 14. I plan to go to Blue Grass Classic at Kentucky Horse Park (Reg 14) at the end of March to qualify at hunter ATR, AOTR, and 2nd ART and 3rd ATR, hopefully!! Our half-pass to the right has been crappy since we have started working canter piroette. I think he's a little sore from all the travers at the canter on a 8 meter circle. My trainer gets back from Flordia this week, thank GOD!! We have a good following in the dressage for region 13, but not too many people jump. I may have to go to Canada to some open USEF shows that have arabian/half arabian classes over fences. Region 18 isn't far either, it includes some of Michigan and Ontario. It's just more expensive because I have to get a international health certificate.
  4. Ideas For Jumping Courses In Small Indoor Arena, Video And Pictures

    Here is the link to the video again. By the way, the jumping picture was from our first time over a grid and about the 2nd or 3rd time I had tried jumping him. Take a look at a more recent video. My position has improved a lot. We have a while to work towards SHN, till August to qualify. We have time to work at it and I am working with a trainer. Trust me, I wouldn't do it alone, I'm not crazy. At my last lesson we were doing 2'9" without a problem. I'll be hauling into another trainers later this month when the roads get better to get him exposed to different looking jumps. Amature to Ride and Amature Owner to Ride Hunter for end of March which is only 2'6" and 2'9" along with riding 2nd and 3rd level. Only if we got really steady would I go to the Open level, which is 3' - 3"3 hunter. Jumpers was just a thought, it look like he would have more fun doing that, but it's a lot tougher. We'll see what the next couple months brings us. We do have to qualify for regionals and nationals like Jump-4-Joy said. We need 1 point for regionals and 3 for nationals for hunter/jumper. The number of points a horse receives is based on the number of horses that are competing at the closing of the gate and the beginning of the class for all classes shown as a group and all those who pass through the gate in individual activity classes. (BOD 8/05) Horses will earn one point for every horse in the class. Example: Twelve horses entered - 1st place = 12 points, 2nd place = 11 points, 3rd place = 10 points, etc.; One horse entered ? 1st place = 1 point. (BOD 8/04)b. A Top Five from Regional Championship classes or East Coast or Pacific Slopes Championship classes will qualify or c. A Top Six from the East or West Canadian Breeders Championship classes will qualify. Thanks for the ideas.
  5. Ideas For Jumping Courses In Small Indoor Arena, Video And Pictures

    I'm ording that book on Amazon today! I think I'll have time this weekend to make some fillers in the garage. I'm glad we have a gas heater out there because it's so cold, it's the only way I'll be able paint them. We are getting 10 inches of snow today.
  6. Ideas For Jumping Courses In Small Indoor Arena, Video And Pictures

    Cool, I'll go to TSC on the way to the barn tonight and pick up a Practical Horseman.
  7. Ideas For Jumping Courses In Small Indoor Arena, Video And Pictures

    Height is not an issue for this horse and he's very willing! I've jumped to 3'3" this summer without a problem.
  8. Hi, I have my horse at a barn with a very small indoor, 60 x 100. I can't complain too much because I get free board for my two horses for helping with stalls. I am working on trying to get my horse ready for 2009 Arabian Sport Horse Nationals in Sept in the working hunter which is 3'-3'3" with 3' spreads and possibily jumpers, 3'3" - 3'6" with 4' spreads. My guy is new to jumping, just started him a little this summer. He is also trained up to 3rd level and started some 4th level dressage. I need some ideas that would benifit me and my horse while working in a small area. Here is a little video clip and some pictures of Dancer. The video is at a barn with a huge indoor about 40 minutes away that I took two lessons at to get him over some colorful jumps.
  9. Show Results W/pics

    I know I haven't really been around for a while, but anyways I wanted to say that, WOW Shantel, you've really slimmed down. You and your horse are looking nice and fit. Great job at the show. So, when are you moving up to 1st level?
  10. I'm going schooling tonight and I haven't needed and arm band before, but now the place we are going to is requiring arm bands to school. How do I make a quick one and what type of information needs to be on it? I need to make it quickly without the assistance of a sewing maching. Any input would be helpful. Thanks!!
  11. Full Seat Or Knee Patch Breeches?

    Hey EW! What did Robbie do to himself? I got a really nice jacket at Crestview and it was only $99.00. The cut is very similar to a Pikeur. They still had quite a few when I had bought mine. I was actually long enough for my arms! I'll be wearing mine at the EMAA show in Mason this weekend. We're going for 3rd level, hunter over fences, sport horse under saddle and dressage seat equitation. As far as full-seat vs. knee patch - I used to have a Wintec Isabell with super grippy seat and I hated riding in full-seat because I couldn't move and the pants chafed my rear. Now that I have a smooth leather saddle, showing in full seat is nice, but I don't have that many pairs for practice. I'll need to invest in some practice full seat. See ya around, 4-H banquet possibly? Chandra
  12. Started Training Over Fences

    I used to jump all the time and this guy has done some easy stuff and a little cross country when I boarded at an eventing farm. We are just a little rusty. I went xc schooling with my trainer 4 weeks ago and have put a bunch jumps out in my field. We've gotten much stronger and braver since these pictures. I'm going schooling on Friday and am doing a green-as-grass event on Sunday. Total baby jumps, like logs and nothing else offensive/hard. My goal is not to be a high level eventer (BN tops!!), I'm actually working toward getting him ready hunter/jumper classes for 2009 Arabian Sport Horse Nationals at Kentucky Horse Park. I show him at 3rd level dressage and just want another class to add. If I'm going to drive all that way and spend all that money, might as well go for it. I just want him to get a ton of experinance going places and jumping all types of things.
  13. Opinions (pics)

    In my opinion, temperment is number 1 in my judgement of a horse for myself to buy. I don't care how pretty they are if they don't have a brain. Seems like for a youngster, he must have been handled a lot to cross tie that long and load so well. I would go CRAZY if I couldn't ride at least 3 times week. Do you really want a baby that you'll have to invest a TON of money with vet/training/food costs until he is able to be ridden? I guess if you have the time/money to do all that, go for it if he is nice, but I know a lot of really nice, well trained horses in Michigan that are going dirt cheap because of the economy. I could have a barn full of horses if I wanted to feed them all, but I just am commited to my two. NY isn't that far from MI.
  14. Horsey Video

    That was totally sweet, loved the music. I think I might have to look for that track for some freestyle work. I like the music that chokes you up a little. Makes me ride better. Thanks for posting this.
  15. Horsey Video

    That was totally sweet, loved the music. I think I might have to look for that track for some freestyle work. I like the music that chokes you up a little. Makes me ride better. Thanks for posting this.