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  1. Horse Isn't Drinking.

    Have either of these two horses had rabies shots?? If not id hazard a guess at it being the cause of the mystery illness. The following is what my vet told me about rabies in horses last week before she gave my mares their shots. "Rabies does not usually show the same symptoms in horses as if does in smaller animals like dogs and cats. Most often the affected horse has fever and is just for lack of a better term off. They go on to get so they will not drink and will slowly start loosing muscle control and function and may even have seizures."
  2. Total Equine Horse Feed

    NSC levels for total equine: 35% from Total Equine? Texas and 25% from Alabama. They are also now making TOTAL EQUINE? LNSC with 16% nsc and TOTAL EQUINE? ESSENTIALS that is formulated to provide the essential minerals and vitamins that an equine requires as well as the level of Ascophyllum nodosum for maximum blood flow and nerve health in a one lb. per day feeding rate. It provides the same level of micro nutrients as 4.0 lb. of Total Equine? or Total Equine? LNSC. Total Equine? Essentials is formulated to reduce to a minimum the amount of NSC in the ration. This makes it safe for all equine including Insulin Resistant horses. So this leads me to a question.. what is the ideal NSC level for a horse?
  3. I need help locating a specific saddle. I know this saddle fits my mare beautifully however I am having a very hard time finding it. What i am trying to find is the Dakota 209AF. I use to know where to get it at however it appears that they no longer carry it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If by some reason this post is breaking any rules please let me know and i will delete it.
  4. Alaskandraft..

    Im not Alaskandraft but to answer your question I have heard my mares joints pop from time to time. In fact just today as she picked up her foot so i could clean it I heard her hock pop/
  5. Horse Lame 3 Days After Trim

    I trimmed my mare up on the 30th. I should have had my butt kicked because I let her go almost 7 weeks between trims when I know she really shouldnt go over 4. She trotted off sound as could be after being trimmed and was perfectly fine until the evening of the 3rd. When I went out to feed Saturday evening (3rd) she was slightly off in her right front. Sunday morning she was dead lame and just barely putting weight on her toe. I cleaned her foot up good and saw nor felt anything so I put the Davis soaking boot on her with strong Epsom salt water in it and left it on her for 24 hours. Pulled the boot off Monday morning and she was 98% sound. However today she was right back to barely weighting her toe again. So I soaked her again but this time is has not made any difference. She has no swelling or heat any where in that leg or hoof. She does however try to bite and chew at the back of the sore hoof and heal almost like some thing is on it or in it bugging her.
  6. I tell my kids whoa and smooch to them to get them to hurry up.
  7. Cell Phone Search...

    I myself havent found any. Ive been having the very same problem as you however I had a friend that works in high places find out who it was for me. Best thing you can do if you cant call it back and get an answer is to block the number from calling you like i have since done.
  8. Please Help (Dog Was Sprayed By A Skunk)

    peroxide and baking soda. find a tub/tote just big enough for the dog to fit in and put all the peroxide in in then add but load of baking soda. then all you have to do is put the dog in and use a cup and pour it over the dog. I even scoop up some of the baking soda that settles at the bottom and work it through the dogs coat. Do that for a bout 15 minutes then wash the dog with any normal shampoo and you have a nice skunk free dog. I know it works because my moms little weenie dog got a direct hit from a skunk and was so bad we had tears in our eyes when we got near her and thats what i used on her.
  9. Yowza! Which Would You Pick?!

    With out a doubt the horse and to heck with the guy... at this point Id be happy if i never saw another man in my life
  10. Before And After... Pic Heavy

    Kitten, I am hoping to keep her on a 2 week trimming at least for a while. Missy, I know there is something more going on with this little girl. I have been after my friend to get her to the vet and get her checked out all the way around. I have also been trying to get her to feed the little girl diffrently. I have just now gotten her to start giving her all the grass hay she can eat. She was just giving her a flake of a morning and evening and a flake of alfalfa twice a day. Im hoping she will listen and get her free choice salt and minerals as well instead of just filling her with equine junior.
  11. Before And After... Pic Heavy

    YEah I want to soak her and she is such a good baby she just stands there and lets me do any thing with her. I was afraid to take her down to much because her frogs were ate up sp bad with thrush. However they are growing back in good by the looks of the pics. I trimed her the 13th and she had almost no frog at all in any of her feet so i had my friend start thrush treatment. The after pics were taken today beacuse I forgot to take my camera with me.
  12. Before And After... Pic Heavy

    After her trim
  13. Before And After... Pic Heavy

    I had a friend of mine called me out to trim a yearling filly she got. The poor little thing had never had her feet touched by the previous owners. Her feet were a mess to say the least. I did what I could and will go see here again in about 2 weeks. The before pics After pics in next post
  14. Missy Help! Update New Pics And Vids

    Dave, thanks for your reply. The 000 were way to small that is why the 00 were used and cut. Thanks for your concern on the way the shoe was cut, I understand the way you do would have been to round the ends, that was not and option in our case. HOWEVER the ends are smooth he made sure they were before he put them on. SHe is not the only horse he has ever had to trim a shoe for he does the very same thing for several roping horses around here. Cactus Rose, I am hoping to try going barefoot with her again on down the road, but till then we are looking into the ground control shoes to replace the steel shoes.
  15. Missy Help! Update New Pics And Vids

    Last of all the couple of vids of her