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  1. Best/close Friends

    I have two very very close friends. One Girl and one guy, then I have 8 that are close. then there are others that I talk to when I see them at school or work.
  2. Getting An Ipod This Week

    I have: lean w/ it rock w/it : Dem Franchize when you love some one: reba A Bay Bay: Hurricane Chris before he cheats: Carrie Underwood All I want to do: Surgarland Live your life w/ Rihanna: T.I Independent: Webbie Party like a rockstar: Shop Boyz Right Now(na na na): Akon Crank That: Soulja boy tell'em all A Milli: Lil wayne Get Silly: V.I.C Everyday people: reba Mrs. Officer: Lil wayne Drop it like it hot: Snoop dog Swing w/soulja boy.: Savage Krazy: pitbull the only promise that reamains: Reba because of you: reba She can't save him: reba everyother weekend: Reba whatever you like: T.I Single ladies(put a ring on it): Beyonce my wish: Rascal Flatts. That's it for now.
  3. Facebook...

    I have both a facebook and myspace. I like facebook better don't know why. U can add me pokey18367@aol.com
  4. You Suck, Ohio

    I agree with xXJumpin_JennaXx. I'm very excited that Obama won. I think that good changes will come even if it takes a while for it to happen.
  5. Checking In On The Gas Prices.

    I paid $2.99.
  6. You Wanted A Movie From Us? You Got Your Movie

    I loooooooooove that first song. your video made my day. you need to post more videos to make the board a live again.
  7. Prayers Needed!

    [Huggy] [Angel] [Huggy] [Angel]
  8. Hello!

    Welcome! [smiley Wavey]
  9. Hi From Wi, Questions

    First off, welcome to HC your love it and will find it helpful and fun. To me he does look like he might be a little or his going to later in life. I could be wrong tho so I would post this also on the health board maybe??
  10. Fouteen Seconds

    hahah that was hilarious. [ROTFL] [ROTFL]
  11. Sad News

    why????? [shocked]
  12. Had The Most Horrific Day At Work, Still Can't Believe This.

    I'm sooo sorry that, that happend and u had to see it. [Huggy] [Angel] [Angel]
  13. Any Designer Purse Owners Out There?

    I own two Coach purses. When you got it, it should have come with a card that u filled out. you should be able to send it to get it cleaned. My friend told me tho that they don't do that anymore? If you call the coach place they should be able to help you. I wouldn't do anything to it so it doesn't get messed up. Good luck! P.S. I really like you purse and the wallet, I want to get a bigger one since I have a lot of crap that doesn't fit in my other ones!
  14. Hello From Az

    from scottsdale. I board my horses in cave creek