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  1. Help - Dog Has Fleas!

    I was using Comfortis, but now my vet has me on Trifecta, which includes heartworm meds. There is also a pill from the vet that will kill all the fleas in 1 hour. You'll have to wait a day or two to start up the Trifecta or Comfortis. Either of these products, used with the Diatomaceous Earth and your flea problem will soon be over.
  2. Riding With An Infant?

    This is how I think about a lot of what is debated on here as safe or unsafe, both for horse and human. Alittle more than 120 years ago, the horse was the primary mode of transportation. You rode or you didn't get there. This includes mom, pregnant moms, kids, etc. Go back even further in time to the more primitive cultures using horses for moving around. Same with the horse, it just did what it was told to do, because there was NO OTHER CHOICE. People didn't use to baby their horses, and the horses didn't spook when they were used in gunfights, jousting, train robberies, etc. It was the was it was. Now, as far as my opinion on kids riding, I let my grandkids "ride" while the horse was on a lead line and another adult was walking right beside them with a hand right on the child. My husband on the other hand, has a much lower tolerance for dangerous situations, and he did ride with my granddaughter when she was 2 or so. He also lets the grandkids ride bareback holding on to just the horse's mane. He usually tries this stuff when I am not looking, because it scares the daylights out of me. He simply doesn't see anything dangerous about it. Everyone has a different tolerance.
  3. Pioneer Women Is A Terrible Influence!

    I love her blog... let me tell you some of those recipes will make you look like you are a professional chef! Restaurant quality. The pot roast recipe is to die for. I make it all the time.
  4. A Few Holiday Horsey (And Other) Pictures

    Oh your twins are so STINKIN CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! Adorable photos!! Loved their "dress up" photo
  5. I Am Getting A Puppy

    Adorable puppy! They should get along fine... it just takes a little time
  6. Squee! Christmas Photoshoot With The Ponies!

    Love the photos! You're parents will be so happy. You still have time to make photocards... you can do them on and pick them up the same day ;-)
  7. :notworthy: Totally agree, couldn't have said it any better myself. Being a Florida resident, I've see that exotics can wreck havoc on our ecosystem in a very short time. No way do I think exotics should be in the hands of nut cases who, in many cases, just decide to "set it free".
  8. Being a Florida resident, I am very much against ownership of exotic animals. Our environment has proven to be a very fertile breeding ground for these types of animals once they escape or are "set free". Even an animal or reptile you might thing is "harmless" could have devastating effects for the environment and native species if let loose in the wild and breeding.
  9. Fence Types

    I have no climb wire fencing AND 3 wood board... in different places The no climb is great, and it's nice because if you are looking out over your property, you still have a nice uninterupted view. The 3 board wood fence is beautiful, very picturesque. HOWEVER, we painted it with the thick black paint, and being in Florida it has already faded and needs to be redone, after just 3 or 4 years. Also, if horses share a fence line over the wood fencing, you can bet they will push on it . Even if it's not your horse doing the pushing... they do push. Also the wood fencing is real convenient for a horse who likes it's "scratches" haha. So one is functional but not as pretty and one is pretty but not as functional, seeing as my husband's had to replace boards on the side where the horses share a fence line with 2 other horses. I am so not a fan of ribbons and tapes... I tell you they are practically unheard of here in Florida, at least I don't see them anywhere. Perhaps our weather isn't the best for flimsy fencing???
  10. Signs Signs Everywhere The Signs

    Have Fun!!!!
  11. Hey, Chicken People!

    Congrats! I love my chickens!! Fresh egss are so yummy - you'll taste a difference in EVERYTHING you use them in. Our rooster is awesome . Someone asked me if we ate our chickens - I was like NO NO NO!! I couldn't dream of eating my chickens, too attached.
  12. You Know Your A Horse Lover When....

    ^ ^ ^ ^ Yes, this happened to me too. The house had to be totally gutted and redone (it was awful!), but my husband kept pointing me out to the pasture everytime I said "no way" on the house.
  13. You Know Your A Horse Lover When....

    You run into someone you knew a while ago (or are talking about an old aquaintance) and you can't remember their name, but you remember their HORSE'S name!!
  14. How Do You Deal With A Barn Drama Llama

    Tomann - I've been reading this and wanted to comment, but hardly know how to put this... except, everyone is right, you are letting this person get the best of you. And now, like in a lot of personal relationships, things have soured so much that any remark is now considered to be a slur, an insult, a dig, harassment, etc. Perhaps SB's mom is a witch, but perhaps she meant that she didn't know you would be there to meet the vet, and she didn't need to rush over. It's just another way to look at things and I only bring this up because I think the time has come to deesculate things. You need to focus on your happiness, and your relationship with the BO. This person has gotten control of your thoughts and emotions and now you look at everything through those lenses. I know, because it's happened to me... and caused me much stress and sleepless nights. That said, women who work with horses are strong willed. You are strong. You are worth admiring and being liked. If someone is bugging you so much, really the only thing to say or do is "don't let the door hit your a$$ on the way out" and MEAN it. Adios chica. You're not in my world anymore. You're not in my thoughts. What you do doesn't concern me. Done. Over. Finished. I think that SB will stay at the barn. And you will too. So for your sanity, I think you need to just move on from letting her bother and annoy you - and live happily. :huggy:
  15. Puppy Pictures

    She is the CUTEST little thing! I want one!!!